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Rahu makes you from Zero to Hero

By: Future Point | 18-May-2024
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Rahu makes you from Zero to Hero

Rahu is often associated with sudden rises and unexpected transformation, symbolizing the journey from zero to hero. Rahu is one of the lunar nodes in Vedic astrology, representing the point where the moon’s path intersects with the ecliptic. 

It has a powerful and unpredictable influence on an individual's lives. When rahu’s energy is prominent in a person’s chart, it can bring about dramatic shifts and opportunities for growth. 

This can manifest as sudden fame, recognition, or success, turning someone from relative unknown into a celebrated figure. Rahu’s influence is said to be particularly strong in areas related to ambition, desires, and worldly achievement.

Qualities of Rahu

Rahu tells about our ambitious lives. Rahu planet is the planet that desires material happiness. It is the cause of lottery, politics, and sudden events in life. Apart from international trade the planet is responsible for aviation, vigilance department, investigation, intelligence bureau, CBI and politics. 

If Rahu is strong in horoscopes then the person remains self-confident and firm on his decision such people have the courage of faith and belief and have amazing courage. Strong rahu gives sudden and unbelievable progress in life.

One of the key factors contributing to rahu’s transformative power is its association with illusion and deception. Rahu’s influence can sometimes lead individuals to pursue material goals obsessively, blinded by illusion of success without considering the consequences; however, if channeled positively, Rahu's energy can fuel ambitious endeavors and propel individuals to great heights.

Moreover rahu’s transit through different houses in the birth chart can signify varying areas of life where sudden transformation may occur. For example rahu in the first house could indicate sudden changes in identity or appearance, while rahu in tenth house could signal unexpected career advancement or public recognition.

Despite its association with challenges and upheavals, rahu ultimately offers the opportunities for personal growth and evolution. By embracing its energy and navigating its influences wisely individuals can harness rahu’s power to transform their lives and ascend from zero to hero in cosmic drama of astrology.

Rahu is the pack of full of energy

Rahu is an unpredictable energy. Rahu can take you to the height of success if working positively. In a negative space, rahu can bring instability and sudden events. Rahu negative energy comes alive in an unclean environment. 

Such as dustbins, dirty toilets etc. the reason why toilets used to be outside the house in earlier times. If your toilet needs repair, like leakage to be fixed, drain to be repaired etc. you must get your toilet repaired at the earliest. Besides this, keep the lid down when not in use. Keep the door always closed and keep the toilet clean and dry. `

Rahu has the power to make events happen suddenly. If rahu is situated in second, fifth, ninth, eleventh, ascendant etc. Houses signifying wealth and is strong from vision etc. then he gives away the wealth suddenly. Without any expectation. Chances of lottery etc. often arise due to such position of rahu.

Rahu’s power is unpredictable

Rahu is often associated with mystery transformation, and unexpected change. While its effects may seem daunting, rahu has the power to propel individuals from a state of insignificance to one of greatness. 

In this article we will explore how rahu influence personal and professional growth, turning ordinary lives into extraordinary lives into extraordinary stories of success.rahu’s presence in one’s horoscope chart can signify a period of intense transformation and upheaval, it challenges individuals to break free their comfort zone and pursue their true passion with unwavering determination. 

Instead of fearing rahu;s influence, embrace it as an opportunity for growth and self discovery.

Rahu’s journey from zero to hero is not without its obstacles and setbacks. However, it's crucial to cultivate persistence and resilience in the face of adversity. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger, ultimately propelling you closer to your goals. 

As you navigate rahu’s transformative journey, remember to stay true to yourself and embrace your authenticity. Don’t be afraid to showcase your unique talents, quirks, and perspective. Its often these qualities that set you apart and propel you towards success.

The effects of power of rahu

Rahu’ influence may initially seem daunting but it holds the key to unlocking your full potential and transforming your life in remarkable ways. Embrace change, set bold goals, cultivate resilience, seek guidance, embrace authenticity, and celebrate your journey from zero to hero. With rahu as your guiding star, the  possibilities are endless.

Rahu effect in all houses of horoscope

If Rahu is in the third, sixth, tenth and eleventh house then the person is an extraordinary person. The person will be a fighter . He will face any type of situation. Rahu in these houses give you good prosperity, good longevity & fighter spirit. 

The placement of rahu in the sixth house is the best placement. Placement of rahu in the ninth house of your horoscope will  bring attachment with your father, guru and father like person.  Your luck will support you.

If Rahu is placed in the eleventh house, the person crosses all boundaries to fulfill his desire. If Rahu is placed in the fifth house with the 1st house, fifth house and ni9nth house lord .It can be beneficial to you. 

You will be very brilliant in your education field. If rahu is placed in twelfth house with 1st house lord, 5th house lord in 9th house lord the person will expend money on religious and auspicious activities. And in this house a person may travel in foreign country with Rahu's presence .

The placement of rahu in the second house, the person will constantly think about money . rahu will give him more money but the more stress  and more insecurity come with it. If Rahu is in the eighth house and with the 1st house, 5th house, and 9th house lord the person will make more money all of sudden. 

If Rahu is in the fourth house individually, the person sits on the throne. In rahu’s mahadasha or antardasha the person will get a chance to make a trip to a religious place and will meet religious persons.  In Rahu’s antardasha the person will do rotation in an auspicious place. Like goverdhan, shani temple etc.

Remedies of rahu according to the placement of rahu in your horoscope

1st house

  • Wear a silver chain around your neck.
  • Put some rice in a small silver box in your pocket.
  • 4 coconuts were put  in flowing water on Wednesday.

2nd house

  • Don’t take any electronic items from your in-laws' side.
  • Don’t fight with your mother.
  • Put water on the north- west side of your house.

3rd house

  • Don’t support illegal activity.
  • Put 60 gm. silver elephant statue in your mandir.
  • Don’t take any items made with haathi daant.

4th house

  •  Bath in Yamuna River or any religious river.
  • Wear silver in your body.
  • Don’t construct a kitchen under the leaders.

5th house

  • Put Curd, cotton and ghee always in your house.
  • Put a thin silver wire under your main entrance.

6th house

  • Use google with  black glasses.
  • Offer blue color flowers to maa saraswati on 6 days.

7th house

  • Don’t keep dogs in your house.
  • Put silver square piece in your pocket

8th house

  • Wear red innerwear.
  • Recitate maa sarswati mantra daily.

9th house

  • Put choti on your head.
  • Ware gold as much as possible.

10th house

  • Put some honey in a silver pot.
  • Feed the blind persons

11th house

  • Don’t do illegal activities.
  • Put kesar tilak on your forehead.

12th house

  • Have your food in your kitchen.
  • Wear gold chain or yellow thread with silver square piece.

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