Baba Asaram Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping Minor | Future Point

Baba Asaram Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping Minor

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 26-Apr-2018
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Baba Asaram Gets Life Imprisonment for Raping Minor

Self- styled Godman Baba Asaram was borne on 17th April 1941 in Beruni vellage of state of Sindh in Pakistan. Court case against him was going on against him for raping a minor. Today was the date of final verdict for this case and he got a life term for committing this crime.

Astrologically Saturn is the biggest protector of humanity as it responsible for the destruction of negative values in this world. As per scholars of astrology Saturn is known as the balance wheel of this universe therefore, the main role of Saturn is to protect humanity by punishing those forces which harm it. In nutshell, Saturn works as a magistrate for grueling people for the sins committed by them. Usually Saturn punishes people for their bad Karmas of this and past life in its Dasha or Sadesati.

Baba Asaram's time of birth is not known however we can erect his Moon chart on the basis of his date of birth.

As per this date of birth his Moon sign is Sagittarius and these days Saturn of transit is in Sagittarius only, therefore, his Sadesati is at its peak. The impact of Sadesati is very high for Asaram as his natal Saturn is in debilitation. The Saturn of transit has tuned retrograde during the peak time of Sadesati and eventually his big empire, access to influential people and all his money failed to protect him from this punishment.

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