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Which 5 Zodiac Signs Will Get Married In 2024?

By: Future Point | 31-Aug-2023
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Which 5 Zodiac Signs Will Get Married In 2024?

Getting married is one of the most crucial moments in the course of one’s life journey. In 2024, the planetary movements across the zodiac belt will be largely in favour of people having certain zodiac signs as ascendant given their aspiration of entering the marital domain of their life in 2024. To know more about those zodiac signs and the rationale behind, do read this article.

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Marriage: A Sacred Union

Marriage is a sacred union in which two people come together and take up vows of being by one another’s side during all times. Marriage is arguably the most important domain of one’s life. It teaches the true meaning of trust, loyalty, responsibility and fulfillment. In fact, people get a whole new meaning & direction in life once they get married.

However, it is people’s experience both personal (in some cases) as well as through what they witness around themselves in society that getting married for some becomes an arduous task pertaining to the delay that they face.

How to overcome the delay in getting married?

Well, understand that the celestial bodies in the form of planets based on their positioning in our horoscope as well as their transitory movements in the zodiac belt, cast an enormous effect upon various domains of our life including marriage. If the planetary placement in our horoscope or the planetary transit in the zodiac belt during the time when we wish to tie the knot is not in our favour then delay & obstacles are the obvious outcomes.

Now, whether the placements of some planets in our horoscope is not conducive to marriage or the current or ongoing planetary transits are not in our favour, this issue can be resolved by adopting some specific astrological remedies that an experienced astrologer would suggest post comprehensively analyzing our horoscope.

Therefore, it is always prudent to consult with an experienced astrologer before moving ahead with big plans in life such as getting married.

Which planet will assist people the most in getting married in 2024?

Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet that positively influences the marital domain of one’s life provided it is well placed in the horoscope of a person or it is transiting in a sign that is present in a house in the horoscope which is conducive for the person’s marriage.

Jupiter will transit in the sign of Aries till the 30th April 2024 and from 1st May 2024 onwards for the remaining period of the year, it will transit in Taurus. This transit will contribute in a huge way in ascertaining the prospects of a person getting married during that year.

It must also be noted that while Jupiter is positive for promoting events like marriage (provided it is not ill-placed in the horoscope), planet Saturn which is a naturally malefic planet signifies delays & obstacles (not just for marriage but in other endeavours of life as well).

So while determining people with the specific zodiac signs as their ascendant who are best placed to tie the knot in 2024, we need to keep the transitory movements of both Jupiter and Saturn in mind.

Jupiter will be in the sign of Aries till 30th April 2024 and post that for the remaining period of the year it will remain in Taurus. On the other hand, Saturn will continue to remain in the sign of Aquarius throughout 2024.

In a nutshell, people having those zodiac signs as their ascendants that attract the benefic influence of Jupiter as well as are free from the malefic influence of Saturn will be best poised to enter the marital domain of their lives in 2024.

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Zodiac Signs that will Get Married in 2024

There are 5 out of the 12 Zodiac Signs which are getting positive planetary support for tying the knot in 2024. However, we are assuming that people having these 9 zodiac signs as their ascendant have the right state or position of planets in their natal horoscope.

Let us look at which are these 5 zodiac signs that would most likely get hitched in 2024 if they are looking to enter the marital domain of their lives.


If you were born with Aries zodiac sign as your ascendant then you will have transiting Jupiter in the 1st house of your horoscope till April, casting its direct aspect on the 7th house which primarily signifies Marriage & Spouse. Furthermore, from May onwards, Jupiter will move in the 2nd house of your horoscope which in the context of marriage, signifies Family. Therefore, 2024 is a favourable period for you to get married.


If you have Taurus as the zodiac sign as your ascendant and you are looking to tie the knot in 2024 then Jupiter will promote marriage in your life but only from the month of May when it will enter in Taurus which is in the 1st house of your horoscope. From this place Jupiter will cast its direct aspect on the 7th house of Spouse/Life-Partner and Marriage. However, things will not be conducive for your marriage till Jupiter remains in Aries till April which is there in the 12th house of Losses in your horoscope.


Being born with Libra as the zodiac sign as your ascendant, you will have Jupiter in the 7th house of Spouse & Marriage in the 7th house itself till April 2024. This will be a fantastic period for you to tie the knot since positive cosmic support of Jupiter will ward off obstacles that are restricting you from getting married. However, come May 2024 when Jupiter will transit in the 8th house which is a problematic house that signifies In-Laws among others, you will find it hard to win the approval of your in-laws.


If you have Scorpio zodiac sign as your ascendant then you will have Jupiter in the 7th house of Marriage & Spouse in your horoscope from 1st May 2024 for the remaining part of the year. This will be a very positive period for you if you are looking forward to tying the knot. The benefic influence of Jupiter will result in getting you a suitable match for marriage. However, there might be some initial hiccups in the process of finalizing the marriage but eventually things will work out just fine.


Those of you who were born with Pisces zodiac sign as the ascendant will have Jupiter in the 2nd house of your horoscope which signifies Family in the context of marriage and has the sign Aries in it. It must be noted that Jupiter will remain in the 2nd house till April 2024. Therefore, you must strive diligently to find a good marital match and tie the knot till April while you have the positive influence of Jupiter with respect to getting married.


Mentioned above were the 5 zodiac signs that are at an advantageous position when it comes to getting hitched in 2024!

However, it must be noted that there are a lot of planetary permutations & combinations that are involved while ascertaining the prospects of getting married as well as determining the quality of the subsequent married life.

Therefore, one must consult with an experienced astrologer when it comes to highly crucial domains of life such as marriage. Dr. Arun Bansal from Future Point is a highly respected and well renowned astrologer with over forty years of experience in providing incredible occult guidance to his clients spanned all over the world.


Will I have a happy married life?

Well you should but whether you would or not, depends upon what the planets based on their positioning in your horoscope are signifying for the marital domain of your life.

Does consulting with an astrologer really help?

There must be a reason why Astrology even after thousands of years since it got revealed, is still popular & practiced in the world. It is the sheer efficacy of Astrology in predicting the originally slated course of one’s life that makes it relevant & helpful to us.

Can Astrology heIp me increase bliss in my married life?

Absolutely. The remedies in Astrology that are recommended after carefully analyzing a person’s horoscope have the potential of warding off the negative planetary influences from life that are casting a negative shadow on the person’s married life.

Which are the zodiac signs for whom 2024 will be bad for marriage?

It would not be fair to declare 2024 as outright bad for any zodiac sign without analyzing a person’s horoscope in a thorough & comprehensive manner.

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