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Bring Margaj materials in your house and invite happiness and abundant prosperity

By: Future Point | 11-Aug-2018
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Bring Margaj materials in your house and invite happiness and abundant prosperity

It is mentioned in Indian scriptures that if Goddess Laxmi is worshiped with the materials of Margaj and these are used with all piousness and holiness as inscribed in the religious texts then all the desired goals of life are fulfilled. All these materials are pure and manufactured as per the rules and principles laid down in the texts.

Margaj Laxmi Ganesh - increases the intellect

Lord Ganesha is the lord of planet Mercury who is the significator of intellect and education. Margaj Ganesh increases the positive effects of Mercury and decreases the negative effects. Due to the auspicious effects of Margaj Ganesh there is considerable increase in business and wealth. It is especially auspicious in the education of the progeny. It also reduces the mental tension and due to the influence of Lord Ganesh the intelligence of the children increases significantly and their self-confidence grows higher.

    • Margaj Laxmi is worshiped for the attainment of peace, happiness and prosperity.
    • Its auspiciousness results in attainment of wealth, increasing business, wealth, accomplishment of task, success in work and growth in economic status and if Margaj Laxmi Ganesh is worshiped regularly then Goddess Laxmi bestows her endowments forever.

  • Worship of Margaj Laxmi Ganesh and Margaj Sriyantra give Amazing result to the natives of Gemini and Virgo signs.
  • Along with the worship of Goddess Laxmi recite the following Mantras on the rosary of Hakik for 7, 11, 108 times daily. If you do so the prosperity will prevail throughout the year and you will earn more profits in the business.
    "Om Brang Bring Broung Sah Budhay Namah"

Important- The effect of Margaj gradually increase with the increase in its weight. In order to attain all its positive qualities it must be of minimum 150 gram. With the increase in its weight its result also becomes better. Hence a Margaj of significant size only acts like all its hidden power.

Margaj Sriyantra- Siddha Yantra of Mahavidya Tripursundari Mahalaxmi and bestower of luxury and prosperity

In today's world everyone wants to become rich immediately. This Yantra is the king of all Yantras in true sense. Establishment of Margaj Yantra means the invitation to Sriyantra with all its prosperity. This amazing Yantra has many benefits, the important are: The establishment only of Margaj Sriyantra invites the blessings of Goddess Laxmi, worship of Margaj Sriyantra daily in the house gives conjugal bliss, if Margaj sriyantra is worshiped with all piousness following all the religious rituals on any Amavasya night then there is hardly any scarcity in the house throughout the year.

  • Worship or even visualization of crystal Shivalinga destroys the ill effects of many bad deeds of a person.
  • Its worship fulfils all the desires and gives name, fame and recognition.
  • Only touching crystal Shivalinga enables the divine power to enter into the body of human being and makes the person free from all types of diseases.
  • Abhisheka done on crystal Shivalinga gives thousand times more auspicious result than other Shivalinga.
  • Crystal Shivalinga is very rare. Its worship certainly gives multiple benefits.
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