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The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac

By: Future Point | 09-Aug-2018
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The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac

The twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac symbolize the earthly branches. Each of the animals, starting from the RAT and ending with the PIG has corresponding compass direction, which offer very specific guidelines on where to place images of these animals to magnify the energy and symbolic attribute of these animals.

The directions of the animal sign also offer vital clues on the ’danger’ sectors in the home in each year. Thus while it is auspicious to place images of the animal in their respective home sectors, it is also useful to check against the general horoscope fortunes based on astrological readings.

More important is to take note of the flying star feng shui taboos in each year, and to note how these affect each of the animal signs. The table below is a very valuable table. It summarizes where the three danger sectors are for each year.

These sectors that are occupied by the Grand Duke Jupiter the Three Killings and the Deadly Five Yellow meanwhile the text in following chapters gives specific symbolic feng shui solutions for each year’s taboo sectors for every animal sign. Study chapter carefully.

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