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Benefits of Astrology for Marriage, Career and Health.

By: Future Point | 23-Oct-2018
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Benefits of Astrology for Marriage, Career and Health.

As we all know that Life is full of experience. It can be for good and it can be for better. However, we all aspire to seek happiness in our life. This happiness that we usually seek are from good Health, Marriage and Career. Hence, most individuals when they visit a learnt and expert astrologer for consultation, what they ask is a common question from the following: Career Obstacles & Problems when this is addressed, then the next questions will be When will I get married? Or Favourable Time for Marriage. Thus, the list of queries does not end.

Thanks to astrology, that has always been helpful to the native. This would give them a comprehensive study with the help of the Kundali or horoscope of an individual. In fact, the dept of insights what Kundali can provide is unparallel to any other analysis. For instance, even the health problem that a person would suffer can be explained through the support of horoscope and astrology. Now, let us address these one by one.

Astrology can answer the health ailment suffered and the outcome:

Wealth is wealth and no one can ever discount the importance of good health. however, in astrology when any one talks of health problems the first step is always to check the horoscope or kundali of the native.

In the horoscope of a native, one of the first step that a native would check is the ascendant of the lagna of the horoscope. In the ascendant the following are checked.

- The placement of planets in the Ascendant.

- The ascendant itself, and any affliction on the same. This would be followed by the lord of the ascendant.

- The placement of the lord of the ascendant. Any conjunction, aspect or affliction etc., that needs attention.

This is followed by the position of the 6th house from the ascendant. Since this house is the house of disease and ailments. The type of aliments etc., Here too, the 6th house lord and its placement is checked.

Then any affliction is seen. If not, then the person is free from the ailment. Or would recover from the same, at the earliest.

Further the recovery would happen at the appropriate Mahadasha and Antradasha, experienced by the native. Thus, astrology as a science has been very helpful in this case.

In fact, even today, the science of Ayurveda would not recommend any treatment until a comment is herd from the learnt and experienced astrologer. Hence Astrology is given much importance since the Vedic days.

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Astrology can answer and predict the career problem faced by an Individual:

The other important area where the native would seek happiness is in the career side of one’s life. In fact, in today’s generation, the importance of career is more than that of any other facet in one’s life.

For instance, when some one is not settled in career, or would need some guidance in settling in their career, to them too, astrology is a divine grace.

- Here, the 10th house of the natal chart is examined in detailed. Even the lord of the 10th house is examined in great detail.

- In case of any poor affliction of Dosha in the house can disturb the career of the native.

- Further with appropriate remedies, these problems can be solved. Sometime, even the change in Mahadasha (main period) of Antradasha (sub-period) can provide some solace or permanent solution.

Therefore, the study of one’s horoscope is a must and then choose your career accordingly. In fact, when a Career Report with Remedies are requested, a detailed analysis is what provided to the native.

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Astrology can answer and prediction the timing of Marriage:

Similarly, when delayed marriage, or when kundali matching is done to check compatibility an predict the marriage, the following houses in the Natal chart are studies in detailed.

- The lagna house is checked in detailed. The lord of the ascendant is also checked.

- Again, the 7th house and its lord is checked. Since, the 7th house is the house of marriage and partner this would solve the problems.

- Finally, the Navamsa chart is checked for the partner and their characteristics.

Some of them even use the Janam kundali by date of birth and time of birth to correct the same and then give predictions accordingly.

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Thus, to know more marriage, career and health or any other query with regard to astrology, readers can write to us at or Visits our website more details. We at Future Point are a team of expert astrologers, providing astrological readings for the past three decades.

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