Fifteen Faced Rudraksha

Fifteen faced or Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha represents lord Pashupatinath who destroys all sorts of sins and brings financial and spiritual success. The wearer of it attains pleasure, prosperity, reputation and mental peace. It should be worn by pregnant women to protect pregnancy. It causes smooth and pain-free delivery. It should be kept at a place of worship. It brings the blessings of Lord Shiva. By wearing it one gets rid of all types of difficulties and protects him from losses, accidents, diseases, and mental tensions. It also gives protection from evil spirits, black magic, and the evil eye. The wearer attains the ability to take the right decisions in all difficult situations. The wearer gets rid of sins and attains salvation Moksha.


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It awakens the 6th sense in a person and enhances his/her intuition power. The 15 Mukhi Rudraksha has the same properties as a Fourteen Faced Rudraksha. As a result, a person will get immense wealth and success. It blesses the wearer with all sorts of luxuries and comforts. Sometimes, it is connected with planet Rahu and it is said that it removes the malefic effects of this planet. Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha protects the wearer from all negativities and supernatural powers. This makes the person sensible and abstract as a result, he/she handles the situation with more maturity.

It increases the energy level of the wearer extraordinarily and the person grows both at the religious level and at the physical level. There are 15 lines or Mukhs on the surface of the Rudraksha. This Rudraksha makes a person a better human being and develops the personality of a person.

Purpose of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha

To remove the malefic effects of the planet Rahu and to seek the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath and Lord Shiva. It helps a person in attaining Moksha Salvation and protects him/her from all kinds of losses, accidents, evil spirits, etc.

Benefits of Fifteen Faced Rudraksha

  • Attracts Wealth: This Rudraksha makes a person wealthy and he/she never faces a shortage of money because this Rudraksha is helpful in attracting wealth.
  • Blessed with the Best: The possessor gets the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath who destroys all sorts of sins, brings financial and spiritual success
  • Enhances Marital Bliss: It increases the marital bliss by enhancing the love and understanding between the husband and the wife.
  • Prevents Diseases: This Rudraksha acts as a remedy in skin-related disorders and in problems that arise at the time of a child’s birth. It also activates different Body Chakras which results in a better health condition of the wearer.
  • Eradicates Stress: It eradicates the native’s tensions, stress, miseries, obstacles, problems, grievances, etc.
  • Removes Negativities: It removes all the negativities from the native’s surroundings and spreads positivity all around.
  • Activates 6th sense: This Rudraksha blesses the wearer with 6th sense and special intuitive powers.
  • Gives Mental balance: The malefic effects of the planet, Saturn can be really harmful as it can affect an individual’s emotions but this Rudraksha balances one’s mind.
  • Provides a strong Profession: It provides a really strong career to the native and also gives success in his/her opted field.
  • Helps in a Safe Delivery: Thi Rudraksha often prevents miscarriages and helps in a smooth and stress-free delivery.

Process of wearing Fifteen Faced Rudraksha

  • Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha should be worn by a native on a very auspicious day and time.
  • Before performing the Pooja of the sacred Rudraksha it is important for the native to clear all the negative thoughts that he/she possesses and is required to feel all the positive energies in the surroundings.
  • Start your pooja by placing a mat in the North or Northeast Direction.
  • Then Pran Pratishtha Pooja for this Rudraksha should begin.
  • Firstly, take Ganga Jal and fresh water for washing the rudraksha.
  • After that, use Sandalwood Paste, offer fresh flowers and at the end, use a leaf to sprinkle Ganga Jal on the rudraksha and then keep it on the leaves again.
  • Now, sit in a very comfortable position and face the North direction.
  • Before wearing it the native should energize the Rudraksha by chanting the Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya”ॐ नमः शिवाय 108 times.

Note: Future Point only deals with genuine astrology products. Every rudraksha that you find in our Astro Shop is of pristine quality and has been through a myriad of quality checks. Therefore, before purchasing online Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha, you are advised to go for a Rudraksha report to see if it will suit your horoscope.

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The Fifteen Faced Rudraksha Bead from Future Point has already been strengthened with Powerful Shiva Mantras by our Astrologers to provide you with the maximum benefits. All that’s left to do for you now is to Buy certified 15 Mukhi Rudraksha online from the store of Future Point and get blessed with the number of benefits it comes with. Future Point gives 100% assurance that these products are authentic and are Lab Certified. There are many Rudrakshas which acts as a solution to different problems but to know which Rudraksha suits you the most, you can consult our Astrologer.

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Fifteen Faced Rudraksha