Planet Mars: Attributes, Transit & Remedies

Mars is one of the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology which is given a very high degree of attention while analyzing the horoscope of a person for predicting future course of events. Mars, also known as ‘Mangal’ is a planet that casts make or break influence upon various aspects of a person’s life, especially marriage!

Keep reading to know more about planet Mars or Mangal, its effects on people, the Dosha (planetary flaw) that it brings along in certain cases and the remedial measures that help in pacifying an aggravated Mars. Get result oriented remedies that are time-tested and have the potential to ward off the negative effects of an ill-placed Mars in the natal horoscope that can wreak havoc in one’s life if not treated timely & properly.

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Gemstone associated with Mars

Red Coral is the gemstone which is associated with planet Mars. It is also known by the name of “Moonga”. If an astrologer finds a favourably placed Mars in a person’s natal horoscope then the astrologer recommends Red Coral to the person. This is due to the fact that if Mars is conducive for a person and he/she wears a Red Coral, then the gemstone harnesses the incredibly powerful energies of Mars and propels the person’s life to exponential success!

However, it must always be kept in mind that Red Coral draws the intense energy of the volatile planet Mars and therefore one must wear a Red Coral only after getting it recommended from an experienced astrologer.

Some of the many benefits that a person gets once he/she creates an inflow of positive & powerful Martian energies in life via a Red Coral are:

  • Red Coral helps overcome problems that are preventing a person from leading a successful & content life.
  • It brings smoothness in the professional sphere of a person’s life and thrusts his/her career to new heights of success.
  • It promotes courage, confidence and determination within an individual.
  • It gives a bold touch to the personality of a person.
  • It brings along financial independence and bestows abundant wealth upon a person.
  • It attracts sound health in life and enhances immunity.
  • It helps a person to efficiently overcome challenges in life.
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Mangal Grah Shanti Puja: A Vedic Ritual to Propitiate Mangal Dev

Puja is a powerful Vedic worship ritual which is performed to propitiate a deity and seek His/Her blessings.

Mangal Grah Shanti Puja

Mangal Grah Shanti Puja is a very powerful puja that is performed with an aim to pacify an aggravated planet Mars as per its placement in the natal horoscope and seek the blessings of Mangal Dev who manifests as planet Mars, to lead a smooth & successful life.

Few of the many benefits of Mangal Grah Shanti Puja are:

  • It is a cosmic healing process for pacifying the troubling effects of a volatile & aggravated Mars.
  • It brings the blessings of Mangal Dev in life that wards off the problems rising out of an ill-placed Mars in the horoscope.
  • It treats the Manglik Dosha or ‘Mangal Dosh’ which if present in the horoscope can negatively impact the marital domain of one’s life.
  • It helps in emerging victorious over all enemies.
  • It promotes sound health and bestows vigour & vitality.
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Yantra for Mars or Mangal

A Yantra is a sacred occult mechanism that has the ability to transform the life of a person who connects with it by means of powerful mantras and other worship rituals. A Yantra essentially taps into the divine realm of the deity that it represents or is associated with and brings the blessings of the deity in the life of the person.

For connecting with the energy of Mars which is the planetary manifestation of ‘Mangal Dev’, a Mangal Yantra is recommended to be placed and worshipped in one’s home.

How to Connect with a Mangal Yantra at home?

  • One must place the Mangal Yantra in the Puja room or Puja altar of the home and worship the yantra with a heart full of devotion.
  • A person should offer flowers, incense and light a lamp (diya) in front of the Mangal Yantra everyday (if possible) or at least on Tuesday.
  • One should chant the mantra suggested by a learned astrologer or priest and meditate in front of the Mangal Yantra to bring in the immensely powerful, auspicious & protective blessings of Mangal Dev in his/her life.

Some of the many benefits of having & worshipping a Mangal Yantra at home are:

  • Mangal Yantra channels prosperous cosmic energies into the life & home of a person resulting in abundance of wealth & opulence.
  • It safeguards the long term growth aspects of one’s professional life.
  • It facilitates promotions & maintains a positive growth trajectory in the career.
  • It protects a person from those who wish to cause harm to him/her.
  • It promotes sound health and speedy recovery from an existing illness.
  • Worshipping a Mangla Yantra provides relief from the detrimental effects of a Mangal Dosh present in the natal horoscope of a person.
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Mangal Pendant in Silver

If someone wants to create an inflow of positive energies of planet Mars, then the person can wear a Mangal Pendant in Silver. This pendant will ensure a constant connection of the subtle bodies of the person with the positive energies from planet Mars.

