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Patiently Wait for Effect of Vaastu Corrections

By: Future Point | 08-Aug-2018
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Patiently Wait for Effect of Vaastu Corrections

People do the Vaastu corrections and expect good results to follow from the next day. This may not always happen. Remember it takes time for the effect to manifest. You must be patient for the wearing out of the bad effects also. In cases where the difficulties are purely financial and in industries and other business related matters one can expect almost immediate improvement after effecting corrections.

Wherever the pranic shield is affected resulting in health problems, behavioural problems of youngsters, marriages on the rocks etc, the improvement is slow. But as stated earlier the stop of further deterioration is enough indication of a corrected Vaastu field. The field of Vaastu is like Universe itself.

There can be no end to further exploration and addition to this knowledge. Experiment yourself and get convinced. After you are convinced encourage your relatives and friends to build according to Vaastu. It is our hope that this science gets the acceptance it deserves and is universally adopted. Thus every home can be a happy home and this in turn can help to lead our lives with less tension, more harmony, peace, love and understanding between various communities, so that hatred, ill will,jealously will be a thing of the past.

GOOD EFFECTS : Naturally you would like to know what benefits you can expect if the building is according to Vaastu. This information is given below. If the rules of Vaastu are strictly adopted you can expect the following results. Please note for the effect to follow starting from the North East sector all the other sectors should be according to Vaastu. Not withstanding some minor defect here & there if the structure meets the majority of the requirements most of the benefits mentioned here under are available to the inmates.

  • Northeast-Sector fully open – lower level than plinth-water body or fountain or swimming pool in the sector- or low level lawn in the entire sector. Effects: Healthy progeny- calm minded people – never over react- every thing in their life seems to go smoothly- no accidents or premature deaths- no deadly diseases either-inmates healthy and cheerful- forgiving and compassionate.

  • East offset as per Vaastu- North East as in para (1) – with a gently increasing gradient from North to South. Effects: Obedient male children- highly intelligent- do well in studies- never worry their parents- affectionate- caring- healthy-achievers in every field.

  • 3North open as per Vaastu- North East & East as above- gently increasing gradient from East to West- no rock gardens- heavy weights- level of North West & South East same. Effects: Ever growing financial prosperity.

  • Kitchen in Southeast- with conditions as per para 1 to 3 above met. Effects: Happy healthy females – always cheerful- take pleasure in running the family- contented- forgiving – compassionate- never quarrel or dislike others- make their husband feel that they have the best wife in the world.

  • Room in South- for the female child- conditions 1 to 4 above met-Effects: Healthy and happy female children- affectionate- deep attachment to parents which does not wane even after marriage- excellent academic achievers- artistic-timely marriage with out any problem.

  • South off set small & high with a gently increasing slope from East to West. Effects: always free from trouble- no financial problem in their lives- longevity of both males & females.

  • West off set small & high all conditions as per paras 1 to 6 met. Effects: male children settle down in excellent career- timely happy marriage- healthy boys who do well in sports and other out door activities prefer to stay with parents- increasing harmony.

  • Master bed room in southwest- all conditions of para 1 to 7 met Effects: healthy couple- rarely fall sick- assured longevity- energetic and love work.

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