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Diwali Prosperity Gift Pack

Diwali is the occasion to mark the victory over evil, light over darkness and awareness over ignorance. Diwali is also known as Deepawali that is celebrated across India with great excitement and grandeur uniting the whole country. On this festival, Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesha Pujan is highly essential as it brings happiness and wealth into our lives. Make your Diwali full of light, joy, and happiness with this auspicious Diwali Gift Pack from Future Point at the best quality of a product. The Diwali Prosperity Gift Pack is the ultimate Diwali Gift you ought to present to your friends & family.


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Diwali is an occasion of joy, merrymaking, and togetherness for Indians around the world. While the festival is celebrated on a grand scale throughout the country, it is also celebrated in other countries also. We have organized a special Diwali Gift Pack to strengthen the relationship you share with your kith and kin. Gift something meaningful this Diwali!

Buy Diwali Gift Pack Online from Future Point to gift the promise of a better future to your loved ones.

Diwali Prosperity Gift Pack

This Auspicious gift box contains all the necessary products for Diwali Puja.

  • Calendar- This Kit contains Hindu Calendar which contains Ahoi Ashtami Puja Calendar in beautiful print along with Saraswati Aarti and Ahoi Mata image.
  • Gem Tree- Gem Tree consists of healing and cleansing energies of gemstone which makes them elegant and colorful as a decorating item in your home or place of work. The Kit contains Jade Gem Tree which has already been energized to provide maximum benefits.
  • Gomti Chakra- Gomti Chakra is a rare natural stone, formed of shell stone. It can bless you with wealth, prosperity, good health and harmony. It also removes negative energies prevailing around you.
  • Crystal Sri Yantra- Shri yantra is also said to release healing power and has the capacity to heal the mind, body, and Soul. It spreads positive vibes all around.
  • Kaudi- Kaudi has great significance because it is used to balance the planetary effect of Jupiter. It blesses the worshipper with money and prosperity and also helps in increasing the flow of funds.
  • Stuti Sangraha- In this booklet, the detailed method of worshipping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi has been given along with Srisooktam, Laxmisooktam, and various other Stotras and Aartis.
  • Tumbles of Rose Quartz- Rose Quartz stone is known as the stone of unconditional love. It has magnificent powers of balancing emotions, reducing stress, and bringing peace in life.
  • Yellow Aventurine- This stone symbolizes self-reflection, prosperity, calmness, balance, optimism, and creativity. This stone has the ability to give you inner strength and make you courageous.

The devotee can attain happiness and good wealth through this Diwali Pooja Kit Gift Box. The entire family gets divine protection and blessings from the use of this Gift Pack. This Diwali Gift Pack facilitates the inflow of money in a nativeโ€™s household.

Benefits of Diwali Gift Pack

  • This Diwali Gift Pack is blessed by the sacred blessings of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi.
  • All the products that you will find in this box are 100% natural and examined by the experts.
  • This Gift Pack contains all the ingredients required for puja or specially Mahalaxmi Pujan, so the devotee can use this for any Puja.
  • Each and every astrological product is energized by its related mantras to ensure the benefits of all the products.
  • Buy Diwali Gift kit to make use of the perfect gift this Diwali!
  • One can also give this box as a gift for Diwali to their relatives and friends.

Note: Future point only deals with genuine astrology products. Buy online Diwali Gift pack at the comfort of your home. Every product that you find in this Gift Pack is of the highest quality and Lab certified examined by our experts.

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Diwali Prosperity Gift Pack


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