Numerology- Enrich life through numbers

By: Future Point | 04-Dec-2021
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Numerology- Enrich life through numbers

Numbers have mysterious vibes infused in them and make us wonder about their importance in our lives if understood in depth. 

Apart from representing numerical values, numbers may predict about our personality and destiny. Numbers are not just quantitative figures but also carry specific vibration and frequency. 

Our birth date holds the secret about our destiny and may foretell what we can expect in near future. Numerologists make use of important numbers of our life like the birth date and other relevant numbers to precisely predict about the physical appearance, personality traits and future events of the natives. 

Why Numerology is important?

Have you ever noticed that you happen to see the same numbers wherever you go. Why do they fall before our eyes again and again? There are few numbers that most of the times grab our attention. 

We all as individuals already believe, at least a little bit, in numerology, if we talk about a lucky number and give importance to the expressions like, "bad things happen in threes." 

Numerology is the mystical study of numbers, and just like its sister concern i.e. astrology, it also offers insights into our future. 

The idea is that almost everything revolves around numbers and is influenced by the specific vibrations carried by these numbers. 

There are no accidents or co-incidences and everything that happens in life was always predestined to happen. Everything is based on your numbers and your chart.

How does numerology work?

  • How Numerology works is actually quite a complicated question and usually requires an expert numerologist to provide detailed and accurate numeric readings. It is about loving numbers and observing things happening to us in relation to specific numbers.
  • Though it is easier to find our life path number and things like general expression, personality, but numerologists use different numbers to interpret things in our life.
  • The basic idea behind numerology is that the cosmos and individual life is affected by his/her birth date, name, and many other factors surrounding that particular individual.
  • A numerology forecast may often provide stunning insights about somebody.
  • It is believed that there are no coincidences in the Universe and your name and birthday affect the journey you will undergo in this life.
  • Our name too has a story to tell, as each letter in the alphabet has a numerical value (A=1, B=2, etc.) and indicates certain specifications. These specifications are interwoven with the related numbers to draw a conclusion regarding any aspect of life. You will wonder at the fact that your name is not something kept with choice rather it is a divine label or blessing already decided for you even before you were named. 
  • A name carries certain value that affirms miseries or blessings in life. It is wonderful to know how numbers may make or mar our personality.   
  • Basically, future events and the will of the cosmos are predestined and predictable through one’s birth date, name, and several other factors that can be broken down into numbers. These are then used to predict our future course of action

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Why should one learn Numerology?

  • Numerology is that branch of occult science that leads us to the path of self discovery and making predictions about life.
  • It may help you know the concealed meaning of life.
  • It helps us to know about our strengths and weaknesses which make our efforts more focused and streamlined. 
  • It acts as an individualized guide to our life so that we may attract success and spiritual growth in life.
  • Numerology has proven to be totally dependable when it comes to taking difficult decisions in life.  
  • A correct marriage date may do wonders for your marital life, so numerology may ensure a blessed married life.
  • Every event if selected carefully in terms of date then the chances of auspiciousness increases manifolds.
  • It may also help you know whether the city you are living in may give you boost in life and helps in choosing the most suitable direction for dwelling. 

Future Point is the best choice for learning Numerology

Future point is a known name in the world of occult science. It has made a remarkable presence in the market since past 40 years. It is a pioneer institute in imparting knowledge related to different branches of esoteric field. 

Numerology is one field of their excellence in occult world. The numerology course at Future Point is a most sought after gift to numerology enthusiasts. The teachers here are well experienced and are teaching since last few decades. The numerology course here includes:

  • Introduction to Vedic Numerology
  • Origin and Growth of Numerology.
  • Introduction to Methods or Systems of Numerology.
  • Basics of Numerology and Number System.
  • Numbers- Their Traits and Characteristics.
  • Numbers and Their Ruling Planets
  • Root Number- Their Nature and Personality.
  • Lucky Dates, Days, Months & Years
  • Lucky Colours, Profession and Gemstones
  • Probable Diseases Precautions
  • Destiny Number- Meaning and Influence
  • Name Number- Calculation and Personality.
  • Friendship Table and Relationship between Numbers.
  • Friendly, Neutral and Enemy Numbers
  • Result of Combined or Compound Numbers (10-80).
  • Name Checking and Correction for Betterment.
  • Lucky Mobile Number, House Number, Phone Number etc.
  • Many other related topics…

The classes are conducted online and the students are given in depth knowledge of the important concepts of numerology in the most simplified manner. 

They also provide certificate after completion of the course. The study material is so enriched in nature that students don’t need to go anywhere to get any kind of detail about numerology.

The books and the ppts provided along the course make it further easier for the students to understand the subject properly. Future Point is a trusted name and one may join their most comprehensive courses to  without any doubt!

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