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The Essence & Importance of Kundali Matching before Marriage

By: Future Point | 22-May-2019
Views : 4221The Essence & Importance of Kundali Matching before Marriage

Kundli Milan Before Marriage as per the Rashi Chart and Navamsa Chart: The process of matching the zodiac signs of a boy and a girl before marriage is called by the name of Kundli Milan. People have been using this process for a very long time. It is a method used to determine the level of compatibility of a boy and a girl in order to avoid any marital disharmony. The Nakshatra Matching which had been used in Past times seems not so useful these days. Because of the change in our lifestyle, Nakshatra Matching is not in trend now.

Is Kundli Matching important? Does Matching Kundli before marriage really work? How does this work? Is Matching Kundli important for love marriage? Many more questions like this are stuck in one's head. Well if any of these questions are stuck in your mind, then you can get the answers to all these questions by reading this article. This article is all about how to read one’s Kundli, and all the important factors to consider while Kundli Matching.

This article is not only about the Kundli Matching. In this, you will get to know all those important facts which we usually ignore while matching Kundli for the marriage. We will also discuss Nakshatra Matching which is also known by the name of Ashtakoot Matching. Here, we will tell you the correct way of matching one’s Nakshatras before marriage as it is also considered as an important process for marriage. This process of Matching Kundli is considered as most important in order to avoid any marital disharmony.

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What is Kundli Matching?

Kundli Matching is a process that is used for matching one’s quality or Guna. It is said to be the most important process which is done before the marriage in order to avoid any marital disharmony. It is a process to see whether the boy and girl will be able to lead a happy and prosperous married life. Everybody wants to lead a perfect, peaceful and happy married life. But, on the other hand, we see a lot of unhappily married couples in our society these days. By seeing this, we have become curious to know what is stored for ourselves in the coming time regarding our married life. When two people are going to tie their knots and going to become the most integral part of each other’s lives, it becomes important for them to know whether their qualities match to each other or not, whether they will be compatible with each other or not.

After all, it is a matter of their whole lives. The true nature of a person can only be judged by matching their Kundli. The process of Kundli Matching has to be done properly in order to avoid any obstacle and problems in the life of a married couple. Ashtakoot Guna Milan is the most popular method of Kundli Matching. But this is not the complete procedure to match Kundli, we should not proceed with this score only.

Importance of Kundli Milan for Marriage

Seeing the couples fighting these days because of misunderstandings that occur between them, most people prefer to remain a bachelor. These people need to understand that married life or a bachelor’s life have their own advantage. One should prefer a married life because:

  • When two people are tied to each other they eliminate the loneliness from each other’s lives and support each other till the end. Both work as a team.
  • When a man and woman get married they become one. They get a life partner, a teammate, to face the problem of their lives together, hand-in-hand.

Kundli Milan is done to match the guna of man and woman. If this process of Matching Kundli is not done properly before the marriage, it may have adverse effects on one’s married life. Not matching the Kundli of both the man and the woman may result in domestic devastation or even death. Only an experienced astrologer will be able to see whether the guna of both the man and the woman matches with each other or not, or if there will be mutual harmony and peace between the couples or not.

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Commonly used Nakshatra Matching Process- Ashtakoota Matching Explained

The planet Moon plays a major role in everyone’s life. It is considered the most important for Matching Nakshatras for marriage. The planet Moon rules over human emotions. The Moon Nakshatra of both, the boy and the girl should be checked before marriage for a successful married life ahead. The compatibility of this Nakshatras is known Ashtakoota. The word Ashtkoota refers to the eight points which need to be checked during Nakshatra checking for marriage.

Mentioned below are eight points which are also called by the name of Ashtakoota:

Varna Koota- Marks Alotted 1

Vashya Koota- Marks Alotted 2

Tara Koota- Marks Alotted 3

Yoni Koota- Marks Alotted 4

Graha Maitri Koota- Marks Alotted 5

Gana Koota- Marks Alotted 6

Rashi Koota- Marks Alotted 7

Nadi Koota- Marks Alotted 8

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Varna Koota

Varna Koota is the first element of the Ashtakoota. It represents the spirituality of both, the girl and the boy. All the twelve Rashis are divided into 4 Varnas, namely Brahmin on the top, Kshatriyas on the number second, then the Vaishyas and at last the Shudras. The Varna of the groom should be above or equal to that of the Varna of the bride. Number one is alotted in this case to this Varna.

