When will I Get Job by Date of Birth

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When will I Get Job by Date of Birth

If you have any queries related to your career, you are on the right webpage. Astrology can answer all your career related questions. If you are unemployed and wondering when will you get the job or if your awaiting promotion or want to change job, take valuable insights from your birth chart. Let’s read to know how your birth chart can predict different aspects of your career and timing of important events in your career.

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Your birth chart and your career

Your birth chart can give important information about your career. If you wish to know the best career for you or whether you should do a job or business, the birth chart can give the right information. The tenth house in the birth chart is the house of your career. We get all kinds of information about our career from the association of the planets with the tenth house. Also, one can determine whether one will succeed in a career with the person's horoscope.  

An astrologer checks various factors to find the most suitable career for you. The kundli analysis helps determine the skills and interests of the person. It is accepted that if a person works in the line of his interest, he is likely to succeed. The Kundli also shows your strengths and weaknesses so that you can land your dream job.

Important Houses of Career

There are twelve houses in the horoscope, each representing a different aspect of life. For career, we look into these houses in the birth cart:

The Tenth House: As we said, this is the main house of career. The influence of different planets decides which career you will land on and which will be the best career line for you. It is an important house for those doing business.

The Sixth House: The sixth house in the birth chart is the house of jobs and services. The house is important for those doing jobs. The association of planets in this house will show how well you will do in your job and your relationship with your colleagues. This house shows whether you will get due rewards in your job and your satisfaction level.

The Third House: The third house is the house of skills and efforts. If it is weak, the person doesn't put effort and most of the time shows a back attitude towards work. Checking this house is important to determine the person's determination at work. 

The Second House: the second house shows the wealth of a person. If it is strong, we can imagine the person earning wealth through his career. However, there can also be other sources from where the person can earn wealth, but their association is checked to know whether they will earn wealth through a career. This helps determine how successful the person will be at work.  


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Career shown by different planets:

In astrology, different planets show different career options. Depending upon the association of the planets, the person gets involved in different careers.

Sun: The Sun represents career options like govt jobs, politics, high-position jobs, and high-profile posts.

Moon: The Moon represents a career related to catering, water and related goods, pearls, nurturing, psychology, caregiving, social work, hospitality, the food industry, and any career involving emotions.

Mercury: Mercury shows career options like finances, accounts, communication, publishing, writing, journalism, teaching, wit, marketing, sales, and all intellectual jobs. 

Venus: Venus suggests professions related to beauty, aesthetics, art, fashion, craft, design, diplomacy, computer, creativity or anything that involves harmony and relationships.

Mars: Mars shows military, police, sports, engineering, business, restaurant, firefighting, or anything involving courage, action, and a competitive spirit.

Jupiter: Jupiter represents a career in teaching, law, consultation, publishing, academics, the travel industry, or anything that shows expansion, growth, and spreading knowledge or wisdom.

Saturn: Saturn shows laborious work, law enforcement, metal, mining, heavy load work, or anything that requires discipline, responsibility, and long-term planning.

Rahu: Rahu represents desires, ambitions, and material pursuits. Rahu shows a career that involves risk-taking, technology, innovation, politics, media, and unconventional professions.

Ketu: Ketu shows a career related to detachment, spirituality, and intuitions. It shows research, introspection, meditation, astrology, healing arts, psychology, and isolation. 


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The timing of getting a job

Astrology can predict the timing of getting a job by looking at the transit and dasha in the birth chart. Also, one can predict the job change or promotion through the birth chart. When the bad houses of the birth chart, i.e. the 8th and the 12th houses, get activated, there are some changes in the job. 

Whether the person will get good or bad results will depend upon activating the right dash and transit. Generally, the Dasha of the 10th and 11th house lords promise to get a job. 

However, we suggest an astrological consultation to understand the right time to get a job. Sometimes, a job offer is not actually beneficial, and the person leaves his current job only to regret it later. An astrological consultation can help you make the right decision for your career.


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