A Positive State of Vastu in your House can attract unforeseen Success!

By: Future Point | 31-Mar-2020
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A Positive State of Vastu in your House can attract unforeseen Success!

People over a period of time develop a very deep sense of attachment with their house, as a house is not just a physical structure, but a place that harbours countless emotions and gives its residents a profound sense of warmth & belonging.cHaving a house of their own is an extremely important goal of people’s lives. In fact, people right after entering their professional life, strive very hard to have a nest of their own someday which would enable them to make fond memories of their lives in it.

However, when it comes to having a house that would “really” bring happiness in our lives, there are many subtle yet extremely powerful forces in play that need to be in our favour and we simply cannot ignore them.

The Divine Science of Vastu

There are both positive as well as negative energies in this infinite cosmos that function in a very mystical way. These energies as per the cosmic law, get attracted to every structure in the universe and start affecting the lives of people who come in contact with those structures. The type of energy that a particular structure would attract solely depends on the architectural design of that structure. Vastu is a divine architectural science of the Gods that deals with the relationship between different types of energies and the structures that they are attracted to.

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The holy scripture that holds the sacred knowledge of Vastu is called “Vastu Shastra”. It provides the rules that must be implemented while building a structure (a house in the current context) so that it becomes Vastu compliant and attracts the kind of energies that would bring success, wealth, health & happiness in the lives of people associated with it. Remember, it is these energies, depending upon their fundamental nature, cast life altering effects upon all of us. People who get positive energies functioning around them, move ahead in life at a record pace and those that get affected by negative energies, face frequent roadblocks in life and their efforts fail to yield the results that they technically deserve.

When building a house or for that matter buying a ready to move-in house, it is extremely important that the house in which you are planning to reside, is 100% Vastu compliant. In other words, the architectural design of the house must be such that it attracts the flow of only positive energies in it. This would automatically ensure that the people who dwell in that house would keep receiving powerful support of prosperity & success promoting energies in their lives and their efforts would always prove to be phenomenally rewarding to them.

Vastu and the Five Elements

This entire cosmos is made up of the Five Primordial Elements, which are:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space

Since a house is obviously a part of the cosmos at large, these five elements come at the forefront in a house when it comes to the energy behaviour inside the house. Each of the five elements govern a particular direction and it is extremely important that different functionalities in different areas in a house/flat/apartment must be established by making sure that the state of these elements must not get disturbed so that the residents get maximum benefits from these elements in their lives.

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While the detailed correct application of Vastu depends upon the in-depth analysis of the exact architecture of the house/flat/apartment by a Vastu expert, however let us for the time being, look at some in-general examples below:

  • The East or North-East is the direction of the Air element and a balcony or window is best suited there as it makes the Air element of the house strong and thereby results in attracting positive energies that promote creativity and monetary gains in the house.
  • Similarly, a kitchen in the South-East direction which is the place of the Fire element, brings sound health in the house and wards off various illnesses from the lives of people living in that house.
  • Last but not the least, it is a tradition in Indian households to have a Pooja room or a “Mandir” in the house. The North-East direction is best suited for spiritual activities. It is said that a Pooja room or Mandir made in this direction of the house brings in peace in the lives of the residents and also protects them from all evil energies.

Hence, people living in modern day flats/apartments who want to reap spiritual dividends in their lives should consult with a Vastu expert to know what is the best possible Vastu for Pooja room in flats.

A Vastu Dosh

A Vastu Dosh means “a flaw” in the Vastu of a place that results in the flow of negative energies in that place. Only a Vastu expert understands the correct Vastu for apartments and hence, one must consult such an expert before making a property purchase. Even those who are building their own house, must consult with a Vastu expert first to ensure that the architectural layout of the house is Vastu compliant and thus there will not be any Vastu Dosh in the structure once its construction is complete.

Remember, a Vastu Dosh is not something that can be taken lightly as it is directly responsible for bringing in malefic energies in the house. These malefic energies wreak havoc in the lives of the people residing in that house in the form of accidents, loss of wealth, frequent illness, failures in endeavours, litigations and in certain rare cases- untimely & sudden deaths.

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Remedies for Correcting a Vastu Dosh

Not all of us bother to apply the principles of Vastu while building our houses or make sure that the property is Vastu compliant in case of buying a ready to move-in property. This ultimately results in getting a property that is inflicted by a Vastu Dosh.

The holy scripture of Vastu Shastra prescribes many remedies that are intended to correct an existing Vastu Dosh in a property. Make no mistake, these remedies are extremely powerful, effective and time-tested.

  • In certain cases where there is a disturbance in the Water element, placing an aquarium or setting up a small indoor fountain is suggested.
  • For treating a disturbed Air element, it is recommended that a person should hang Wind Chimes in the balcony or near a window.
  • Certain specific plants are known to calm down an aggravated Earth element.
  • Soothing paintings bring a balance in an agitated Fire element.

However, these are just a few in-general remedies and only a Vastu expert after carefully analyzing the property in question, could tell which remedy is best suited to provide a solution to the specific Vastu Dosh.

A result oriented remedy that anyone can adopt

It is highly recommended that a person should consult with a Vastu expert to know the exact relevant remedy for a specific type of Vastu Dosh in his/her house. However, a generalized but highly effective Vastu Dosh remedy that anyone can incorporate in his/her life is the Vastu Maha Yantra.

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A Yantra is basically an architectural representation of positive celestial energy forms that bring success in our lives and protect us from malefic influences. The Vastu Maha Yantra attracts incredibly positive prosperous energies in a house and wards off the malefic energies that are creating troubles in the lives of the people who reside in that house.

This particular Yantra is known to create a protective energy field in a house and shields its residents from all the ill effects that any Vastu Dosh has created. Also, this Yantra promotes sound health and abundant wealth in the family. In a nut-shell, those who want to take the first step towards ensuring a balanced Vastu in the house, must bring home the Vastu Maha Yantra and worship it wholeheartedly.

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