Use Feng Shui Mirrors to Grow Your Wealth & Prosperity

By: Future Point | 26-Oct-2023
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Use Feng Shui Mirrors to Grow Your Wealth & Prosperity

A mirror from a philosophical point of view, tells the truth and shows the whole world through its reflection. Mirrors are of profound importance in the spiritual dimension addressed by Feng Shui, the Chinese science of creating harmony in living spaces through proper placement of articles and furniture. 

Mirrors hold a significant place in Feng Shui when it comes to balancing the energy in a living space. Mirrors are an inseparable part of Feng Shui and are believed to magnify the energy of the surroundings where they are placed. 

Known for their unique traits, the astrologers in India suggest that the mirrors, if used in a correct manner, can enhance the auspiciousness and positivity in the surrounding area to a phenomenal extent. Thus, one needs to learn the art of mirror placement as per Feng Shui for attracting fortunes and prosperity in life. Mirrors also help individuals to work with their full potential and realize their optimum efficacy.

Mirrors tend to reflect things and it really matters whether they are reflecting the positive or negative energy. Not just mirrors but all objects that have reflective tendencies need to be treated with the same caution as they may too magnify good or bad effects in the surroundings. 

Here, we will learn how mirrors should be placed as per Feng Shui in the house to attract good luck. Let’s read further.


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How do mirrors work in Feng Shui?

Mirrors are believed to redirect and enhance the “Qi” of a living space through Feng Shui practice of minor additions. One of the key factors imbibed in the practice of making minor additions is your true intentions. 

You should be very clear in your intentions while placing mirrors so that you overcome the obstacles effectively and achieve the desired goal. Mirrors signify the water element which cultivates intelligence and introspection. 

The water has a cooling effect and owing to its qualities of being shapeless and formless, it takes the appearance of the container. This amazing quality of mirrors is used in Feng Shui to reflect things without any judgement. They are used to create expansions as well as facilitate focusing energies.

Mirrors are used to attract or rather invite energies towards & into a space particularly when they are positioned close to a window or near the door in the front portion of the house. A correctly placed mirror can reflect the outside view of an element that is visible through a window inside the room. 

For e.g. a mirror can be placed to see the reflection of a water source and trees depicting wood elements into your office. This attracts more water for wealth and wood for possibilities for expansion into your profession and business. 

And not to forget, mirrors need to be placed with the right intentions, which render them more effective in attracting fortunes. One should talk to an astrologer to know the right placement of the mirrors to use them in a positive manner in our lives.  


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Placement of Feng Shui Mirror in the Bedroom

Generally, we hear Vastu and Feng Shui experts denying the use of mirrors in the bedroom. But having mirrors in the bedroom is not at all bad, only if they are placed in the right direction. The mirror should be so placed that they never face the bed or reflect the bed. According to Feng Shui, if your bed is just in front of the mirror, you are prone to nightmares or bad dreams. A mirror facing bed may also cause anxiousness or restlessness in the native.

As per other Feng Shui beliefs, mirror facing beds cause disharmony in marital relations by promoting involvement of a third person. The appropriate mirror placement as per Feng Shui in the bed room is right next to the bed to attract harmony as the bed is not reflected through this placement.  

Placing the Feng Shui Mirror in the Dining Room

It has been unanimously concluded by the Feng Shui experts that the best place in the house to have a mirror is the dining room. The dining room is considered the storehouse for health, happiness, wealth and prosperity in any home. 

A correctly placed mirror in the dining room is expected to cause multiplication of wealth in the house. However, while placing the mirror in the dining room, you should make sure that the mirror should not face the window. While doing so, you may result in drainage of internal positive energy and interruption through the outside energy. 

Attracting external negative energy may prove chaotic and troublesome to your life. The placement of the mirror in the dining room should be in front of the dining table so that you have good times with friends and relatives. Moreover, it helps in building and strengthening your social circle. 


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Placing the Feng Shui Mirror by the Entrance of the House

One must not place or position a mirror directly in front of the entrance or the main door of the house. If you place the mirror in front of the door then there are possibilities of attracting negative energies into the house.

Also, the energy that has been caught in the mirror does not regulate and gets stuck creating stagnancy and interruptions in free flow of work. It is never suggested by Feng Shui experts to have a mirror right in front of the main door. In fact one must have it at the wall perpendicular to it. 

Placing the Feng Shui Mirror in the Kitchen

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It is suggested that a mirror should never be placed in the kitchen as it tends to disseminate negative energy in the house. The Feng Shui experts believe that the kitchen traps negative energies and that is why it is not suggested to have a mirror placed in the kitchen. 

If one has a mirror placed in front of the gas-stove then it might create an imbalance in the surroundings of the house. Inducing the fire element through the reflection of the gas stove is not a good idea and it promotes aggressiveness and heated temperaments in the surroundings. 

Thus one should completely avoid placing any mirror directly facing the stove. The logic behind placing a mirror is to multiply the effects and no one wishes to multiply aggressive behaviour in the house, of course!


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Placing the Feng Shui Mirror in the Living Room

Placing a mirror in the living room gets mixed reactions from the Feng Shui experts. Many believe that it may bring good luck as you tend to reflect the environment of happiness through small get together and jolly moods. 

They believe it helps in attracting a strong social circle required for business and financial support. At the same time not all positive and happy people visit your home. There is a possibility of negative people sitting in your living room and eyeing your domestic possessions and prosperity. 

In such a case, you may end up multiplying this negative energy ruining peace and fortunes in the house. Many outsiders sit in your living room too and you are never sure what kind of energy they are bringing in with them. You will ultimately multiply energies through mirrors – whether negative or positive. Thus, it makes sense to not take risks and avoid placing any mirror in the living room.

Which are the Mirrors that must be avoided as per Feng Shui?

A person must not use mirrors that are:

  • Broken or Damaged
  • Hazy/Unclear
  • Obscured
  • Distorted
  • Have Jumbled Pieces e.g A Mosaic or a Collection of Small Mirrors.

A large single piece of mirror should be used to get the magnifying effects. It’s also advised to avoid mirrors in sharp shapes or any mirror that is placed at such height which does not reflect the full body e.g. it doesn’t reflect the head or so. Also, one should avoid sharp edged or unfinished mirrors.


So, this was an in-general guide on the concept of mirrors as per the occult principles of Feng Shui. If you want to know more about how you can ward off negative energies from your life and attract success & prosperity promoting positive energies, then contact Future Point. Speak to our highly experienced astrologers who are well-versed in the ancient occult science of Vedic Astrology which is considered as the mother of all occult domains along with a number of other complimentary occult sciences such as Numerology, Vastu and Feng Shui. 

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