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What is the method of performing Tarpan and Pitru tarpan?

By: Future Point | 11-Sep-2018
Views : 7232What is the method of performing Tarpan and Pitru tarpan?

AS one would know, that Hindu religion given importance to various rituals depending upon occasions. These rituals are given equal importance to the divine almighty and to one’s deceased ancestors. In the local lingual, it is said to be Pitru. Pitru, means, one’s deceased ancestor. One such ritual is that of Tarpan or a Pitru Tarpan performed on the Pirtu Paksha (dark fortnight) which is scheduled to be starting from September 24th and shall end on 8th October (Ammavas, or No Moon day) of 2018. During this Paksha no new auspicious activities are undertaken.

In fact, on the last day of this Paksha, which is the day of Ammavas or No Moon day, many offers Tarpan Or Pitru tarpan to their ancestors.

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What is Tarpan?

In fact, the word ‘Trup’ means satisfying others. The word ‘Tarpan’ has been formed from the root word ‘Trup’ which means Offering water to God, Sages, ancestors’ soul and human beings and satisfying them through it is called tarpan. Since, this is to be done on the day of Amaamvas every month, however, many in India do perform this ritual on the Ammavas day of Pitru Paksha. As there are different Tarpan to every Ammavas, the one performed during Pitru Paksha has great significance and importance.

The objective of performing tarpan is that God and deceased ancestors’ souls of one in the linage, whose names are pronounced while performing a Tarpan, should bestow happiness upon the decedents of the ancestors.

What is the Significance of Pitru Tarpan?

As every ritual in Hinduism has certain significance, a Pitru Tarpan has the importance which offers water and food to the deceased ancestors’ souls. This not only get the deceased ancestors satisfied who leave their descendants, but they also bestow long life, radiance, superior intellect (Brahmavarchaswa), wealth, success and foodstuff (ability to digest the food consumed) on the host, relatives or descendants performing the tarpan and satisfies them, one and all. This is also the time, when one does Dev and rishi Tarpan along with the rituals to one’s ancestors.


Method of performing Tarpan.

- A Tarpan should be performed along the riverside or a flowing water body. While performing Tarpan at the, one should stand in the river or the flowing water body, so that the water level touches the belly button. Alternatively if one is old, then they can perform tarpan by sitting on the banks of the river.

- Tarpan for God and Sages is the first step that one should performed by facing East and that for deceased ancestors’ souls is to be should be performed by facing South.

- A dried grass twig (darbha) is necessary for performing any tarpan. Tarpan for God is performed from the tip of the darbha, tarpan for Sages should be performed by folding the darbha in the middle, and tarpan for deceased ancestors’ souls should be performed from the tip and root of the two darbhas.

- Offering of water during a tarpan to the deities should be done using the finger tips, while offering of water to Sages should be done from the base of the little finger and the third finger and that to the deceased ancestors’ souls should be done through the mid of the thumb and the first finger of the hand.

- Tarpan should be performed taking one handful of water for each deity, two handful of water for Sages and three handful of water for deceased ancestors’ souls. In case of matrutrayi (mother, grandmother and great grandmother) three handful of water should be used and for other females’ ancestors’ souls one handful of water should be used for tarpan.

- While performing the Tarpan, each time, one must take the name of their ancestors, both maternal and paternal side and then perform the rituals accordingly.

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