Solve your Career problems instantly with these tarot cards

By: Future Point | 29-Apr-2022
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Solve your Career problems instantly with these tarot cards

Tarot cards give valuable insights into our future and may help to solve all problems related to our future queries or insecurities. In our career and business we tend to face difficulties every now and then. But tarot card reading may help us to come out any of our career related problems. If any important decision related to your career or profession is pending and you can’t take any risk then a tarot reading may help you a lot. You know the potential of coming times and then take the decision accordingly. 

A person may get a detailed insight into his/her daily life and related problems through tarot card readings. Now, imagine how wonderful it would be if all your queries could be solved with just a perfectly chosen single card? It is possible in tarot reading that a carefully chosen card holds every answer to your questions. All your career related queries like choice of career, the remuneration or gains expected from your career, partnership or sole proprietorship, foreign country or homeland, government or private job and many more can be easily answered by your single perfect card! 

In this article, we will discuss few cards that specifically signify all the matters related to your career. All career related problems will be deciphered with just one simple reading!

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Nine of Wands- I will not give up

Meaning: The Nine of Wands is a positive card in tarot deck that demonstrates an injured man with a wand in his hand. He glances over his shoulder to look at the eight wands looming over him. The man in the card looks exhausted and gives an idea that he has already been through a struggle. The eight wands show his previous struggles or battles and he is holding the ninth wand as his final challenge. He will reach his goal after overcoming the last challenge as depicted by the ninth wand. His endurance and bravery will make him win in the most undesirable conditions too. This is the last and final test of his mental and bodily strength before reaching the finishing line.

Relevance: The nine of wands is an indication of win, no matter how difficult the path of success has been. It shows struggles and stress in the past and the person may get weary and feel like giving up but the card talks about the inner positivity and strength. You are close to the finishing line and will receive extra ordinary result once you pass this last stage of struggles and difficulties. The man in the card is standing strong which gives the motivation to not give up.

The nine of wands shows that you’re at no distance from your desired goal and should not give up right at the end of it. Your goal is much closer than you may realize, so just stay in there as you are about to touch the finish line.

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Knight of Cups- Say it with heart

Meaning: The Knight of Cups signifies a knight riding a white horse with a golden cup in his hands. The cup is held in such away as if the knight wishes to give a message from the heart. He wears a cloak with the prints of fish over his armor to symbolize water, the ultimate source of creativity and consciousness. The winged helmet and boots show an active and creative mind with appreciation for beauty. 

The horse in the Knight of Cups looks calm and moves with grace. The horse is a symbol of power, enthusiasm, energy and inner drive to achieve things. The white color of the horse symbolizes peace, purity and sanctity. The barren background with a sight of few distant trees and the river that flows through symbolize presence of visualization and sentiments to create something new in otherwise difficult times.

Relevance: The knight of cups indicates that the person will follow his heart no matter what. The person will not let his personal interests die and will live life peacefully and satisfactorily. If you are somewhere stuck between your heart and mind then this card asks you to follow your heart. The card indicates application of creativity and imagination to achieve spiritual success in your life. You are certain to achieve growth and success in your career by adopting calm approach in life.

The magician- Energy and Power

Meaning: The Magician card marks new beginning and opportunities in life. The card relates to the planet of Mercury. Each of his hands is pointing towards the sky and the earth which shows a connection between the spiritual and materialistic world. The planet Mercury shows communication and socialization, so the person uses his communication and intelligence to achieve his materialistic goals. He is capable enough to convert all available resources into something useful. The color of the magician’s robe is white that symbolizes peace, sanctity and purity. The red cloak represents worldly pursuits.

The four Tarot symbols – a cup, sword, pentacle and wand are placed in front of him at the table. These 4 articles symbolize four natural elements – water, air, earth and fire. There is an infinity symbol above his head and a snake is biting its own tail around his waist. These depict unlimited resources and potential which the person will utilize to reach his goals in life. Blooming flowers symbolize fructification of his creative ideas and visualizations.

Relevance: A magician converts energy from one place to another and so would you do. With your ultimate potential you will succeed in your endeavors. Your intellectual and creative capabilities are matchless which will help you greatly in getting success in whatever you aim at.

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Ace of pentacles- Opportunities are right at your doorstep

Meaning: The Ace of Pentacles shows a hand emerging from the clouds. There is a large coin placed in the cupped palm, available to anyone who dares to grab it. It is a depiction of a new opportunity in your career or business. Now, the ball is in your court to either take it or simply ignore it. 

The blooming landscape with green grass and white lilies gives fresh look depicting fresh start. We can also see a mountain merging into horizon. This depiction clearly signals positive time ahead in your career and financial desires but with great amount of hard work and determination as depicted by the scaling mountains. 

Relevance: Positive times ahead! If you are waiting for promotions or salary hikes or any other incentive then you are sure to get them. Your wealth will grow with good amount of cash in hand as depicted by the huge coin. Leave your insecurities behind and work with all your might to receive desired results as the time is beneficially positive for you. 

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Ten of pentacles- Achievement

Meaning: The Ten of Pentacles contains an old man with white hair and an embroidered robe. He is patting two loyal white dogs sitting at his feet. A young couple along with a child is also standing there. The man seems an affluent person who has achieved great heights in his life time and now wishes to share his wealth with others. The family of the man standing in front a big castle marks wealth and abundance. Family emblems and flags are seen on the archway that also symbolizes their family heritage. They possess immense wealth and have deep affection for their lineage, home and community.

Relevance: This is the best card to get for the achieving heights in a career. The ten of pentacles talks about fulfillment and it marks ending of all worries and problems in career. You will see extremely positive time in your career.

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