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Moonga Laxmi Ganesh(1000 gms)

Moonga Coral Laxmi Ganesh has always been considered very auspicious and the giver of all the happiness, progress, prosperity and all-round development


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Moonga Coral Laxmi Ganesh

Moonga Laxmi Ganesh has always been considered very auspicious and the giver of all the happiness, progress, prosperity and all-round development if worshipped with full devotion and shraddha specially on Deepawali day. It is said that those people who worship Moonga Laxmi Ganesh with all devotion and shraddha, Laxmi ji bestows upon him her blessings and such people get perennial inflow of wealth, happiness, progress and prosperity. Moonga Laxmi Ganesh is also worshipped for the protection of wealth and getting relieved from the loans. Moonga Laxmi Ganesh is specifically beneficial to the persons having Aries or Scorpio rashi or who is undergoing the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Mars.

Parad Mercury Sri Yantra

This Sriyantra made of mercury is used for increase in wealth, gain of money, success in lottery or gambling etc. This eliminates poverty and renders success to user. It also reduces bad influences of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. PARAD Mercury Sriyantra can be considered most powerful and most beneficial tool for attaining all worldly pleasures and fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power and mental strength. PARAD Mercury Sriyantra is the source of supreme energy and energy is nothing but another form of element in the shape of waves and rays. It is advisable to worship PARAD Mercury Sri Yantra daily and regularly in shops, factories and business establishments for acquiring wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Ganesh Shankh

It has been mentioned in religious texts and scriptures that Ganesh Shankh should be used in every special puja and invocation of gods and goddesses. It provides wonderful and amazing result. Those who use this Ganesh Shankh in puja at homes and work places, they receive the blessings of gods and goddesses, their business and profession prospers and they are endowed with peace, happiness and all-round well-being. It eradicates all sorts of sufferings and also protects from any black magic or witch craft or danger from the enemies. There are numerous evidences that this Ganesh Shankh has blessed the worshippers with children, if they dont have any, longevity, security from impending dangers and everything if worshipped properly.

Rosary of Kamalgatta

It is well known fact that Kamal or lotus is very favourite and dear to Goddess Laxmi and it has been established since the inception of civilization that if one worships her with the Rosary of Kamalgatta which is made up of the seeds of kamal or lotus, she blesses him or her with all sorts of prosperity, progress, happiness, peace and everything which he / she aspires to have. Worship of Goddess Laxmi with the Rosary of Kamalgatta is the synonym of success and fulfillment of all worldly and divine desires and aspirations. Laxmi Pujan with the Rosary of Kamalgatta ensures quick wealth and prosperity. Although there are innumerable benefits but the significant among them are being mentioned below:-

For the well-being of business ventures and commercial establishments, it is advisable to conduct daily puja with the help of the Rosary of Kamalgatta as it ensures gradual development and well-being of the business.

Continuous wearing of the Rosary of Kamalgatta ensures protection from black magic and witch craft and bestows upon all round development and prosperity.

For the eradication of poverty and financial sufferings one should wear the Rosary of Kamalgatta and worship goddess Laxmi with this rosary.


Kaudi has great significance since the very inception of civilization and is the emblem of goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is said to be residing in the oceans so every oceanic product is considered to be sacred and used in Laxmi pujan. It is due to this myth that keeping the in homes has always been considered auspicious. There are innumerable benefits of the Kaudis but the significant among them are the following:-

Kaudi Pujan enables one to get rid of loans.

Even the lost money is recovered if one worships goddess Laxmi with Kaudis.

All the desires and aspirations get fulfilled if Kaudi pujan is done in Deepawali.

It is an established fact that if seven Kaudis are kept on the feet of goddess Laxmi on Deepawali and worshipped and after that these Kaudis are unearthed after mid night, it brings enormous prosperity.

After the pujan, if Kaudis are kept in cash box, it attracts financial prosperity.

Gomti Chakra

Gomti Chakra is one of the rare, wonderful and amazing materials found out of the oceanic bed and is highly capable of wiping out all the adversities and problems in life. Gomti Chakra is very often used in remedies relating to inculcate financial prosperity. If Gomti Chakra is included in Laxmi pujan, it enables the sudden and quick inflow of money.

It is advisable that after the Laxmi pujan on Deepawali day, the eleven Gomti Chakras used in pujan should be immersed into the same water with which the abhishek of Laxmi ji has been done. On next day put these Gomti Chakras in a red cloth and put it in your shop, showroom, office, factory or business ventures in any secret place so that no one could see it. If done so, it attracts immense fortune, progress and financial prosperity.


Gunja is also one of the important and significant materials used in Laxmi pujan. It is a belief that if Gunja is kept in the shelf and cash box, it attracts and protects wealth. Gunja solves all the problems related to wealth and property. Gunja pujan improves the economic condition and ensures continuous inflow of money in house and business. Gunja is also able to eradicate the nazar doshas and protect from black magic and witchcraft if it is thrown in south direction after taking it seven times around the head.


Kumkum is also an important component of Laxmi pujan. Kumkum is used for tilak during the pujan. Its tilak with the forefinger is done to the goddess Laxmi and the self. It attracts goddess Laxmijis blessings.

Moti Pearl

Moti is also an important component and is derived from the ocean and used in Laxmi pujan. Moti is said to be the own brother of goddess Laxmi and it also attracts wealth and financial prosperity and the blessings of the goddess Laxmi. Moti pujan bestows enormous wealth, peace, happiness, progress and prosperity and paves the way for the fulfillment of all desires and aspirations.

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Moonga Laxmi Ganesh(1000 gms)


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