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Vastu Tips For A Joyful And Fulfilling Married Life

By: Future Point | 31-Mar-2023
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Vastu Tips For A Joyful And Fulfilling Married Life

Every couple wants to lead a married life which is full of bliss, love, trust, loyalty, mutual respect and commitment. But, few are those who genuinely enjoy a marriage that is blessed by the above mentioned marital boons. Vastu is a science from the occult domain that empowers us to steer not only marriage but all aspects of our lives towards unforeseen bliss, joy, love, success & prosperity. Learn Vastu which is a phenomenally powerful result oriented science, that makes it possible for us to become the masters of our destiny!

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What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient occult science that was revealed to humankind by the Holy Sages of India. Vastu is also known as the ‘Science of Cosmic Architecture’.

Cosmic energies cast incredibly powerful effects upon the people residing in or in-contact with a structure or a space based on its architecture as well as the direction in which it exists.

Vastu is the science that decodes such effects and provides a comprehensive guide to ensure that a structure or space remains in a state where it attracts positive energies that would bring bliss, harmony, prosperity & success in the lives associated with it.

The scripture in which the Holy Sages compiled the science & knowledge of Vastu in the ancient times, is called “Vastu Shastra”. 

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The Significance of Vastu

The sheer efficacy of Vastu in warding off malefic energies from a structure or space that are the root cause of all miseries, is what makes Vastu an amazing gift from the Divine to humankind.

In fact, with the advent of the internet, more & more people are getting to know about the life-changing principles & applications of Vastu which explains the considerable rise in the number of people who want to Learn Vastu these days.

Remember, all that happens in our lives is the result of our past karmas and the net result of various cosmic energies casting their influence upon us due to the architecture or arrangement of functionalities inside the structure that we dwell in. If both of them (especially the energies) are not conducive to us with respect to any or all aspects of our lives, then we end up facing constant problems and our lives literally become a manifestation of struggles & miseries.

Now, we cannot undo our past karmas but we can for sure incorporate astrological remedies based on the planetary placements in our Horoscope or Kundli to ward off or tackle the negative effects of ill-placed planets in our Horoscope.

But, to ensure that our house attracts the flow of only such cosmic energies that would bring positivity in our lives, we need to take the support of Vastu. There is simply no other alternative for this.

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Five Elements and Direction Based Functionalities

As per Vastu every structure or space within a boundary framework, houses the five primordial elements which are:

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Space

These elements are linked to different directions which define a very specific functionality that can be installed or made operational in a structure, in this case- a house.

For Example, South-East is the direction where the Fire element resides. Therefore, a kitchen should be set up in this particular direction as the fire element is primarily put to use or function in the kitchen of a house.

Vastu and the Bedroom

Bedroom in a house where the couple sleep should be in the South-West direction. While South-West should be the first choice for the bedroom, alternatively, it is also Vastu compliant to have the bedroom in the North-West direction.

It is not recommended to have the bedroom in any other direction in the house, as it does not establish harmony with the element present there and results in bickering, arguments and loss of love between the married couple.

Apart from having the bedroom in the right direction, it is imperative that the internal setting of the bedroom must also be Vastu compliant. The bedroom set up or placement of certain articles/entities inside can alter the flow of energies significantly that would cast a phenomenal effect on the married life of the couple.

Hence, it is paramount that a bedroom must be organized in a way that it attracts the flow of only positive cosmic energies that would promote love & harmony between the married couple.

It must be noted that a bedroom setting which is wrong as per the principles of Vastu can severely deteriorate the marital bliss that is originally intended & desired by the married couple.

Therefore, it is vital that a couple must consult with an experienced Vastu Professional and plan/design their bedroom accordingly to ensure a blissful & loving marital domain in their lives.

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Some Vastu Tips for Enjoying a Blissful Married Life

A Tidy Bedroom: Always keep your bedroom in a neat & tidy condition as it attracts energies that bring peace of mind and promote love & harmony.

Remove Clutter: There should not be any clutter in the bedroom, especially beneath the bed to ensure a healthy relationship both on the emotional as well as the physical level. 

Minimum or No Large Electronic Devices: Having multiple or large electronic devices in the bedroom attracts negative energies and drains the bedroom of positive energies that promote love.

Careful with Indoor Plants: The couple should never place an indoor plant in their bedroom as having an external form of life right in your bedroom is not in compliance with Vastu.

No Reflection of the Bed: The couple must ensure that there must be no reflection of their bed being caught by any electronic device such as the surface of T.V. or mirror. Cover all such surfaces before you retire for the night.

No Solo Photographs: The couple must never place a photograph in which only one of them is visible as it attracts negative energies that create a discord on the subconscious level of the couple’s minds.

Pictures Reflecting Love: The couple should have picture/s that reflect the emotion of love & commitment such as a pair of loving birds.

These were some of the in-general tips & guidelines to ensure marital bliss in your life. However, we highly recommend that you contact Future Point and speak to our Vastu Expert and know “those” Vastu based remedies that are specific to your house setting having the potential of warding off the malefic energies that are flowing or stationed inside your house as well as opening up the portals of highly positive cosmic energies that would drive your marital life towards bliss, love, joy & satisfaction!

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