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Kauri (Shell)

Many things have a great value in astrology, one such thing is Kaudi. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi appeared from Sea and along with her she carried Kaudis. Kaudi can either be of white, yellow or brown in colour or it can even be patched.


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The presiding Deity of the Kaudi is Goddess Laxmi. Lakshmi personifies wealth, riches, beauty, happiness, and prosperity.

Kaudis are found in Seas and Oceans and are the fossils of marine organisms. The hump of these shells is thick, coloured and shiny. The Kaudi has many uses, one of it being that it helps in the acquisition of wealth. Kaudi is directly related to Goddess Laxmi as both of them are developed from water only.

The Kaudi’s relation with Goddess Laxmi correlates the Kaudi directly to money. The Kaudi possesses the quality of attracting riches and money towards it. The owner and possessor of Kaudi never lives a dull life in terms of materialistic things. Kaudis are used while worshipping Goddess Laxmi and are also used as a decorative item in all things holy.


  • The Kaudi should only be bought on Friday and it should be kept in front of the Statue of Goddess Laxmi and revered in front of her.
  • The Kaudis should be distributed after that in equal numbers.
  • Wrap the Kaudi in red cloth and keep it in your Vault.
  • These are believed to open the gates of your good fortune. Kaudi is more beneficial if you do this on the day of Lakshmi Puja.
  • If you’re getting a house constructed, then place 21 Kaudis in the foundation of the house and the people residing in the house will always stay healthy and happy.


Kaudis will help accumulate Money and Wealth

Take 11 Kaudis and colour it with yellow turmeric powder. Then keep these Kaudis in your Laxmi Pooja and once the Pooja is done, wrap these Kaudis in a red cloth and keep it in your safe. The Kaudi needs to be taken out every day at the time of pooja and kept back in the same way covered in red cloth.

Kaudi will help you get Promotions & Success!

If you’re stuck in your job and there is no growth that you foresee, then you should go to Lakshmi Mandir and offer 11 Kaudis to Lakshmi Maa and pray for a promotion in your job. Soon you will get a promotion in your job.

Kaudis will create an opportunity for you to get Jobs

Before going for the interview keep 7 Kaudis covered in a red cloth in your pocket. The chances of your selection are high.

Kaudis will increase Sales in your Business

If you are not getting enough profits in your business, you should keep 7 Kaudis in your shop and keep them in Laxmi Pooja regularly. The profits get higher and sales increase.

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Kauri (Shell)


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