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Parad Pujan Pack(1500 to 1700 gms)

Parad means purity. A pure metal that shines and brings all blessings is known as Parad or mercury. It has the power to bring positive vibrations by destroying all negative aspects and help you to lead success in every sphere of life. Parad (Mercury) metal (Mercury) is amongst the favorite materials of lord Shiva. Parad Pujan Kit relieves from all the sufferings, problems and anxieties.


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It is said that the Pujan of Parad (Mercury) Samagri eliminates all the evil effects of Shanis Saadhe-Saati, Dhayya and the malefic effects posed by Saturn or other planets. Its puja, darshan, and Sparsh bring about wonderful and amazing results. It covers the way for both the Gyan and Bhakti and reduces the effects of the evil karmas. Worship of Parad(Mercury) Laxmi Ganesh and Parad(Mercury) Shri Yantra is specifically beneficial to those having Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn Rashis. Besides this, it is also beneficial to the persons whose Moon and Saturn Dasha or Antardasha is running.

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Product Detail

Parad(Mercury) Laxmi Ganesh- Parad (Mercury) Laxmi Ganesha is considered to be the most auspicious metal for an idol because of the special spiritual significance of Parad. The individual should worship Laxmi Ganesha for the overall prosperity and elimination of poverty.

Parad(Mercury) Sri Yantra- it contains Parad Sriyantra that is made of mercury is used for an increase in wealth, a gain of money, success in lottery or gambling, etc. It is said that it eliminates poverty and renders success to the devotee. It also reduces the bad influences of planet Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. Parad (Mercury) Sriyantra can be considered the most powerful and most beneficial tool for attaining all worldly pleasures and fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power and mental strength.

Parad(Mercury) Conch(Shankh)- It is considered as a very useful and auspicious item that should be kept in every house for attaining peace of mind. By worshipping it daily one’s business can flourish or enhance. This Shankh is also very beneficial in correcting Vaastu doshas.

Rosary of Kamalgatta- The rosary of Kamalgatta that is made up of seeds of kamal or lotus, she blesses him or her with all sorts of prosperity, progress, happiness, peace and everything which he/she aspires to have. If devotee wears the Rosary of Kamalgatta ensures protection from black magic and witchcraft and bestows upon all-round development and prosperity.

Kaudi- Kaudi has a great significance which is used in Laxmi and Parad Pujan. It enables the native to get rid of loans. All the desires and aspirations get fulfilled with the Kaudi Pujan on Diwali.

Gomti Chakra- Gomti Chakra is often used in remedies relating to inculcate financial prosperity. If Gomti Chakra is included in Laxmi Pujan, it enables the sudden and quick inflow of money.

Gunja- Gunja is also important and significant material used in Laxmi Pujan. It improves the economic condition and ensures the continuous inflow of money in house and business.

Kumkum- Kumkum is used for tilak during the Laxmi Puja. It attracts the blessings of Maa Laxmi.

Moti(Pearl)- It is also an essential product in Laxmi Puja that bestows Good health, wealth, peace, happiness and also fulfills all the desires of the worshipper.

Benefits of Parad Pujan Pack

  • Parad Pujan Pack acts as a protective shell for the body which protects the wearer from various physical ailments, mental illnesses, and negative energy.
  • Worshipping Ganesh and Laxmi can bring success, prosperity, Parad is also proven beneficial from the Astrological point of view.
  • The presence of Mercury beads in this pack blesses the wearer with unity, harmony.
  • A good quality product gives good health, energetic life to the devotee.
  • In terms of destroying all the negative vibes and by worshipping Parad Lord Pujan Pack can help help you to lead success in every phase of life.
  • Worship of these deities indicates Shubh and Labh, patience, and knowledge.

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Parad Pujan Pack(1500 to 1700 gms)


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