Vashya Koota

Vashya Koota symbolizes that there should be mutual control and understanding between the couples. In this Koota all the Rashis are divided into five categories:

  • Chatuspada or Quadruped:- Aries, Taurus, 2nd half of Sagittarius, and the first half of Capricorn.
  • Dwipada (Manushya or Human):- Gemini, Virgo, Libra, the first half of Sagittarius and Aquarius.
  • Jalchar:- Cancer, 2nd half of Capricorn and Pisces.
  • Banachar Rashi:- Leo
  • Keet Rashi:- Scorpio

Tara Koota

Tara Koota symbolizes the mental compatibility between both, the bride and groom. Count the total number of Janma Nakshatra of the bride from the Janma Nakshatra of the groom, then divide the answer by 9. If you get the answer as 3, 5, or 7 then it is unfavorable and the score will be zero. It will be beneficial if the result you get is one and a half. Again count the Janma Nakshatra of the groom from the Jamna Nakshatra of the bride and divide the answer by 9, if you get the results as 3,5, or 7, then it is inauspicious if you get the score as zero and beneficial if you get the score as one and a half. If both the bride and groom seem beneficial then the result will be 3. If one is beneficial and the other is not then the score will be one and a half. If both are not beneficial then the score will be zero.

Yoni Koota

It symbolizes the sexual compatibility of the bride and groom. If Yoni Koota of the boy and the girl will be same then the result will be in their favor. If not then the result will be malicious.

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Graha Maitri Koota

This Koota symbolizes the relation of friendship between the bride and the groom.

Gana Koota

In this Koota, Nakshatras are divided into three categories namely the Deva Gana, the Manushya Gana, and the Rakshasa Gana. If the bride and groom are of the same Gana then this will be most favorable, after that if the bride and groom are of the Dev Gana- Manushya Gana it will also be favorable, and the marriage between Rakshas Gana and Dev Gana is worst.

  • Gana is the most important part while matching the Kundli of a boy and a girl. Mismatching Gana can lead to loss of mutual understanding between the boy and the girl.

Raashi Koota

Evaluate the position of the Nakshatras in Kundli of both the girl and the boy. If they are positioned like 2/12, 6/8 or 5/9 then the result is said to be inevitable. The score 2/12 indicates poverty, 5/9 indicates loss of children, and the location 6/8 symbolizes death.

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Nadi Koota

The Nakshatras are divided into three groups, and they are:

  • Adi Nadi
  • Madhya Nadi
  • Antya Nadi

If the Janma Nakshatras of both the bride and the groom are the same then the marriage will not be compatible. If Nakshatras of both don’t match then the score will be 8.

Important Factors to be taken into Consideration While Matching Janam Kundli

  • Longevity: Checking the longevity of the life of both bride and groom is most important while matching their Janma Kundli.
  • Health: Health is considered as the most important factor in everyone’s life. It is important to check the health prospect of both.
  • Finance: Money is the most important factor in everyone’s life. No couple wants to live with the scarcity of money. It will destroy their married lives. Therefore, it is important to check their financial prospects.
  • Future: We all want a bright future for ourselves along with our life partners. It is important to see whether the couple will have a bright future or not.
  • Mutual Understanding: Mutual understanding is the most essential part of married life. A lack of mutual understanding can lead to raising differences between the two. If there will be no mutual understanding between the couples then they would not be able to lead a peaceful and happy married life and their lives will become hell.

Marriage is the union of two people who share all the fortunate and unfortunate events and their interests with each other. Everyone wants a happy and peaceful married life. Instead of taking risks by not matching Kundli, you can have the idea what your married life will look like. You can have an idea of what your Kundli says about your life by taking our service of Online Kundli. To have a detailed description of your Kundli you can also Consult an Astrologer.

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