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By: Future Point | 17-May-2019
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As the weekend comes in full swing, your mind must be reeling with the information that Friday Horoscope brings in full swing for you! Curated through your Kundali Predictions, learn all the ups and downs the weekend will introduce in your happy family life. As impending days presage a time that needs you to be careful, make sure that you read your daily horoscope and figure out the ways to cheat bad times and sneak the good ones in!

The below-mentioned predictions are based on your Rashi.

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You may face some health issues related to your eyes, heart, or chest. It is advisable for you to take your health on a serious note. Clear your misunderstandings that might result in raising differences between you and your partner. Financial matters may favor you.
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Time is best suited for romance. You might get that perfect partner that you have been looking for a long time. You may retain good health during this period. Time is favorable as far as your career is concerned.

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A lot of touring is expecting this month. The efforts that you have put up in your relationship and love may provide you with some bright results. You might receive new proposals at this point in time. You may feel a certain discomfort in regards to your mental and physical health, so keep looking out for any signs.

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Your mental and physical state will be fine this week. It’s an appropriate time for your career and business to leap forward. You will make profits in your business today with a certain deal getting secured in your favour. This is the right time for you to think ahead of time and start investing your money in the right fields.


There might be a negative impact on your health due to all the stress that you’ve been ingesting. Be careful regarding your health today. Your career and professional life will be good. You will retain great profits in your job and business. You might have to travel for business purposes. You will be able to create a long-lasting trustworthy relationship with your partner.

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You will have a great time at your job. You will rise progressively in your work. Avoid taking the risk in your business. This is not the right time for taking risks. This might be a good time to get into a job. You might suffer from health issues this month. You need to be careful regarding your health.

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Time is moderately favourable for matters related to relationships and romance. Your business might not be prosperous right now but it will surely and securely reach the heights soon. It would be great to adopt a ‘wait n watch’ policy in regard to the closure of any financial deals. Take adequate measures to remain hydrated all the time.

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This is the most favourable time for love and committing yourself for a long term relationship. Differences may arise between you and your loved ones. It’s time to work hard to take your career to the level you would want it to be. You will feel relaxed on the financial grounds.


The time may offer you mixed results for the work you have done. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop working on yourself or give up easily. Do not neglect your health-related issues. You may face some issues on the family front as well. Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your loved ones as it might turn ugly.

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You will feel great in terms of physical and mental wellness. You will remain positive and energetic. You will get the job opportunities that you had always desired. An increment could be expected in your income soon, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s the perfect time to think about your future.
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You will have your personal space this time that you always wanted. Slight mental anxiety might bother you. Relationships with younger siblings will improve. Solving minor family problems might not be difficult for you. Financial benefits can be expected. You will grow emotionally stronger. This can be a good time for those involved in the business sector.

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Time is immensely bright in terms of prosperity. Individual financial worth and total wealth will be at its best. You may think of renovating the property inherited from your parents. Several unprecedented events will be taking place, so be careful and keep your eyes and heart open.

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