The Benefits of Wearing a Mangal Pendant in Silver are:

  • It connects with the strong energies of Mangal Dev.
  • It supports a consistent flow of Mangal Dev’s energies to the aura field of one’s subtle bodies.
  • It provides a person with the powerful protective shield of Mangal Dev that guards him/her from malefic energies.
  • It helps us in emerging victorious over our enemies.
  • It brings new opportunities of professional growth in life.
  • It improves focus and brings clarity in thinking.
  • It brings courage & boldness in the overall outlook of a person.
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Astrological Consultation

An Astrology consultation provides a plethora of benefits to a person. Remember, one can either live at the mercy of fate or that person can take charge of his/her life by making informed decisions after knowing the likely trajectory of his/her life as signified by the planetary positions in his/her natal horoscope.

Benefits of an Astrology Consultation:

  • It reveals what the planets have in store for us with respect to different spheres of our life.
  • It makes a person ready to make the best of the situation that he/she is currently involved with as well as those that would unfold in the future.
  • It helps us in knowing our innermost nature and thereby charting a course that is conducive with our nature, thus, maximizing the prospects of success.
  • It equips us with life-changing remedial measures that aim at pacifying the ill-placed planets of our horoscope which are the root cause of all troubles, obstacles & failures in our life.
  • We get to know about the powerful Pujas (Vedic worship rituals) that bestow the incredibly auspicious blessings of the deities being worshipped upon us and open the cosmic doorway of bliss, joy, success, prosperity & contentment for us.

Future Point offers you an opportunity to consult with highly experienced astrologers who possess an absolute command over multiple occult domains and are subject matter experts of the highest order. The astrologers at Future Point are led by none other than Dr. Arun Bansal who is a world renowned Vedic Astrologer and Vastu Expert with over 4 decades of experience in helping people from all across the world to live a blissful, content & meaningful life by incorporating the ancient occult wisdom of Bharat.

So, consult with an astrologer of Future Point and steer your life towards a smooth road to success!

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Lordship of Signs

Mars is the Lord of 2 of the total 12 signs that constitute the Zodiac Belt and these are Aries and Scorpio. Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer and exalted in the sign of Capricorn. Mars is a fiery planet as it is associated with the fire element. Therefore, the attributes signified by Mars also have an inherent fiery/intense nature attached to them.


Mars signifies Anger, Volatility, Violence, Courage, Security Forces, Real Estate, Surgery, Mathematics, Weapons, Ammunition, Chemicals, Conflicts, Vigour, Combat Sports etc. Basically Mars represents everything that is volatile, strenuous and involves a high level of energy.


The gemstone that is associated with Mars is Red Coral.

Significance of Mars’ Transit

Mars on an average takes about 45 days to transit from one sign of the Zodiac Belt to the next. However, from time to time, this period may vary to a certain extent by the change in the movement of Mars due to the planet going into retrograde motion for a while.

The transit of Mars is among those few planetary transits that warrant extreme caution on the part of a person depending upon various factors such as:

  • Placement of Mars in the person's Natal Horoscope
  • House & Sign through which Mars is currently transiting
  • Other planetary conjunctions & aspects to Mars on the transit level

It is highly recommended that a person must be aware at all times about the likely effects of the ongoing transit of Mars on certain key aspects of his/her life. Remember, it is of utmost importance to plan & execute your actions based on what the fiery planet Mars has in store for you. Hence, always go through what the ongoing transit of Mars is signifying for you based on your own natal horoscope.

Remedies for an Aggravated Mars

Mars gets into an aggravated state when it is ill placed in the natal horoscope of a person. This creates a lot of problems for the person, on multiple fronts. The trouble further adds up, when Mars goes through a transit that is not conducive for the person based on multiple astrological parameters which an experienced astrologer carefully looks at while analyzing the horoscope of a person.

One of the most dreaded Dosha (Planetary Flaw) of an ill placed Mars is called the ‘Manglik Dosha’ or the ‘Mangal Dosh’. If not treated timely & properly through a ‘Mangal Dosh Puja’ and other astrological remedies, the Manglik Dosha has the potential of wreaking havoc in the marital domain of one’s life.

So, it is prudent to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer and take the steps that are necessary to pacify an aggravated Mars (if present) in your horoscope.

Lastly, it is not just about safeguarding yourself by treating the negative effects of Mars but, smartly utilizing the incredible energy & significations of Mars by making decisions based on the natal position and transitory movement of Mars that would lead you to the realization of your desires!