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Venus Transit In Aquarius - 7 March 2024

By: Future Point | 20-Feb-2024
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In March 2024, Venus, the planet of luxury, love, and wealth will be changing signs. It will transit into the sign of Aquarius which will bring different good and bad results to the people of different zodiac signs. We will tell you the dates and effects of Venus' transit in Aquarius for all zodiac signs. Let's read.

Venus Transit in Aquarius Time and Date

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, Venus will move to the sign of Aquarius at 10:56 a.m. Shukra will remain in Aquarius until the end of March 31, 2024. In 2024, Venus will transit Aquarius twice, first in March and then again in December.


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Venus in Vedic astrology

Venus or Shukra signifies love, romance, luxuries, beauty, marital bliss, comfort, finer things, happiness, art, creativity, culture and prosperity in astrology. Venus rules over the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. Venus is called Daitya Guru and shows all kinds of materialistic pleasures. It is believed that the knowledge of Sanjeevani Vidya, bestowed upon by Venus, enables a person to give life-saving ideas in times of severe trouble.

Venus is considered a natural benefic planet in astrology, as it brings good results to the house it is seated or aspects. A strong Venus in a free online kundli ensures prosperity and happiness in all spheres of life. However, a weak Venus can invite financial troubles and a troublesome married life. Venus stays in a sign for about 28 days. The transit of Venus is significant, as it affects our lives with its significations. Since it is the Karaka of happiness, its transit is important to know whether we will be happy or face miseries in the month. 

General effect of Venus transit in Aquarius

Aquarius falls in the eleventh house in the Kaal Purush kundli, which indicates socialization, openness, and innovative ideas. With loving Venus in the innovative sign Aquarius, people will show love for innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. New friendships may form, and you may interact with people seeking a complete change in your existing perception. The 11th sign also represents gains, and with the planet of finances in this 11th sign of zodiac, some lucky zodiac signs may make decent financial gains. You can talk to astrologer to know personalized results for your sign. So, the month will be full of enthusiasm, gains, and new experiences.


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Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on all zodiac signs


According to astrological predictions, Aries natives will experience a positive transition as Venus moves into their eleventh house. This transit is likely to create new opportunities and financial gains for you. You can expect a highly beneficial month ahead, with improvements in your love life, finances, career, and family life. You may also find that most of your desires are fulfilled during this period.


For Taurus natives, the Venus transit in Aquarius zodiac sign in 2024 will take place in their tenth house of career and profession. This is an auspicious position as Venus is your ruling planet and its transit in your tenth house brings harmony in your career, family life, and finances. During this time, you may begin a new venture which could lead to new partnerships. Your health will be good and you will enjoy a positive month overall.


Gemini natives will experience the Venus transit in Aquarius in their ninth house. This is a favourable transit for you. Venus will enhance your religious inclinations and you might travel a lot during its stay in your ninth house. This is a good time for higher learning. The time is also favourable for your children and if you are invested in the stock market, you will make good gains during this time. Your spouse will be supportive and will also see good results in their career.


Venus will be transiting in the 8th house of Cancer natives, which could potentially impact their health. It is advisable to keep a check on your eating habits and avoid neglecting your health during this time. However, as Venus is in the friendly sign of Aquarius, you may gain from inheritance and also come across some good business opportunities. Please note that your spouse's health may also be affected during this period, and there could be a few issues in your married life. It is important to stay calm and meditate to make it through this tough transit.


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The transit of Venus in Aquarius will occur in the seventh house for Leo. This placement of Venus is not considered favourable for marital relationships, and problems in this area may arise. However, it is a good time for business, and there are chances of foreign travel. With Venus in the seventh house, you may become more conscious of your self-image and spend on fashion items and accessories. Overall, it is a good time for business, but personal relationships should be taken care of.


The transit for Virgo natives will occur in their sixth house. If a benefic planet is present in the sixth house, it can increase your problems. You may see a rise in enemies, competition, and legal matters if any. However, if you were planning to take a loan, you can go ahead during this time. Health issues may trouble you, so it's important to stay cautious. From a career point of view, this transit is good as you can expect job promotion during this time.


For those born under the Libra zodiac sign, Venus transit will occur in their fifth house. This transit is highly favorable for their love life and entertainment. They will have a great time with their friends during this period. The transit is also beneficial for students. Those who are involved in the stock market may benefit from this transit as well. The sign Lord is present in the fifth house, which is an excellent period for overall growth. This is the perfect time for learning new things, so Libra natives can consider enrolling in a course to sharpen their skills.


For Scorpio natives, the transit of Venus will occur in their fourth house. This is a good time to enjoy family life. Many of you may buy a home, property or vehicle. You will be spending money on the beautification of your homes. You will get support from your mother and female boss at the workplace. This time is good for your career and family.  


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Venus is set to transition into your third house, Sagittarius natives. This is a favourable transition for you, as it brings about good relations with your siblings and friends. There are also chances for short travels. However, you may not feel a strong urge to work hard during this transit. Overall, you will feel relaxed throughout the month. This is a good time for your finances and family relations.


Venus is transiting into the second house of Capricorn natives. This is a good condition for gaining wealth. You will have a harmonious relationship with your family and enjoy delicious food. There may be some auspicious events in your family. You will enjoy fulfilling your family responsibilities and being helpful to everyone.


For Aquarius natives, the transit of Venus will happen in their first house. This transit will bring your focus to yourself, encouraging you to improve your personality by enhancing your fashion sense and mannerisms. Your married relationships will be harmonious, and your spouse will support you throughout. Those in business will have a beneficial time, but job seekers may face some troubles. There can be indifference at the workplace for those in jobs.


Venus will stay in the Aquarius sign in the twelfth house for Pisceans. This is a good transit for Venus, and it can bring positive results. During this time, many of you may spend money on enhancing your personality and lifestyle. It is also a good time to enjoy with your friends and socialize. Some of you may even travel abroad. However, keeping a check on your spending and saving money for the future is advisable. Your health may require attention, and there are chances of hospitalization. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your health. This transit is favourable for investments.