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Mercury Retrograde May 2022- Handle your money wisely for these 2 months!

By: Future Point | 09-May-2022
Views : 1519Mercury Retrograde May 2022- Handle your money wisely for these 2 months!

Mercury- the most intelligent planet of the cosmos is known to bring great communication skills, sharp intellect, abundant finance, brilliant business sense, excellent writing skills, matchless analytical power, transport and good humor to a person with its benefic placement in the birth chart. It is important to know that usually the transit cycle of Mercury gets completed in 23 days but this time in the month of May, 2022, the planet Mercury will stay in a zodiac sign for almost 68 days! 

Transit of planets brings huge impact to our lives with their movement in different zodiac signs. This majorly depends upon which house they are transiting in our natal chart. The astrologers keep watchful eyes on the transits of various planets and retrogression is something to be analyzed with even more depth and care. Let’s understand what the people belonging to various signs of the zodiac may expect through the retrogression of the planet Mercury.

Date of Mercury retrograde in May, 2022

The usual stay of Mercury in a zodiac sign is for 23 days during its transit. However, this time with Mercury’s transit in Taurus on 25th April; it will be staying here for an approximate period of 68 days. Apart from this, Sun will also transit into Taurus and will cause combustion of Mercury due to its close proximity to the Sun. This will create another special astrological conjunction bringing various results to various zodiac signs. The results for various zodiac signs are given keeping in mind both retrogression and combustion phenomenon in Astrology. During its stay in Taurus, Mercury will turn retrograde, combust and then again get direct, and finally it will move into Gemini in July. Mercury will stay in Taurus for more than 2 months. 

  • Mercury retrogrades in Taurus- 10th May, 2022, Tuesday at 5:16 P.M.
  • Mercury gets combust in Taurus- 13th May, 2022, Friday at 12:56 A.M. 
  • Mercury turns direct in Taurus- 03rd June, 2022, Friday at 1:07 P.M.

There will be a conjunction of Mercury and Sun as well during this period of 68 days. 

What does the term ‘retrograde’ mean?

First of all, we should understand the meaning of retrograde before understanding the results of Mercury retrograde on various zodiac signs. There is an immeasurable distance between different planets of our solar system. All of them take rounds of the Sun in their own orbital path. Similarly, the Earth also revolves around the Sun. Sometimes the speed at which the Earth passes the Sun is much faster than a planet moving at a slow speed next to it. It gives an impression that the slow-moving planet has been left behind and seems going in the opposite direction. It is much like a slow train passing next to a faster train, in such case we feel that the train is going backwards whereas in reality both the trains are going in the same direction. This is the exact phenomenon that is experienced at the time of a retrogression of a planet. So, this apparent backwards movement of a planet is known as a 'retrograde' movement. 

Does retrogression makes the planet special?

As mentioned above that the planet tends to get slow at the time of retrogression. A slow moving planet puts a greater impact on the individuals as its power is contracted at a certain point in the sky. The natural significations of the planet tend to bring more effects than in the direct motion. We can say in a general term that the planet gets more powerful in the retrograde motion. Now, Mercury retrograde will enhance its effects in terms of its natural significations. In Vedic Astrology, it is also understood that a retrograde planet sometimes act just opposed to its natural behavior. Since, the retrograde planet will turn direct again and it is a cycle of repetitions which it also imposes on the ordinary beings on the Earth.    

The effects of Mercury retrograde on different signs of zodiac:

Whenever a planet stays in a sign for more than its usual transit period then it is called to move in atichari speed as per astrology. The atichar brings both auspicious and inauspicious results for the natives and let’s discuss them one by one- 


  • The retrograde Mercury will stay in the second house of your zodiac. This will bring noticeable enhancements in your communication skills. You will translate your thoughts in words better than before. You will impress others with your impressive speech.
  • You will take better care of your family and will get affection and support of all family members during this time. However, some misunderstanding with your younger siblings may disturb you.
  • You will act in innovative style at the work place bringing you success and accolades all around.


  • Mercury will transit in the first house of your zodiac. You may face confusions and lack of decision making power during this time. However, you will remain full of ideas and with your great intellectual and analytical skills you will take benefits from this retrogression period. 
  • Financially, the retrograde movement may bring economic benefits to you. Your past investments may prove beneficial and your stuck money may come back for now. 
  • Those planning to go abroad for higher studies will succeed.


  • Mercury, the ascendant Lord is transiting in the twelfth house of your zodiac. This position may bring promising results from the foreign resources. You will try your hands in various activities but you are advised to undertake any venture after much pondering as the planet of intelligence is transiting in the twelfth house.
  • Those in employment will be benefitted due to their enhanced skills at their work. Change in job and transfers are likely but try to hold your present job till retrogression.


  • Retrograde Mercury in the eleventh house of your zodiac will help you accomplish your predetermined goals which were stuck for some reasons in the past. It is a good position to make financial gains.
  • Your old friends may turn up and you will enjoy good times with them. Time is supportive for socializing and making new friends.
  • Your intellectual and creative skills will be upgraded and you may also enroll for some course to enhance your skills.


  • Retrograde Mercury in the tenth house will bring auspicious results in your career and business. You will find new opportunities bringing long term benefits to you but as always stay careful while entering any new business venture. Time is supportive but the planet of intelligence is retrograde too. 
  • All your past arguments in the family will get removed and harmony will prevail in your domestic environment.
  • You may also spend on the maintenance of your house or vehicles during this time. 


  • Mercury retrograde in your ninth house may give you religious tendencies. You may plan a short distance travel for a religious or work related purpose as well.
  • Business people need to be conscious while taking any business related decision and it is advisable to check the authenticity of the documents before signing them.
  • Those in partnership business should also take wise decisions after cross checking all possible threats.


  • Mercury retrogrades in the eighth house where it requires much caution in doing work. There would be improvement in your communication skills that will help you earn good money. Your relations with the family will remain harmonious.
  • Past investments will bring fruitful results and there are chances of sudden gain of wealth through unforeseen resources.
  • The time period may pose some difficulties to the students and they need to work harder to get the desired results.


  • Mercury gets retrograde in your seventh house. With this effect of Mercury, those involved in their own business may travel abroad or some long distance travel for their work.
  • Take care of your expensive things else they may be lost due to theft or otherwise.
  • Communication gap between you and the spouse needs to be taken care.
  • Avoid long term investments for this retrograde time period.


  • Retrograde Mercury in the sixth house may cause some health issues related to your skin and teeth. 
  • Time is good to get promotions and salary hike at the work place. You will get support of your subordinates during this time. 
  • Take care of your unforeseen expenses.


    • Mercury turns retrograde in your fifth house which will bring good results in studies and creative pursuits. However, the combustion period may bring some confusion but with your sharp intellect you will overcome any difficult situation.
    • Don’t invest in stock market during this time as losses may occur. 
    • Talk nicely with your love partner to avoid any misunderstanding in your relation. 


  • Mercury will transit in the retrograde motion through your fourth house. This is a good position for students and business people. They will be benefitted a lot but take special care during the combustion period as mentioned above in this article.
  • Family environment will be peaceful but take any investment decision after a careful enquiry.  


  • Retrograde Mercury in the third house will improve your determination and courage towards your predetermined goals. You will turn things in your favor with your effective communications.
  • Long term investments need to be analyzed carefully as Mercury in retrograde motion may cause problems in documentations. 
  • Time is good for making financial gains with the help of your younger siblings.