What does your zodiac sign reveal about your health?

By: Future Point | 10-Nov-2018
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What does your zodiac sign reveal about your health?

According to astrology, your zodiac sign says a lot about your life. One can say that Rashi is the mirror of someone’s life, nature, behavior, future and health. Zodiac sign can also tell a lot about a person’s health. Astrology experts say that your zodiac sign can predict your health problems, physical ailments and mental health as well.

So let’s know about your health according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – 21 March to 19 April


Arians are mentally weak and they easily trap in the mental problems. They probably face a headache and migraines which mainly caused by stress. They should do cardio exercise and going for walks to get some fresh air. Your zodiac sign rules the head or face, so you should always care for these body parts. Always wear a helmet while riding a bike, skiing or playing sports.

Taurus – 20 April to 20 May


These natives are sensitive to weather changes. They often suffer from sore throats and cold cough problems. Thyroid conditions may be more common in Taurus natives. Keep yourself warm and away from anything cold as it may harm you.

Gemini – 21 May to 20 June


Gemini is the two-faced zodiac sign. Their nervous system is weak. Generally, they spend their large time of the day on their phone and laptop. It causes strain on their shoulders and hands. Do some light exercise and stay away from electronic devices as they can harm your health.

Cancer – 21 June to 22 July


You have psychological problems like erratic mood swings, depression and eating problems. You also tend to suffer from stomach related diseases. You should control your weight and emotions. Eat plenty of green vegetables.

Leo – 23 July to 22 August


Leo’s are active and energetic in nature. Health problems attack the heart of these natives. They have blood pressure related problems also. They are prone to stressing their back muscles as well. Meditation and muscular relaxation are good for your health. Avoid greasy foods that clog arteries. Do not smoke.

Virgo – 23 August to 22 September


Virgo’s are perfect in their profession and work. They are very particular and analytical. They just love to eat and this is the reason behind that they suffer from food allergies, irritable bowel and stomach ailments. They should do yoga and take a healthy diet. Eat right and follow a daily exercise routine, it will help you to live a healthy life.

Libra – 23 September to 22 October


Their skin, bladder and kidney are more sensitive to prone diseases. They commonly suffer from diarrhea. They should consume lots of liquids and stay hydrated. Keep your blood sugar level normal. You can drink cranberry juice which can help to protect the kidney from diseases.

Scorpio – 23 October to 21 November


Scorpios are very strong in nature. They are always ready to face any problem or challenges in life. This zodiac sign tends to suffer from hormonal and reproductive health problems. Astrologers said that is happening due to their negative thoughts and attitude towards everything. You should think positively. You should be more cautious about sexually transmitted diseases. Men should not drink alcohol too much as it affects your health.

Sagittarius – 22 November to 21 December


Their eyes are weak. They may get eyesight problems. Sagittarians should be more careful while driving or walk on the road as their accident chances are high. They would be watching their step and stay out of trouble. If you are doing a desk job then you could suffer from sciatic pain. Avoid eating tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant as they may increase your weight.

Capricorn – 22 December to 19 January


These natives are most prone to bone and joint related diseases. They tend to have bad teeth, knees and joints. You should take care of these body parts. Consume more calcium in your diet and massage bad joints. You are prone to have osteoporosis. Eat apples, artichokes and figs.

Aquarius – 20 January to 18 February


Aquarians should take care of their lower body parts. Their legs and ankles are more prone to have problems and health issues. If you are a sports person, you will be more prone to sprains and ankle twists. Take good and nutritious food and avoid rigorous exercise. They are at the risk of circulation problems like varicose veins, hypertension and heart problems. Avoid high heels and always wear ankle supporting shoes.

Pisces – 19 February to 20 March


Pisces is more likely to suffer from immune system related diseases and reflex actions. They have respiratory problems also. Drink lots of water and eat garlic. You easily get cold and cough so try to protect yourself from dirt and cold weather. Stay away from any kind of intoxications.

So these are the tips for your health as per your zodiac sign. If you’re suffering from some critical medical condition or disease then you may consult our expert medical astrologer and take the benefits of health astrology, medical astrology, Health Horoscope etc.

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