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What is Shradh & How one should Proceed During this Period?

By: Future Point | 13-Sep-2023
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What is Shradh & How one should Proceed During this Period?

Shradh is a highly important ritual in the Hindu culture that holds a key place in the society. Shradh Paksha is a period during which people perform special rituals for the well being of their late ancestors.

The period of 'Shradha Paksha' is also known as 'Pitra Paksha' or 'Pitru Paksha'. In the Hindu way of life, a person after leaving the body travels to certain dimensions, where they spend some time before taking birth again. But once a person leaves the body, the ability to do any new karma is ceased.

So it is considered as the duty of the living generation to make sure that the deceased ancestors enjoy peace and contentment in the out of Earth dimension that they reside.

It is for this purpose the rituals of Shradh are practiced where certain Pujas (worshipps) are organized and food is offered to Brahmins. Shradh 2023 start date comes out to be 29th September 2023.

The period of Shradh is observed in the month of Ashwin every year, during the Krishna Paksha (the waning phase of Moon), which comes out to be 15-16 days commencing from Poornima (Full Moon) to Amavasya (New Moon) .

Shradh 2023 start date is 29th September and the end date is 14th October.

In the Hindu culture, as per multiple ancient sacred scriptures such as: Garud Purana, Matsya Purana, Vishnu Purana and Vayu Purana, the significance & importance of Shradh Puja is amply emphasized.

The positive effects of offerings made to Brahmins in the Shradh Puja are said to reach the deceased instantly, helping them attain peace and contentment.

While Hindus are generally vegetarian, still it is seen that during Shradh majority of people make it a point to observe a strict vegetarian diet.

The main aim & objective is to try and lead a pious life during the period of Shradh and perform rituals as described in the holy scriptures that are being followed since ages by generation after generation.

Since, Hindus believe in after life and rebirth, the ritual of Shradh becomes an integral part of a Hindu's life. However, there are many factors that must be kept in mind while performing Shradh.

Things that a person should keep in mind while performing the Shradh ritual are:

  • The food that is prepared for performing Shradh Puja should be prepared with utmost care. Only Cow's milk and Curd & Ghee (Clarified butter) that are prepared from Cow's milk should be used.
  • Milk & milk products derived from other animals must be avoided at every cost.
  • The Shradh karma/rituals must be performed in accordance with what has been described in the Holy Vedic Scriptures.
  • Shradh Puja must be conducted in a 'Shubh Muhurat' (auspicious time).
  • The Shradh rituals must be presided over by a learned Brahmin Priest.
  • The native who is performing the Shradh must take part in this ritual whole heartedly and pray for the well being of his/her ancestors.
  • The food items used in Shradh Puja should be prepared hygienically and the fruits used should be fresh.
  • The use of non vegetarian food items is strictly prohibited in Shradh Puja.
  • One should serve food and distribute clothing to the poor and needy.
  • Ancient Holy Texts advice to make sure that a small portion of meal should also be prepared and set apart for cows, dogs, crows, and ants as well.
  • New property or vehicle purchases should be avoided and deferred during the Shradh Paksha.
  • Things like buying new clothes or getting the house renovated or even having celebrations/parties should be avoided during this period.

Our highly learned Brahmin Priests conduct the Shradh Puja, strictly in accordance with Vedic Rituals.

Hence we urge you to contact Future Point and book a Shradh Puja 2023 for the peace and contentment of your ancestors and fulfill your utmost duty towards them.

As per the tithi/date relevant to your ancestor's Shradh such as: Purnima Shradh 2023, Dwitiya Shradh 2023 etc., book you Shradh Puja for the upcoming Shradh today.


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