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Cheti Chand (Sindhi)

23 Mar (Thursday), 2023

10 Apr (Wednesday), 2024

31 Mar (Monday), 2025


Cheti Chand is celebrated in honour of the birth of Sindhi Patron Saint Jhulelal and celebrated as New Year's Day for Sindhis. Cheti Chand falls on the second day of the Chaitra month (known as Chet in Sindhi) and is very auspicious day for Sindhis.

Sindhis all over the world celebrate this day in Jhulelal's memory. On this day, people worship water – the elixir of life.


Jhulelal, Ishta Dev of Sindhis, was born on Cheti Chand, to Rattan Rao Luhana and his wife Devaki and is also known as Lal Sai, Uderolal, Varun Dev and Zinda Pir .

Cheti Chand falls on the second day of the Chaitra month and is very auspicious day for Sindhis. Sindhis all over the world celebrate this day in Jhulelal's memory

Legend has it that, In the tenth century when Arabs were declining and the Soomras were coming up, Ruller of Thatta, Mirkh Shah, ordered the Hindus to embrace lslam.

The Hindus asked Mirkh Shah for some time to think over the order. Mirkh Shah agreed to give Hindus forty days.

The Hindus then gathered on the banks of the mighty Sindhu and prayed to God Varuna to save them. For forty days, they continued the prayer.

They neither shaved nor wore new clothes, praying and fasting and singing songs in praise of God Varuna.

On the fortieth day, a voice was heard "Fear not, I shall save you from the wicked Mirkh Shah. I shall come down as a mortal and take birth in the womb of Mata Devaki in the house of Rattan Rao Luhana of Nasarpur".

Even today Followers of Jhulelal perform this prayer for forty days ("chaliho") and celebrate "Thanksgiving Day" after "chaliho".

As expected on Cheti Chand, Jhulelal was born to Mata Devaki as "Udaichand". He was also known as "Uderolal".

Hindus have asked for some more time from Mirkh Shah in the meantime and Mirkh Shah on knowing about the "mysterious child" being born as savior of Hindus, decided to give them more time just to prove his supremacy.

In his growing years, people got more convinced of Uderolal being their savior.

Uderolal was asled to appear before Mirkh Shah,

Uderolal urged Mirkh Shah about Hindu-Muslim unity and oneness of God, but Mirkh Shah was not convinced and ordered his arrest.

As Uderolal was being arrested, people saw a sudden great waves of water flooded the place and fire too broke our and the palace in flames.

Uderolal explained Mirkh Shah, that there is no point of arguing; as all God are one and same and we should all live in peace.

Mirkh Shah, on seeing this miracle, was terrified and pleaded for mercy. As soon as he pleaded for mercy, the water receded away and fire flames were gone too.

Since then, Jhulelal is worshiped by both Hindus and Muslims.

How to Celebrate

A huge procession taken out in public to celebrate Cheti Chand.

On this day, many Sindhis take Baharana Sahib to a nearby river or lake.

Baharana Sahib consists of Jyot (Oil Lamp), Misiri (Crystal Sugar), Phota (Cardamom), Fal (Fruits), and Akha. Behind is Kalash (Water jar) and a Nariyal (Coconut) in it, covered with cloth, phool (flowers) and patta (leaves).

There is also a Murti (Idol) of Pujya Jhulelal Devta (Pujya=Worthy of worship, Devta=Deity).

Sindhis greet each other with "Cheti Chand jyon Lakh Lakh Wadayun Athav" on Cheti Chand.

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