The Lines on your Palm Reveal your Future!

By: Future Point | 31-Jul-2019
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The Lines on your Palm Reveal your Future!

Our life and the lines on our palm are both co-related with each other. These lines can play a great role in knowing about future happenings and to understand one’s life in a better way. Nowadays, it is very easy to know about future happenings without even visiting an astrologer. One can get in touch with an astrologer online only by dropping a single message. If you want to know what can probably happen with you in your future through the lines on your palm then go for palm reading online.

Everybody wants to know about the future prospects and there are different ways of knowing it through astrology like horoscope analysis by astrologer, palmistry, Vastu Shastra, etc. Talking about Palmistry, through the lines on the palm, an astrologer can very clearly tell about a person’s past, present, and future. All of us know, that there are many lines in our hands and each line has its own special significance. These lines can also tell whether a particular event will take place with the native or not. The lines on our palm act as a map of our whole life. According to Palmistry, it is believed that the source of energy of the palm mounts is the mind. Therefore, this source of energy controls the physical, mental and economic aspects of a person.

Interesting Facts about Palmistry:

    • According to Palmistry, if a woman’s fingers are small then she must be having the habit of spending more.
    • After joining the fingers of both the hands if there’s a space between them then this means that such a person spends a lot. But if this yoga is formed in a woman’s hand then she can face a lot of problems in her life.
    • The Curved lines near the wrist are known as Manibandh. These lines can be analyzed to know about a person’s financial conditions and future happenings. These lines also tell about a person’s age.

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    • If there are four lines in a person’s Manibandh then such a person will have a long life. According to astrology, it is assumed that the person will live for around 100 years. A person with 3 lines will probably live for less than 100 years, approximately 75 years. A person having 2 lines will probably live for around 50 years. If a person possesses 1 line then such a person is likely to live around 25 years.
    • If the lines in the Manibandh are not clear, broken, and are uneven then such a person can face a lot of problems in his/her life. The person is also not able to get success, wealth, and prosperity in life. If the lines are intersecting with each other then also such a person can face troubles in life. But if the lines of a person are clear and deep then the person will have a successful and peaceful life.
    • If there is a Yav Chinh (यव चिन्ह ) then it will enhance the luck of a person. But, if there is a Deep Chinh (द्विप चिन्ह) then it will enhance the problems of that person. If the lines in a Manibandh are meeting, then it degrades a person’s luck.
    • The brain line starts from near the lifeline in the palm. It is located in the center of the palm. The brain line gives information about a person’s intellect. It starts from one end and continues to the other. Now, let's talk about the Heart Line. In fact, the heart line starts from the lower part of the little finger and goes down to the lower part of the guru line.
  • Through the lines on a person’s hand, one can also get to know about the amount of name and fame the person will get. This line that starts from below the ring finger and goes towards the Sun Mount in the palm is known as the Sunline. It is found with experience that this line is not found in all the hands. This line tells about the amount of name, fame, and wealth the person possesses.
  • The fate line tells about a person’s luck. This line starts from near the Saturn mount and goes towards the center of the palm. If this line is clear and deep then it means that the person’s fate is strong. But, if the line is not clear and uneven then such a person’s luck is not so strong.
  • The planets also play an important role in palmistry. All the planets are located on the different mounts of the palm and it is believed that if the mount is bulged out then the planet which is located there will give benefic results to the person.

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