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Deepawali Pujan Kit

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Deepawali Pujan Kit

"Future Point” is pleased to offer you the complete “Deepawali Poojan Kit” designed by learned Pandits and astrologers. This kit, contains following items along with Stuti Sangrah, Ahoi Ashtami Poster and method of worship-

Deepawali Puja material

Deepawali Pujan Kit contains following Puja material-

  • Parad Laxmi –Ganesha
  • Parad Kuber
  • Sampuran Mahalaxmi Yantra
  • Ahoi Ashtami Poster
  • Kamalgatta Mala
  • Kauri
  • Gomati Chakra
  • Sri Yantra Coin
  • Booklet (Nitya Stuti Sangrah)
  • Dhoop
  • Kalawa
  • Roli
  • Scent
  • Supari
  • Kapur
  • Akshat
  • Laung
  • Ilaichi
  • Red Cloth

Deepawali Pujan Method

”Om Laxmiganeshabhyaam Namah"

It is believed that Goddess Laxmi visits every house during Diwali and brings peace and prosperity. On the night of Diwali "Lakshmi-Pujan" is performed in the evening. A traditional Pujan is performed after sunset at every home and Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped along with Lord Kuber.

Generally three Muhurats are used for Deepawali Pujan-

For the people of Delhi the timings of these Muhurats are given below-

1. Taurus Lagna - 18:29 to 20:24 (For Puja at Home)

2. Leo Lagna - 01:02 to 03:20 (For Sadhna & Siddhi)

3. Aquarius - 14:00 to 15:28 (Business)

Steps of Puja

  • Sprinkle Gangajal everywhere at home.
  • Write Om and Swastik on safe and jewelry boxes.

Arrange Puja Material and Start Puja

  • Establish new idols of Laxmi, Ganesha & Kuber at place of worship & Sprinkle Gangajal on these idols.
  • Decorate Puja Thali by placing following articles in it- Sri Yantra Coin, Maha Laxmi Yantra, Kalawa, Roli, Mauli, Akshat, Dhoop, Scent, Deepak, Supari, Kapur, Laung, Ilaichi, Kamalgatta Mala, Red Cloth, Kauri, Gomati Chakra etc. (This puja material along with idols of Laxmi- Ganesha are available in Deepawali Pujan Kit of Future Point) Write Om and Swastik with Roli in front of Laxmi- Ganesha and place the poster of Ahoi Ashtami along with the idols on a card board frame.
  • Prepare Panchamrita, Panchameva, Kheer and Besan Laddus for Prasad. Establish Kalash by placing mango leaves on it. Fill it with water and put Supari, durva, akshat, flowers and coins in it. Tie Mauli in it and chant Om Varunaay Namah 11 times. Place Laxmi Ganesha coin in a separate plate
  • Begin Puja by offering the puja articles placed in Puja ki Thali one by one. Recite following Mantra while offering each article- "Om Laxmiganeshabhyaam Namah"
  • Now recite following Mantra of Lord Ganesha 108 times- "Om Gang Ganapatye Namah " Recite following Mantra of Goddess Laxmi 108 times on a rosary of lotus beads- "Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Mahalaxmyai Namah"
  • Now do Abhishekam of Sriyantra coin placed in a separate thali by sprinkling gangajal, milk and honey and reciting "Om Laxmiganeshabhyaam Namah" Mantra
  • Now chant Srisuktam and Laxmi Suktam followed by Aarti of Ganesha and Laxmi ji. Burn Kapoor in Puja ki Thali while starting Aarti.
  • Next day morning after having bath and doing Puja, pick Gomati Chakra, Kauri, Gunja and Laxmi Ganesha coin from place of worship. Touch them on your forehead and place in safe, jewelry box, grain store and wallet.
  • Do the VISARJAN of old idols of Laxmi- Ganesha in clean flowing water and keep new pair of idols at Puja Ghar throughout the year.

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