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Astrological Remedies for Successful love life in 2018

Astrological Remedies for Successful love life in 2018

By: Parul Rohatgi | 27-Feb-2018
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It would be no wrong to say that ‘to love and to be loved’ is the happiest feeling in life. Also, love can said to be the most important aspect in life. A good love life can provide us with the necessary spirit that offers peace and happiness to our mind & soul.

At times, we are lucky enough to get loved back by the person we love. The luckiest and happiest persons are the ones who get to married to the person they love. But, at some unfavourable situations, it may happen that we end being a one sided lover.

Destiny is the prime controller of everything and takes the control of our lives. To be in such situations, it can be the most depressing and sad times in our life. For such situations, astrological remedies can prove to be a real help.

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Listed below are some of the tips and astrological remedies for success in love:

  • One of the most effective love remedy is to offer a flute and few betel leaves in the temple of lord Krishna to win over the blessings of lord Krishna to grant you a successful love life.
  • According to astrology love compatibility is also based on matching the kundalis of the couple in love. However, to be successful in love and to get married to the person, one should wear Gauri Shankar Rudraksha. It is suggested to mould the rudraksha in white gold and wear it to activate the positive energy.
  • As per Vedic astrology theories, if a girl wants to get married to a handsome & loving husband, she must observe fast on 16 consecutive Mondays (16 Somvaar Vrat).
  • The other most common and effective astrological remedy for successful love life is to perform “Rudra Abhishek” with honey.
  • It is also believed that worshipping Shiva Linga is beneficial for both married and unmarried girls. This remedy helps the unmarried girls to marry without delay and married girls get the due love and attention from their husbands as a result of worshipping the Shiva Linga.
  • One can also wear a diamond or Zircon or Opal ring to get successful in love life and to marry the person you love. These gemstones are said to be representing planet Venus (shukra), which is symbolic of love and luxury in life.

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  • Another of the most important astrological remedy for successful love life is to chant this mantra “Om Lakshmi Narayana Namaha” 3 times on a crystal bead rosary which should be made of 108 beads. For best results, always chant this mantra in front of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi for continuous 3 months to make a strong bond between you and your lover or spouse.
  • As per Vedic Astrology theories, unmarried girls should wear green coloured bangles particularly during Shravan Maas to get married soon without any delays.
  • Wearing White coloured clothes on Thursday will also help to win the love in your life. This astrology remedy for love will help to control the love of your life, your relationship and ultimately lead to marriage.
  • Make a point that you even by mistake never ever gift your loved one anything which is in black colour and it is also considered inauspicious to gift pointed objects to your loved ones. Doing so will result in a high possibility of making your relationship to go sour and bitter in the long run.
  • As an auspicious gifting in love life, one may consider gifting a diamond solitaire or a zircon to the love of your life. But also make sure that the colour of the diamond or zircon should not be blue or black.
  • Although, the most auspicious gifts to give in love life are those articles and items which are red, pink, maroon, yellow or of golden in colour.
  • The best astrology remedy for love life and for unmarried girls is to always wear yellow coloured clothes on Thursdays and white coloured clothes on Fridays. Doing this, will result in early marriage of the girls without any further delay.
  • Also, always check for the love compatibility between you as a couple. You can do so by getting your love compatibility report here or else by an esteemed astrologer.

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The other most important astrological remedy or ritual is to match the kundalis of the perspective bride and groom. Check for it if there is any Mangal Dosha present in any of the horoscopes. Marrying without a proper astrological remedy for marriage and Mangal Dosha can be the cause of your broken marriage.

It may also lead to the unexpected and sudden death of the spouse and in laws. Therefore, before getting married, it is suggested to get your horoscopes matched properly and look for astrological remedies if there is any need for it.

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