Shani Grah shanti Puja

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Shani Grah shanti Puja

In the wider belief, Shani casts an evil eye on an individual and spells ruin in his life. He executes the effects of Karma, that is the evils that you have been committed in this birth or the previous. When you are in the bad books of Shani, you are likely to be consigned to hell or your life will be a living hell itself. When the native is born his birth falls under the constellation of stars who affect their birth chart aka Kundali. By virtue of the features in your kundali, your life changes and you are faced with different experiences. Shani is the angriest planet in the club who needs to appeased in order to ensure prosperity in your life and smooth sailing of it.

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Who is Shani and why is he feared so much?

Shani is the son of Suryya and his wife Chhaya hence he is known as the Chhayaputra. He is never partial and he both punishes and rewards. He is rewarding to the one who commits good deeds and reprimands someone who is malevolent. Shani is the great teacher who saves you from going in the path of evil, betrayal, backstabbing and unjust revenge, Shani is the repository of patience who is the strongest malefic too. Shani represents patience, endeavor, endurance and effort. He is the harbinger of restrictions and misfortunes too on the other hand. If you have a favorably-placed Shani in your birthchart then you are sorted for a strong career, healthy life and everything positive.

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It is believed that Shani is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries, he iis the lord of Makaram( Capricorn) and Kumbam (Aquarius). In terms of the looks, Shani is dark in color and he wears dark colored clothes also. He holds a sword, arrow and two daggers and his vehicle is a crow. Shani is friends with Ketu, Rahu Mercury and Venus. Shani is antagonized to Sun, Moon, Mars and Neutral to Jupiter. He is the lord of three Nakshatras or lunar mansions such as Pushya, Anuradha and Uttar Bhadrapada.

Some other trivia about Shani:

1. His color is black

2. His metal is iron

3. His gemstone is Neelam

4. His element is air

5. His direction is west

6. His food are black til and ginger

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What happens under the malefic Shani effects?

You are likely to face misery, sorrow and worse, death if you have the evil eye of shani on you. You can also face restrictions, delay and humility under the same circumstances. The people that are under the evil eye of Shani fall victim to various kinds of respiratory diseases and your respiratory tract is affected by it pretty adversely. You fall prey to chronic illness which stays for a prolonged period. Those affected with Shani are likely to face infertility hence would be fated to childlessness.

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What are the remedies of Shani Graha?

You can perform a puja to appease Shani dev which by offering him oil and black til. On a pedestal, blue cloth is spread and he is offered fruits and sweets during the puja. There is also Sidha yantra available which is energized and kept in the household to appease Shani dev. You can also acquire a Suraksha Kabach which can be energized under the energy of Shani dev and wear it to ward off his evil eye. There are powerized spiritual arts of Shani Dev too which can be kept in the household for appeasing him.

How to perform Shani Graha shanti puja?

It is performed to reduce the malefic effects of Shani graha and accentuate the benefits of it. It creates a resistance barrier against the evil effects of Shani. This puja is performed to rid the people under shani’s eye of the chronic illness they are suffering from. It is also performed to ensure there are no delay in marriages, financial losses in the household. If you are in the good book of shani, you wil be granted good health, longeivity, leadership, authority, ambition, wisdom and enormous wealth. People who keep Shani Dev appeased are sorted for heightened success all his life.

It is suggested to perform Tantrik Shani Graha puja in your house in case if you are afflicted with the malefic effects of Shani. If you organize this puja, you will reap benefits like winning over your enemies in all spheres of life, you will be immune against all the adversities and malefic effects of Shani and there will be overall materialistic and spiritual development. It will lower the malefic effects of the afflicted Saturn and will give power to pay off all your debts. You can be also rest assured that appeasing Shani will lock prosperity in your house all your life.

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