Accumulate Wealth with the Help of Aaya Prakaran

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Accumulate Wealth with the Help of Aaya Prakaran

Vastu Shastra is the traditional way of enhancing your luck by integrating architecture with Nature. Vastu is an important part as it attracts and allows positive energy to freely flow through the place. Aaya Prakaran is one of the most important parts of Vastu Shastra. The word Aaya means income. When you take up any land for construction “Aaya Prakaran” must be followed to get benefits and to achieve good results.

In Vastu Shastra, the formula of Aaya and Vargas need to be followed for scientific and accurate construction. There are Nine Vargas also known as Navavargas and the importance of each Varga is stated in the classical references such as Samarangana, Suthradhara, Mayamata, Aparajita Prucha, Kalarnrutha, Viswakarma Prakasika, Vasthusara, etc.

  • The Vishwakarma Prakasika elaborates the Nine Vargas in detail. The name of Nine Vargas being Ayam, Varam, Amsa, Dhana, Runa, Nakshatra, Tidhi, Yuti Ayuvu.

There are also a variety of opinions and thus some classical texts state only about 6 Vargas being Aaya, Dhana, Vyaya, Tidhi, Vara, Nakshatra.

There are eight types of Aaya’s representing each direction, namely:

  • Dhwaja- East
  • Dhumra- South East
  • Simha- South
  • Svana- South West
  • Gaja- North
  • Kaka- North East
  • Vrusha- West
  • Khara- North West

The Aayas are best suited for the position or direction of which they are native off. The Aaya which is opposite to the native direction is always of the enemy character for the Native. The construction of the house/office/temple can be done in any of the four directions i.e. North, East, South, West but not in any corner.

Effects of Aayas

There are different effects of Aayas on different areas of life. Some of these effects are:

  • Dhwaja Aaya: Benefits related to money
  • Dhumra Aaya: Sorrows
  • Simha Aaya: Luxuries
  • Svana Aaya: Great Sins
  • Vrushbha Aaaya: Increase and accumulation of Wealth and gains
  • Gaja Aaya: Success in career prospects
  • Kaka Aaya: Death

The main doors should be made facing the native side of the Aaya for the best and favourable results. For example, to attain favorable results from the Dhwaja Aaya the doors should be constructed in the Western sides as the Native side of Dhwaja Aaya is east and thus it will be facing east.

The Aayas have their own Swarups and lordships cast too. Simha Aaya is of the lion, Vrushabha Aaya is of bull, Gaja Aaya is of an elephant, Dhumra Aaya is a cat, Svana Aaya is a dog, Khara Aaya is of a donkey and whereas the kaka is of crow.

Most of these Aayas have Masculine features, Bullock like features, elevated neck, hands which match human hands, features like bird feet and lion neck are also present, which are favourably considered.

The Fifth Varga of the Native Varga should be avoided as it is considered as of enmity nature and does no good to Native Varga. The best Varga is always the Swa Varga (which means the Varga of its own) as it is favourable and always preferred.

The effects of different Vargas from the Native Vargas are:

  • Swavarga: Dhana Labha, Monetary benefits.
  • Second Varga: Fewer Profits
  • Third Varga: Auspicious
  • Fourth Varga: Diseases
  • Fifth Varga: Enemical
  • Sixth Varga: Quarrelsome
  • Seventh Varga: All kinds of benefits
  • Eighth Varga: Death


There are only three “Amsas” in the Aaya Prakasana:

  • Indramsa- It will present the status and happiness of a person.
  • Yamamsa- It will lead to death, sorrow and many diseases.
  • Rajasamsa- It will improve wealth and gains.

The Mars and Sun of a house will result in threat from fire and the other houses will be favourable.

Tithis: Among the Tithis, Rikta Tithi will cause poverty and Amavasya tithi will cause diseases of worms.

Yogas: The bad Yogas of the 27 Yogas present will affect the owner with loss of wealth and gains.

Ayuvu (Life Span): When the lifespan of the house is based on arithematical calculations and the result is more than 60, then it is considered to be lucky and auspicious and if the result is less than 60, then it is considered to be inauspicious.

Dikpati (Lord of Directions):

The remainder gives the following results as per the calculations :

  • lndra- Good for women
  • Agni- Threat from fire
  • Yama- Inauspicious
  • Nirti- Fear from enemies
  • Varuna- Increase cattle field
  • Vayu- Unsteadiness
  • Kubera- Increase of gains
  • Siva- Auspicious

Method for Calculating Nava Vargas

The first step for calculation of Nava Vargas is to know about the “Kshetripada”. This means the area for construction and is calculated by multiplying the length and breadth of the same. By multiplying and then dividing the Kshetripada, we get the Nava Vargas.

The texts of Viswakarma Prakasika state the method in the following way:

The Viswakarma Prakasika Method

  • Padam (length x width) x 9 (nava) /8 (naga) = Aaya
  • Padam (length x width) x 9 (amka) /7 (adri)= Vara
  • Padam (length x width) x 6 (amga) / 9 (nava)= amsa
  • Padam (length x width) x 8 (gaja)/12 (surya) =Dravyam
  • Padam (length x width)x3 (vahni) /8(asta) = Runa (Debts)
  • Padam (length x width) x 8 (naga) / 27 (bha) = Nakshatra
  • Padam (length x width)x8(asta)/30 (Tidhi)= Tithi
  • Padam (length x width) x 7 (sagara) / 27 (Ruksha) = Yuti / yoga
  • Padam (length x width) x 8 (naga) / 120 (Khabham) = Ayu (life span)

The Kalamruta Method:

The Kalamruta Method is as follows:

  • Padam x 8 / 12 = Dhanam (Income)
  • Padam x 3 / 8 = Runam (Debts)
  • Padam x 9 / 7 = Vara (The week)
  • Padam x 6 / 30 = Tithi
  • Padam x 8 / 27 = Nakshatra
  • Padam x 9 / 8 = Ayam
  • Padam x 9 / 120 = Ayu (Life span)
  • Padam x 6 / 8 = Amsa
  • Padam x 9 / 8 = Dikruti

The construction of the house should be done with the help of Vastu Shastra and Aaya Prakaran being the most important part of Vastu Shastra must be considered. Aaya Prakaran will not only eliminate the negative energies but will also fill your house with positive vibrations and energy. It will let you know what are the ways for increasing your wealth and also help you accumulate wealth and open various opportunities for the same.

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