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Om Swastik Trident

Om Swastik trident is one of the most powerful tools for bringing peace and harmony in one’s life. It is a combination of the three most powerful symbols of Hindu mythology in it. In Hindu mythology, - Swastik, Om, and Trishul are considered as most auspicious signs. It is believed that it enhances the luck of a person if it is placed outside their door. It also protects an individual from all the negative energy and troubles. Trident can be kept in the purse or wallet for good results. The various malefic effects of wrong Vastu can be nullified with Om Swastik Trident.


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Om, Trishul, and Swastik are considered as most auspicious signs in mythology. Om represents Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighnaharta because he removes all types of obstacles that come in an individual’s path.

The second symbol present in the Trident is Swastik. Swastik is a cross with four arms with equal length with ends of each arm bent at a right angle. This symbol is liberally used by Hindus as a lucky charm to bring good luck, well being, health and wealth. It has been used in Temples, Spiritual places, and Architecture since time immemorial and is considered as a really auspicious symbol. The symbol is carved out on Doorways, main doors, pillars, and all the Spiritual items and places.

The third holy sign or yantra which is used in Trident is Trishul. Trishul represents the weapon of Lord Shiva which destroys all the evil energies. It safeguards us from all the dangers and saves the individual from negative energy, enemies, and evil eye’s.

The combination of these three Yantras is supposed to bring a fortune in one’s life. It enhances luck and brings positivity to every person. The Yantra is supposed to be very lucky and it also protects the families of the possessor.


According to Indian mythology, Om Swastik Trident or Om Swastik Trishul Trishakti yantra is used to bringing good fortune. Using this yantra in office or carrying it in a purse or bag, will bring good fortune and will save an individual from all the obstacles. It also safeguards from negative energy and the evil eye. It also prevents one from unnecessary loss of wealth.

How to use

  • The individual can place the Om Swastik Trident Spiritual Protection Yantra on the main door of the house.
  • Before placing one should always cleanse the yantra with the Gulab Jal and wipe it with a red cloth.
  • After applying it to the main door, the whole house must be sprinkled with holy water. The sprinkling of the water must be done by a leaf from any tree.

Benefits of Om Swastik Trident

The Om Swastik Trident will have the following benefits:

  • The effect of Vastu dosh is nullified with the help of this Yantra.
  • It helps in restoring positive energy.
  • It helps in bringing peace and harmony in one’s life.
  • Placing Om Swastik Trishul or Trident helps in improving concentration.
  • It also helps in neutralizing the property.
  • By carrying the yantra one will be protected from the evils eye and negative energy
  • It saves the individual from danger and helps to cross every obstacle.
  • It brings uniformity in one’s life by nullifying all the negative energy.
  • It helps in avoiding unnecessary loss of wealth.

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Om Swastik Trident