Astrology Predicts the Right Time to Buy a Property through Kundali

By: Future Point | 04-Sep-2019
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Astrology Predicts the Right Time to Buy a Property through Kundali

Best Time to Buy Property Astrology

Every individual in this world aspires to own a house or a piece of property. This indeed becomes the topmost priority in many people’s life goals but the reality hits right in the face when one venture out in the real world to look out for one! There are some who acquire ancestral property, whilst some are stuck pining for a home their entire life. Born in luxury could mean that one is blessed with a home, however, there are people who need to work hard to acquire it by themselves and struggle to have a property in their name. The Planets in houses exert a great deal of energy in the house in which they are physically located in the birth chart, thus denoting and mapping our future.

So, what are the Planetary Combination for Buying House in your kundali that determines your chances of buying houses and properties?

All Yogas for acquiring house or property should also be seen or assessed in birth kundali, Navansh Kundali, and Chaturyansh Kundali. If the Yogas for acquiring land are strong in all the three Kundalis then only the native can buy or get property in his/her life. If Yogas for buying a house is not strong in all Kundalis then a person may have to face some difficulties in buying or acquiring land.

Curious to know what does your destiny say for a property?

Planets responsible for buying Property in Kundali

The Planets In Astrology that determine the following prospects with regards to your property are:

  • The 4th and 2nd house is the main house in every individual horoscope to judge the immovable and movable property of a native.
  • The fourth house is the house of property, vehicle, home life, conveyances, self and ancestral properties, general happiness, but primarily it is the house of assets, however, Saturn is the planet that gives old houses and agriculture land.
  • Plante Venus is the significator of flats and commercial property.?
  • Second House: It denotes the house of wealth in every individual's birth chart. It is also a fact that without proper planning no one can purchase any property. So it is necessary to see the promise of 2nd house in the birth chart.
  • Fourth House: This is the house of any type of property, Bandhu-bandhav, happiness, and vehicles. Thus, the state of the house should be judged correctly to assess for the landed properties in the life of the native with respect to planets posited in it.
  • Eleventh House: This is the main house of gains and fulfillment of desires. This is the house that decides whether you will be having the happiness of own house or not.
  • If the ruler of the 4th house happens to be there in 6th, 8th or 12th houses affecting the ruler of the Lagna, then the native might lose his/her property due to governmental action.
  • If the Lord of the 4th house sits in the 8th house in an afflicted condition, the native might lose his property. If the ruler of the 4th house occurs with the sun and is in a debilitated condition, the individual might lose his house due to the intervention of the government.

One can take a Vastu consultancy in order to live a happy and prosperous life ahead. It is widely acknowledged that right Vastu guidance can bring good luck to you and bless you with affluence & wealth in life. Vastu's Consultation by a Vastu Expert regarding a house or property maintains economic growth and helps to make the environment positive, and clears all the obstacles coming in the way of the growth.

Which Nakshatra is good for buying Property

When it comes to buying property, many people in India consider astrological factors to determine the most auspicious time. Among these factors, the nakshatra or lunar mansion plays a significant role. Here's an overview of the nakshatras considered favorable for purchasing property:

  • Rohini Nakshatra: Rohini is one of the most auspicious nakshatras for buying property. It is ruled by the Moon and is associated with growth, prosperity, and wealth accumulation. Properties bought under this nakshatra are believed to bring happiness, comfort, and stability.
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra: Punarvasu is another highly recommended nakshatra for property investments. It is governed by the planet Jupiter, which symbolizes expansion, luck, and prosperity. Properties acquired under this nakshatra are believed to bring long-term benefits and financial growth.
  • Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra: Uttara Phalguni, ruled by the Sun, is considered an excellent nakshatra for buying property. It is associated with success, authority, and leadership. Properties purchased under this nakshatra are thought to bring respect, status, and a sense of power.
  • Mrigashira Nakshatra: Mrigashira, governed by Mars, is a favorable nakshatra for acquiring property, especially for residential purposes. It is believed to bring courage, strength, and determination, which can help overcome obstacles in the property-buying process.
  • Hasta Nakshatra: Hasta is ruled by the Moon and is considered auspicious for buying property, particularly for those in creative fields or involved in artistic pursuits. It is associated with creativity, beauty, and appreciation for the finer things in life.

The right time to buy your own house or property

The placement of the planets located in the horoscope of the zodiac determines whether the native will have a home or not. But when a person will buy his house, it can be determined only on the basis of the main period or sub-period, also known as Maha Dasha & Antar Dasha of planets in Kundali. The period or sub-period of 4th lord, 2nd lord, 11th or 9th and 10th lord is able to give a house or property to the native.

There are so many conditions to sell the property in astrology when it comes to knowing the right time to Buy/Sell Property as per planets in Kundali.
Various texts give a lot of techniques to know the possibility to have their own house as well as property. Auspicious planets which are situated in the fourth house give home an early age but the malefic planets get benevolent at middle age.

Vastu tips for House

An individual can consult an expert Vastu consultant as there are many fake professionals in the market today who are more inclined to make money out of your innocence than providing you good help for your Vastu related needs. The Vastu services for the house provided by an expert can ensure you a place of bliss & prosperity, that creates only good memories for you. A properly organized living space, according to Vastu Shastra will attract good luck, prosperity, and health.

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