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Research on Mars

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 03-Nov-2017
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Research on Mars

लग्ने व्यये च पाताले जामित्रे चाष्टमे कुजे।
स्त्री भर्तुर्विनाशंच भर्ता च स्त्री विनाशनम्।।

When Mars is present in 1, 4, 7, 8 or 12th house of the horoscope, the native is Manglik. This dosh is much detrimental when considered from ascendant, while from Moon the dosh is less. According to the rules of classics, if manglik dosh is cancelled by other combinations for a couple their married life is joyous. Otherwise the non-neutralized Manglik dosh may cause havoc and unnecessary troubles in their life.

Many rules for the cancellation of Manglik dosh have been mentioned in ancient books, such as :

अजे लग्ने व्यये चापे पाताले वृश्चिके स्थिते।
वृषे जाये घटे रन्ध्रे भौम दोषो न विद्यते।।

When Mars is present in Aries in ascendant or Sagittarius in 12th or Scorpio in 4th or Taurus in 7th or Aquarius in 8th house, Manglik Dosh is cancelled.

भौमेः वक्रिणि नीचगृहे वाऽर्कस्थे वा न कुजदोषः।

If Mars is retrograde, debilitated or combusted, it does not cause Manglik Dosh.

सप्तमो यदा भौमः गुरुणां च निरीक्षता।
तदास्तु सर्वसौख्यं व मंगली दोषनाशकृत।।

If Mars posited in 7th house is aspected by Jupiter, Manglik dosh is cancelled.

The above rules were written in astrology thousands of years back. Even today these are being followed. Are these rules valid? The researches in astrology indicate otherwise. It is observed that a couple without manglik dosh has been a failure in married life while the marital bliss of couples with unmatched horoscopes is quite good.

In order to test the authenticity of classical rules for matching and manglik dosha, AIFAS student Aparna Sharma collected about 200 horoscopes of married couples. Out of these 33% are leading a happy married life. 33% are having strained lives while the rest are separated or are on the verge of separation.

The facts emerging from this study are radically different from the established beliefs. Certain combinations that appear valid are given below :

For males, Mars is malefic in 1st and 8th house and is benefic in 3rd house. However for females, it is malefic in 1st and 3rd houses and is benefic in 9th and 11th. It is almost neutral in 4th, 7th or 12th house where it is considered full of dosh in classical texts.

  • Mars debilitated, exalted or in own house is malefic for males. It is most auspicious when posited in signs of Mercury and Venus. For females, Mars is lucky when posited in signs of Sun and Moon but is malefic when it is exalted or posited in own house or in signs of Jupiter. The details can be seen in graphs.
  • Mars, Saturn or Ketu when posited in 11th house are lucky but Rahu in this house is inauspicious.
  • All planets are lucky in certain positions and unlucky in other positions. Mars is not the only culprit.
  • For example, Sun in 3rd house, Moon in 1st and 12th, Mars in 1st, Mercury in 2nd, Jupiter in 6th, Rahu in 11th and Ketu in 5th house have been found most detrimental for married life.
  • Sun in 8 and 12, Moon in 10, Mars in 9 and 11, Mercury in 8 and 12, Jupiter in 8, Venus in 1, 7, 11, Saturn in 11, Rahu in 6 and 7 and Ketu in 1 and 12 have been found capable of removing of various flaws of marital association.
  • Apart from position of Mars in matching, the average number of gunas did not vary in the three categories of research data - each category got about 23 points out of 36. Matching of horoscopes that appears to be highly scientific and numerical, needs a total review. For detailed study and findings on this research please look for forthcoming issues of this Journal. Researches of this type are bound to give a new dimension to astrology soon. Authenticity and trustworthiness of astrology will be as strong as it was thousands of years back. Invitation : If you possess correct birth details of couples who are separated or are on the verge of break-up, please forward these details to us. Your cooperation in fine tuning of this research effort will be highly appreciated.

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