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Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Character Traits & Love Compatibility

By: Future Point | 28-Sep-2019
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Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Character Traits & Love Compatibility

Scorpio zodiac sign originated from the constellation, Scorpius. The people who are born between 23rd October and 23rd November fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign. The natives born under this zodiac sign are generally strong, commanding, and passionate. They have a knack for being secretive in life and keeping their endeavors under wraps. Scorpios have a hard time trusting anyone, majorly due to their narcissistic tendencies, but this habit of their always keeps them a class apart from others. They are driven, motivated, intelligent and safety-loving people. They are possessive and carry a magnetic charm which is difficult to ignore by others.

Characteristics of a Scorpio Man

  • Scorpio males are generally quite focused and if they have decided upon any certain thing, they make sure that they will complete it.
  • They are immensely dominating & manipulative, as they want to get their work done their way.
  • These individuals are led by their intuition and their intuition is correct most of the time, which makes them highly Intuitive.
  • They are resentful and cannot take “no” for an answer. They feel insulted and they surely will take revenge for that.
  • They have a well-controlled nature and they do not display their emotions in front of anyone.
  • Due to their narcissistic tendencies, Scorpio natives are majorly in love with themselves.
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Characteristics of a Scorpio Woman

  • Scorpio females are jealous and insecure about their own things and jealousy does affect their relationship in an adverse manner.
  • They are ambitious about their goals and will give their 200% to achieve them.
  • They are extremely secretive about their things, they don’t trust people easily and end up being mysterious.
  • Scorpio females are passionate but they are not immature and careless. They maintain a balance between things and are considered to be balanced.
  • Scorpio women are usually considered to be fearless.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Love Compatibility with other signs


As both Aries and Scorpio have an intensity that is deep and dark, the two of you will come together in the best way. Once with your person, you just wouldn’t be able to survive without them. When both of you work together towards a similar goal, you collide to become an unstoppable force and it is certain that you will reach your goals as a team. Though as a couple, a small disagreement turns to something worse as both of your energies are strong and fierce.


Taurus is the sign which is trusted by Scorpios the most. Taurus is usually an open book and is trusted by almost everyone. They allow scorpions to read them and display their emotions.

The Scorpions and Taurus have essentially nothing in common but the two of them make great friends and even better companions. The common thing is your similar perspective on the world and how you view every other person.


Scorpios are the least compatible with Geminis. A relationship doesn’t last for long between the two of them as they both are remarkably alike and stubborn. The only thing worth noting in this union would be the amount of mess created.

Both of them have common goals and that is what hurts a potential relationship between these two. None of you will hesitate to use one another for reaching your goals, so it is better to not get in a relationship with any of the people of that sort.

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Cancer is capable of understanding the Scorpio in the best way possible. They just get along with each other physically, mentally, and emotionally better than any of the signs. They have similar values and they understand each other emotionally.

A similar level of intellect helps them to have many common topics between them. They trust each other in the best possible way, which a Scorpio won’t find with any other sign.


Just like there can’t be two alphas in a room, there can’t be too strong and domineering zodiac signs together in a love relationship. Both of the ambitions and personalities of you two are different because of which chaos is created between the two of you.

Both of these signs are self-driven and are motivated signs, a relationship that each other would be a disaster because of the fact that the two of you are too different.


Virgo and Scorpio are the two signs which are really apart from each other. This couple is expected to be loyal with really strong ties. Usually, this couple will stay away from crowds and would prefer spending their time together. They love to work towards the acquisition of order and power.


There is a level of physical and sexual compatibility between both of these signs, But any relationship of love between them won’t work in the correct way. They are too similar and yet too different. They would end up crashing a lot more than a couple would. Both these Scorpios and Libra can stay as friends but cannot stay with each other as a couple.


Scorpios share a really romantic relationship with each other. There are no problems that can hamper the relationship between two Scorpios if they are fully committed to each other. They usually move their relationship at a constant pace, which helps them to stay in harmony with each other.


For a Scorpio and Saggitarius to make a love match, it is usually advised that they should understand each other completely and on a deep level, otherwise their relationship won’t be smooth at all. Patience is the key to such relationships, one needs to be calm and understand the perspective of their partner as well.


Capricorns share a really amazing bond with each other, they just not being in a relationship but they learn the value of being a pair. They learn a lot from each other and grow and mature as individuals. These two tend to be a bit cautious and careful, it takes time for them to feel comfortable with their significant half.


Aquarius and Scorpios tend to display their feelings in a different way than the other, A relationship will always make one of them hurt. Any kind of relationship between the two of them will simply just not work and spin round in circles till it collapses. Eventually, they will start hating each other and will likely because you don’t have anything in common.


A love relationship between Pisces and Scorpio is usually full of respect and mutual understanding. While Scorpio is mysterious, Pisces also has the tendency to be involved in their own mind and can adjust with such traits of Scorpio. The relationship is expected to be really rewarding.

Scorpios demand love, control, loyalty, and emotional maturity in a relationship. Being the most complicated sign, they love when their feelings are understood. One can also learn about Love and Compatibility Analysis and learn the compatibility score between a partner through Love Compatibility Report. A talk to astrologer regarding Kundli Matching will help you to choose the correct partner. You can also consult a love marriage specialist astrologer for solving your problems.

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