Planet Venus and its impact on your love life

By: Future Point | 18-May-2019
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Planet Venus and its impact on your love life

Planet Venus and its impact on your love life: Ever wondered why that special person gives you butterflies in the stomach?! And how will you make that special person a most important part of your life? if you were born with Venus, then what impact will it have on your love life? The answer to all these questions lies within your Janam Kundli. We are all born with a particular zodiac sign and its relationship with the planet of love, Venus determines the course of our lives. The answer to all the queries in response to your love and relationships lies in the position of Venus depicted at the time of your birth in your Kundli.

The planet Venus is the planet associated with the love life of an individual. It represents the nature of a person in his love life. And it also represents how a person will attract their partner. It represents how will be a person’s love life. What type of individual are they in their love life. All this can be figured out by knowing the placement of Venus in Kundali.

The position of the planet Venus in a person’s birth chart symbolizes love, romance, beauty and affection in one's life. In order to have a clear vision of the position of the planet Venus and the position of love in your life, you can help yourself by reading your Kundli Online and can get help to know the exact position of the planet Venus in your birth chart.

Mention below is the list of all the Zodiac Signs and its Venus sign characteristics that will help you to guide to have a clear description of your love, and nature. Take a quick tour:

Venus in Aries or Venus in 1st House

Venus is the planet that is associated with marriage and partner. If you people were born with Venus in the first house of Aries in your Kundli, then you tend to be an impulsive and impatient personality in anything relating to love and relationship. These people are independent personalities who clearly know what they want in their lives. They are quite passionate about their love lives. They don’t hesitate or feel shy to make the first move in their relationship. These people don’t get scared of showing their feelings. When they feel bored with their relationship, it seems easy for them to cut loose and move on looking for another excitement in their love life. They attract their love partner by their confidence.

Venus in Taurus or Venus in 2nd House

Venus itself is the planet of love and beauty. Hence, Taurus is the sign already ruled by the planet Venus. It is the planet which is concerned with pleasure, whether the pleasure in love or in the physical world. If you were born with Venus in the second house of your Kundli, then you tend to be a quite mysterious personality. But when the talks are about love, you love to express yourself freely. The person of the zodiac sign Aries having Venus in its birth chart always looks for someone who ensures the stability and reliability in the relationship.

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Venus in Gemini or Venus in 3rd House

The people born with Venus on the third house Gemini, of their Kundli these people seem like social butterflies. When the matter is about love, they tend to listen to their heart first and their head secondly. You prefer to spend some time getting to know the person rather than direct jumping into the relationship. they are attracted to a partner who is optimistic, the person with a good sense of humor and who loves living their lives to the fullest. At any point in time when they start feeling bored, they get themselves out from that suffocating relationship and look for more excitement in life. The mental attraction with their partner means a lot to them.

Venus in Cancer or Venus in 4th House

Being a water sign, the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. if you were born with Venus in Cancer, then you tend to be a family-oriented person. You people try your level best to make your loved ones feel secure and loved. You want serious commitment in your relationship. You seem to be uninterested in casual relationships. You want a partner with whom you can lead your whole life and can build a family. You are an emotional personality, so love without emotional attachment is not that you want. You want a relationship in which you can share a heartfelt connection with your partner. You are a sensitive personality. In a relationship, when you get heart, it takes you a long time to get over the thing and moving on.

Venus in Leo or Venus in 5th House

If you were born with the planet Venus in the strong and powerful sign of Leo, then you are a person with a big and bright heart. You are a loving personality and your way of living life to its fullest attracts all the people towards you. You are a childish personality by your heart. You are not shy about sharing your feeling with anyone. You know how to verbalize your emotions very well. When Venus is in Leo, love seems not to be so calm and easygoing. Leo is a fully dramatic sign who craves for attention, and when they feel they are not getting the attention they want from their lovers they burst out at their partner.

Venus in Virgo or Venus in 6th House

If you were born with Venus in the sixth house Virgo of your Kundli, then, you seem to be shy and cautious especially with love. You find it hard enough to open your heart and share your emotions. Venus in Virgo is in detriment position, which means you people tend to become more reserved and discriminating when the matter is related to love and heart. You people start believing that you can never get that perfect love life that you always wished for. In a relationship, while facing some issues sometimes, you find it really difficult to get off the things and start a new fresh. It is the right time to make adjustments in our relationship and make it relive again. Venus in Virgo seems a passionate one. You people prefer to remain alone rather than settling with someone who doesn’t fit in the idea of your perfect match.

