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Tarot cards prediction based on your Dream

By: Future Point | 15-May-2019
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Tarot cards prediction based on your Dream

Dreams are not just any subjective mental event that takes place when we are asleep. Dreams reveal what is currently taking place within you. They often focus on the important phases of our lives that are being ignored. If a part of our self is suppressed, it is natural for our dreams to center around that very issue even if accompanied by a feeling of confusion, uncertainty, or guilt.

Dreams are made up of mostly visual symbols and representations that often seem incomprehensible. Each symbol that emerges in a dream has its own unique meaning. They are incredibly symbolic, unconscious messages. They can clue you into issues from your past, present, and future; and give advice, warnings, and reveal secret meanings behind your circumstances. Learning to interpret our dreams exposes to us the inner workings of our mind and soul.

Tarot is a remarkably useful tool in dream interpretation. Reading tarot cards for your dream tarot can tell you the most important messages your dream is trying to convey to you.

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There are different types of dreams and understanding them is the initial step to being able to interpret your dreams through tarot cards prediction.

  • Recurring Dreams

These dreams are often linked to an event that created a deep imprint, or some trauma in our subconscious.They often hold a lot of meaning in regards to healing messages.

If you are getting recurring dreams that wake you up or agitate you, then it is highly recommended that you Consult and Astrologer who can interpret these dreams and give you extra tools to move through. It’ll also enable you to comprehend the magical and spiritual healing work that you are doing.

Reoccurring dreams keep happening for a reason. Work with all of the resources and support you have to heal yourself and come back to wholeness.

  • Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are when you become conscious that you are dreaming while you are dreaming. It is a trippy experience the first few times this occurs and it is a skill that you can acquire and develop.

People who lucid dream can dominate the dream in various levels of effect.

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  • Prophetic Dreams

These dreams are the ones which are accurate.

A Prophetic dream is something you have apparently dreamt of before and know is going to take place. Sometimes a small phase of the dream will come to pass, or sometimes the whole thing can play out in front of you like a movie you have seen previously.

Tarot reading is priceless and it helps you get certainty on prophetic dreams. You can check if you can detour something coming to pass or even figure out if the dream was actually prophetic in nature in the first place.

  • Subconscious Recall Dreams

Dreams are the perfect playground for when you’ve forgotten or are suppressing something. The conscious side of your brain is no longer in the driver’s seat when you are asleep. This is often when a powerful shadow work theme come out to play.

You may find that standard themes come up in these dreams or a variation of the same dream happens until the issue is resolved in real life. This is common when people are controlling how they really feel or are having ambivalence and stress in their relationships and workplace.

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  • Replay Dreams

These are dreams which happened in your past or in your day and may have reconstructed the events of what had happened.

This can be your brain simply doing what all good computers do – shutting down and dumping data that it no longer requires.

If you use the Tarot spread below with one of these dreams and you get absolutely nothing coming back, it may be that this dream was simply a brain dump and it doesn’t have any vision or guidance for you.

  • Past Life Dreams

These dreams are when you are dreaming of one of your past lives. These dreams often happen when you meet or are in a relationship with someone from a past life. Especially if there are lessons being learned and strong connections still at play.

Tarot Interpretation of your Dream using Tarot Spread.

There are countless tarot spreads designed to convey all sorts of different messages and answer questions about different aspects and journey of life. The following tarot spread is designed to help you interpret the message or meaning of a dream.

There are seven cards in the spread, placed in a spiral shape, spiraling out clockwise. The reader shuffles the cards and then chooses the querent card, the card that represents the person and his personality. Most the reader uses the person’s astrological sign: for example, if the querent is a fire sign such as an Aries, the reader would choose a court card from the suit of Wands. If they were an air sign such as a Libra, they would choose one from Cups.

The rest of the cards are then chosen at random from the pack and spread out in a spiral around the middle card. Each card represents a different part of the dream, and the meanings of each card are as follows:

Card One: The first card is the card chosen as the querent card, and is the key to the dream. This card represents the main theme of the dream and your feelings towards it.

Card Two: The second card represents the reason. It explains why you had the dream in the first place. If you aren’t sure what type of dream you had, look for clues and hints.

Card Three: The third card represents meaning. It gives a clear insight he personal significance of the dream and what it means to you on a more psychic level.

Card Four: The fourth card interprets the guidance the dream wants to give. Is there any message from a spirit guide, ancestor or your higher self that was being delivered to you through this dream.

Card Five: The card represents the energy that is needed for you to either help the dream manifest actually, if you want it to, or for you to solve the dream’s issue.

Card Six: This card looks at the message. Is there any specific message that the dream wants to tell you or a lesson it is helping you learn.

Card Seven: The last card is the consequence of the dream. This card shows how the dream will manifest in real life and what is if any the call to action or real-life application of the dream you had.

Future Point hopes that this helped you clear out some of your dream and the meaning behind it. We hope that this helped you gain some insight into what these dreams mean and how you can decipher the true essence of them. Consult with Tarot Expert.

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