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The Gomati Chakra is found in the Gomati river and is considered highly sacred by the Vedas due to their mystical values. They help to solve issues and heal problems which are faced by every person in their regular life. The yantra is believed to have the presence of Goddess Laxmi and the Yantra has the good fortune that is related to the deity present. Goddess Laxmi is related to wealth, prosperity and fortune. The Gomati Chakra comes with purity, prosperity, and perfection in one’s profession.


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Gomati chakra is considered as the symbol of Goddess Laxmi. According to some traditions, the chakras are said to be a part of Lord Krishna’s palace as their shape resembles the shape of Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna. They are used in worships and are also used as Yantra. Money, prosperity and good luck follow people who possess these Gomti Chakra.

How to use

The Gomati Chakras are small circles that are white in colour. Keeping the Gomati Chakra with you has many benefits and it enhances the luck and creates more financial opportunities. There are 11 Rudras of Lord Shiva which are represented by these 11 Gomati Chakras. Gomati Chakras can be used for various things in different ways for best results :

For Financial Burden: The Chakras should be coated with turmeric powder and placed near the image of Lord Shiva. Cover these Chakras in Yellow cloth and take it to all corners of your house. Then throw them into any source of flowing water.

For Financial Stability: Covering these chakras with a red cloth and placing it inside your safe will ensure the recurring flow of income into your residence.

Evil Eye: Along with the three Chakras, go to any place which is barren and revolve them clockwise around your head and then throw it away and return back home. This ritual will keep all evil eyes away from you.

For food and grains: Keeping 11 Chakras covered by red cloth in rice or wheat cartons in your kitchen will ensure that you don’t face any issue related to the shortage of grains.

Gomati Chakra for Marriage: Keeping 11 Chakras coated with sindoor in one box it will ensure that there are no conflicts in the house and spouses live in a harmonious way.

For Wish fulfillment: Keeping 11 coconuts tied to 11 chakras in your pooja room will help you in fulfilling your wish.

For self-confidence: Sprinkling gangajal on one Chakra, then covering it with red cloth and tieing it around your neck will help you gain self-confidence and give you the ability of Public Speaking.

For removal of black magic: Take out 8 chakras and divide them into 4 pairs, then revolve them around your head and throw them in 4 different directions. Follow this procedure on Wednesday and ward yourself off from black magic.

For Success: Keeping 3 Chakras in your pocket before creates a positive exchange of communication and even offering of 21 chakras to Lord Shiva will help you achieve your desired point of success.

For Goodluck: 4 Chakras in 4 corners of each room in the house will eliminate all the negative energy and prosperity will follow.

For Education of Children: Sprinkling some gangajal on the Gomati Chakras and tieing it around the neck of your children will improve their IQ level and concentration.


If you possess Gomati Chakra, you will have the following benefits :

  • If you keep even number of Chakras in your wallet and handbag, it will improve your luck.
  • Gomati Chakras are used to nullify the effect if the construction is done with wrong Vastu.
  • They can be used for improving:
    • Success
    • Goodluck
    • Education of children
    • Removal of black magic
    • Financial Burden
    • Financial Stability
    • Removal of Evil eye

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Gomti Chakra Small