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Venus in Libra or Venus in 7th House

Venus and Libra are inseparable. Venus in Libra is strongly related to the matters of love. If you were born with Venus in Libra then you seem to be a quite charming and polite personality. The people born with Venus in Libra are peaceful and loving personality and they maintain happy relationships. You easily let loose yourselves and let go off the things and move on with your life. The combination of both Venus and Libra is the most audacious. When the planet Venus is associated with Libra, love is undoubtedly flowing in the air. When Venus is in Libra, love and relationship seems to be bright and light rather than being heavy and hot. Venus in Libra keeps the love and heart above all. Thus, both Venus and Libra are closely associated with our love life.

Venus in Scorpio or Venus in 8th House

Venus is the planet which is all about relationship and love. It is a friendly and affectionate sign. Scorpio is all about love and passion. When Venus is in Scorpio, depth and intimacy become more important. People born with Venus in Scorpio craves for a meaningful and adventurous relationship. If you were born with Venus then you tend to take love and relationships very seriously. You enjoy a deep emotional closed- heart connections in your relationship. During this transition of Venus in Scorpio is the most perfect time to make the relationship more bright. You won’t allow anyone to get close to you until they prove their honesty and trustworthiness. The intense relation of Venus in Scorpio leads to a stronger bond in the relationship.

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Venus in Sagittarius or Venus in 9th House

The energetic and happy Venus encourages us to live our lives to the fullest. This is a suitable time to look for love. During the transition of Venus in Sagittarius, love will grow at a high pace and its growth is unstoppable. Sagittarians don’t like to get bound so they keep their love light and open. Avoid making a relationship and love related matters a mess. Let the go of the things. Don’t take it too seriously. If you were born with Venus in Sagittarius, you want excitement and pleasure in your relationship. You are fun and carefree spirited souls. In everything you do, you crave for freedom, even in relationship and love you want your freedom. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be a part of the relationship. In a relationship, you want your personal space and your own time.

Venus in Capricorn or Venus in 10th House

On one hand, Venus is the planet of love, affection, and pleasure. Earthy Capricorn has its complete focus on work and commitment. If you were born with Venus in Capricorn then it's the time to start taking your relationship seriously and in a more matured way. You seem to get your love as if you were born with Venus in this house. When Venus is in this sign, then you most probably get the rewards of the hard work done in relationship. People born with Venus in Capricorn take their relationship way too serious. People born with Venus want their relationship to go in a long way. If you were a Capricorn Venus, you don’t open up your heart easily and let others in. And for this, you may have been considered most of the time as an unwilling person to give love to others or a person without feeling.

Venus in Aquarius or Venus in 11th House

On the one hand, Venus represents love and relationships. On the other hand, Aquarius is the sign of friendship. It seems like the energy of Aquarius works quite well with that of Venus. If you were born with Venus in Aquarius, then you seem like humanitarians at heart. You love to establish connections with the mind rather than connecting with the heart. You crave to maintain your own identity, your individuality even being in a committed relationship. People born with Venus in Aquarius are less attached to emotions and feelings. They want to unite with those who share the same interest as they do. These people are social and outgoing by nature and they feel on the top when they get the time to spend with their lovers.

Venus in Pisces or Venus in 12th House

Pisces is the sign free from boundaries and the loving planet Venus keeps the relationship in the spotlight. They both together make an incredible and audacious couple. If you people were born with Venus, then Pisces along with Venus will allow you to enjoy the feeling of love and your relationship with no hesitation and expectation. The combination of Pisces with Venus is known for unconditional and non-judgemental love. As if you were born with Venus, you seem to be an intuitive personality who steadily picks up the needs and desires of your partners. You often get so wrapped up in taking care of your partner that you forget to take care of yourselves.

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Life becomes more meaningful and cheerful when you get to live your whole life with your desired life partner. You can stand by each other facing every problem of your life together. The position of the planet Venus in the zodiac sign determines their love and relationship. It determines a person’s nature and shows how people with a particular zodiac sign will attract their partner. We also have become a bit curious to know about our love life, about our partner. In order to have a clear idea about your love life, about your partner you can have a quick vision of your Kundli Online and you can Consult an Astrologer to get yourself helped in gaining more detailed information regarding this.

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