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Why should Every Son Perform Ritual of Shradh?

By: Future Point | 13-Sep-2023
Views : 5593Why should Every Son Perform Ritual of Shradh?

In our ancient Hindu rituals and scriptures, much importance and value is been given to the ritual of performing Shradh to the departed and deceased souls by their descendants and family members, especially the son in the family. Shradh pind daan is a customary Hindu ritual which has been followed since ancient times and is performed every year on the death anniversary of the departed and deceased souls as per the dates of Hindu calendar.

Further to this, the eleven days following the death of the departed soul, there is a mandate to perform a set of Vedic rituals by the son. As per our Hindu scriptures and customs, there are many reasons to why every son should perform the ritual of Shradh.

Now, let us get on to know why and how the ritual of shradh is important in Hindu customs:

Why there is a need to perform the ritual of Shradh?

It is said and believed that there exists an intermediary plane which is known as “Pitra Loka” or the world of the deceased and departed souls and the ritual of Shradh helps the deceased souls to transcend and gain momentum in the current “pitru” region, so that they can easily progress and depart to the higher sub plane of the existence through this whole process of Shradh.

 Performing the ritual of Shradh will satisfy the last wishes and desires of the deceased souls and the ancestors of the family. Also, if a family is trapped in the negative influence and emotions of the departed souls and ancestors, it will negate this and help the deceased souls to provide momentum and transcend to their future and progress.

The importance of the Hindu ritual “Shradh”:

According to our age old Hindu scriptures, it is believes that repaying the debt of ancestors is as important as to pay the debt taken from the god, society and sages. Therefore, it is considered as a duty for the descendants to respect their ancestors and deceased souls of the family, to do charity by making donations in their name and doing every other activity that will please their souls by providing peace and solace.

Also, it is said that the Shradh pind daan is a part of obeying, respecting and following one’s dharma, as per the rules and science & logic of Dharma.

Performing Shradh viddhi with utmost respect will help the ancestors to become satisfied, especially at the time when they receive pind and water (jal) from the hands of their son and descendants.

In relation to this, there is a verse in the holy book of Mahabharata which signifies that “only the one who protects his father from the hell called “Puta” is qualified to be even called as a son. For the same, Lord Brahma has been given the name of “Putra”.


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Why there is a need for the son of the family to perform the ritual of Shradh?

By performing the Shradh ritual, the son of the family enables the departed souls and ancestors to progress and transcend to the higher sub plane and therefore it should be considered as a duty by every son to perform this pind daan.

According to our Hindu scriptures, if the son is not fulfilling his duty and responsibility to perform the Shradh vidhi, the ancestors of the family will have to stay in the hell and ultimately this will result in negative results which will be seen in the form of stagnant growth and unhappiness in the family always. This will hamper the overall growth, happiness and progress of the family and will not let the family to prosper.

It is said that the son who performs the Shradh pind with utmost diligence and care will be able to satisfy and seek blessings from everyone beginning from the lord Brahma to the insignificant grass.

Also, by performing the Shradh ritual, it is believed that the give and take account of the ancestors and the departed souls gets fulfilled and closed for the current karmic account.

The shradh in 2023 are starting from 29th September 2023 and will last till 14th October 2023. We would advise and request every son and descendant of the family to perform the ritual of shradh to appease your ancestors and seek their blessings in the form of overall family’s progress and prosperity.