3rd Child of The Royal Couple - Prince Williams & Kate Middleton

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 25-Apr-2018
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3rd Child of The Royal Couple - Prince Williams & Kate Middleton

A new prince has taken birth in royal family. Undoubtedly the child is fortunate as it has taken birth on 23rd April 2018 at 11:01 AM in London UK in world's most famous royal family but the best part to every one's excitement is the wonderful and amazing horoscope of this prince.

It appears that the life, impact and events of this Prince won't remain restricted to the domain of royal family only rather he shall do something extra, something unique, something extraordinary thereby creating a great name for him.

The placement of exalted Sun aspected by Jupiter indicates that he shall earn big glory for him. There is Chatusagar Yog in his chart which implies that all pillars of his life shall be strong. He shall be a most popular leader of masses. People shall follow his commands. He shall be very watchful of his own activities. Since his childhood years he shall be striving to bring more and more improvement in his personality development.

As per astrological calculations he shall be a role model for millions. He is destined to shape the history by becoming a highly influential person in international politics. This prince of royal family shall be more famous than his predecessors. From all angles he is a very fortunate child for the royal family.


In this chart exalted Sun and 10th house is hemmed between benefics, Lagna lord in Lagna is getting strength from Rahu, Jupiter is forming Gajakesari Yoga and apart from that the very auspicious placement of Mars and Saturn in 6th house indicates that he is a Chakraborty. Let us see what this child does for the world. Astrology says he shall create history.

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