Lal Kitab Remedies

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Lal Kitab Remedies

When life takes a turn toward the unexpected course of life, things become quite confusing. This is time we look out for some real measures in all direction. During such times taking refuge under guidance of astrology can prove extremely beneficial.

The predictions are based upon position of planets in the twelve houses of natal chart. The basic rule of Lal Kitab Astrology differs from some rules of vedic astrology. According to Lal Kitab Astrology the position of zodiac and twelve houses are fixed whereas in vedic astrology the houses remain fixed but zodiac signs in them change. Lal Kitab provides cure on problems like issues regarding wealth and finance, peace and prosperity, Debt, loan, education, chidden, career, business, jobs, evil eye etc.

The reason most people prefer to follow the Lal Kitab Astrology is that the solution given by Lal Kitab are simple, within the means and give immediate results. It is wide spread hearsay that remedies and solutions given by Lal Kitab are foolproof.

People can completely rely on them as they won’t do any harm in return. However, it is advisable to consult our educated astrologers before initiating any practice. In the case if you receive any bad effects, our acclaimed astrologers are available all the time to take care of your concern. The old vedic methods of astrology like doing chants and recitations take lots of efforts and time. The results take time to accomplish the desire.

Some of the red book remedies are :

  • Serving cows and poor people gives a great relief, if planets like Jupiter and Venus are affected or not place in a auspicious house in the natal chart of an individual.
  • If the Saturn is placed in eleventh and twelfth house of birth chart it is advised to stop the consumption of alcohol and meat.
  • Women are suggested to wear the silver ring in the nose to wear off the ill effects caused by the retrograded mercury.

As per above examples, Lal Kitab remedies has rational method of curing up the serious unceasing problems. Human troubles are unpredictable. Sometimes it is hard to detect them but Lal Kitab Remedies are fully capable to fetch the aid without taking much time.

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