Single even in the 30’s? Seek Advice from Astrologer.

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Single even in the 30’s? Seek Advice from Astrologer.

Marriage is a commitment and a bond between two individuals. It is a very important phase of life as decreed by the laws of heaven. In Hinduism, the life of an individual is divided into four stages of evolution. People start early in the form of Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and lastly Sannyasa (renunciate).

These four stages were the foundation of evaluation during the Vedic days, hence during the Brahmacharya stage, a child of almost 6 years old, would be sent to the Ashram to learn the Vedas and by the age of 21 years, they return back to their parents to enter in the Grihastha stage of life. Therefore, the Indian Constitutional System made it mandatory for the men to marry after the age of 21.

In your 30s and still not married?

Since the age between the Grihastha and Vanaprastha is estimated 47 years (that is from 21 years to 58 years). If a native is not married even after entering the 30s, then certainly some planetary combination in the horoscope or kundali would have impeded their scope of entering into the Grihastha stage of life. It is usual that some planet in the horoscope might delay the native’s marriage.

This can be recognized by examining the position of Venus and Jupiter (Since the former is the reason for the spouse in a male horoscope and the latter planet in Female horoscope). Thus, if they are not well placed, then the first thing is to check the possible remedy for fixing the problem. Along with these two planets, the other planets too should be examined, since they too can play spoilsport.

Know the Role of each planet in Marriage

Along with these planets, the 7th house is also checked with placements of any of these planets, since the 7th house is the house for marriage.

Role of Venus

Venus, the planet of love and passion, when blessed by the aspect of Jupiter Venus will be in a stronger position. However, when Venus encounters malevolent planets like Rahu, Ketu, Sun, etc. then its energy will be reduced and may lead to late marriage.

Role of Jupiter

The role of Jupiter is very important in one’s life. It manages the aspect of marriage, wealth, children, fortune, and knowledge. When it is under combustion, weakened by affliction through a malevolent planet, then it leads to delay in marriage.

Role of Sun

If the sun is placed in the 7th house of your birth chart from the ascendant, then it can also cause a delay in marriage and will create problems in marriage life. Always check for Kundli match in such cases.

Role of Saturn

Saturn is a planet that teaches many lessons in one’s life. If Saturn is placed in the 7th house, then it may cause problems related to marriage. Even if Saturn is conjoined with Venus or Jupiter, the result will be the same.

Role of Mars

If Mars is in the 7th house, then it may delay marriage or will create a problem in marital life. This formation is called Manglik Dosha. Mars is the planet that causes a dispute. The person with mars on the 7th house should marry before the age of 28. Otherwise, it might create a delay in the marriage.

Role of Rahu

If Rahu is posited in the 7th house, then the person will have an early marriage but he/she will face an obstacle in getting married. Rahu is the planet of confusion, so, it will keep creating problems in the married life.

Role of Ketu

If Ketu is posited in 7th house then the person is more inclined towards the spirituality and least interested in materialistic life. It is a planet that stays away from the materialistic world. If Ketu sits at 7th house, then the individual will not be interested in married life at all.

These are some common problems that cause a delay in marriage. Some of these planetary combinations would form Manglik Dosha and it would need Kundli prediction with suitable remedies. Some of them can be resolved through simple remedies, but others would need a personal consultation by an expert Astrologer. If you feel that no remedy or no solution has worked in your favor, you are advised to go for an Astrological Consultation with a Marriage Astrologer. Having a clear idea of what the future holds with Kundli Predictions can serve you with the right information and present all the viable options to get over the problems currently posited in your life.

Simple Astrology Remedies to overcome delay in Marriage:

  • Chant Purusha Suktam for pleasing the respective planet.
  • Chant Nav-Graha Suktam for Pleasing the respective Navgraha in your horoscope.
  • Fasting for 16 Mondays will gratify Lord Shiva and his grace would uplift you from any confusion or disturbance.
  • Keeping Santoshi Mata Vrat would also be helpful.

If you are struggling in your life or just need an ear to listen to your problems and find appropriate remedies, you can Talk to Astrologer online at Future Point. To know more about marriage delays in your horoscope and to get suitable remedies, you are advised to fo for an Astrological Consultation with a Love & Marriage Astrologer.

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