Janmashtami 2023: What is the Story Behind Janmashtami?

By: Future Point | 23-Aug-2023
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Janmashtami 2023: What is the Story Behind Janmashtami?

Janmashtami 2023

Janmashtami in 2023 will be celebrated on the 6th as well as 7th September depending upon the sect or tradition that you follow. If you follow the Smarta sect then you should celebrate Janmashtami on 6th September 2023. 

However, if you follow the Vaishnav tradition, then you should celebrate this festival on the 7th of September 2023. Read this article further to know the story behind Janmashtami and the Puja associated with this festival. 


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What is Janmashtami?

Janmashtami is one the most widely awaited & celebrated festivals among people belonging to the Hindu culture. It is celebrated all over the world by Krishna devotees but, the grandeur of celebrations across India is simply amazing. People celebrate Janmashtami with an unparalleled festive fervour and eagerly wait for this occasion.

Shri Krishna or Lord Krishna is the 8th incarnation among the ‘Dashavatars’ and was born on the ‘Ashtami Tithi’ which means the Eighth Date. The literal meaning of Janmashtami is- “Birth on the Eighth Date”.

Shri Krishna Janmashtami 2023 Date and Muhurat

  • Shri Krishna was born or incarnated on the Ashtami Tithi (Eighth Date) of the Krishna Paksha (Waning Phase of the Moon) in the month of Bhadrapada as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar.
  • Furthermore, the birth of Lord Krishna happened in the ‘Rohini’ Nakshatra, therefore, the ‘Panchang’ based timing of Janmashtami was at midnight.
  • As per the Panchang, the Ashtami Tithi in the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada in 2023 will begin on 6th September and will go on till around the evening of 7th September.
  • The Rohini Nakshatra will be operational from 09:23 AM on 6th September to 10:26 AM on 7th September.
  • The Nishit Puja Muhurat for Janmashtami 2023 will be from 12:03 AM to 12:45 AM on 7th September 2023. 


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When will Janmashtami be celebrated in 2023?

Well the answer is- “It depends on whether you follow the Smarta sect or the Vaishnava sect.”

People from the Smarta sect celebrate Janmashtami at midnight post the start of the Ashtami Tithi. Whereas, people from the Vaishnava sect begin their celebration post the Sunrise next morning.

Story Behind Janmashtami

Janamshtami marks the birthday or incarnation of Lord Krishna that took place a little over 5000 years ago on Earth. There was a cruel king called Kansa who ruled the kingdom of Mathura which is in modern day Uttar Pradesh, India.

Kansa was extremely powerful and ruthless. He possessed supernatural strength & powers and controlled many evil beings who would serve him without asking a question. He threw his father Ugrasen in prison and seized the reign of Mathura from him. The wrath of Kansa kept on increasing day by day and the innocents were being slaughtered for even having an opinion that was contrary to that of Kansa. 

When no end seemed likely to Kansa’s atrocities, the Supreme Divine upon the request of the Gods decided to incarnate in the form of Krishna to put an end to Kansa’s evil deeds.

Despite being an evil person, Kansa was a loving brother. Kansa had a sister Devaki whom he loved very much. He got Devaki married to his friend Vasudev. Such was the love of Kansa for his sister Devaki that he became a charioteer to drive both Devaki & Vasudev to their palace himself post they got married.

While Kansa was driving the chariot on the way to Vasudev’s palace, an ‘Akashvani’ (divine message from the Sky) echoed. The message was: “Oh Kansa, you are driving the carrier of your own death because you will die at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki.”

This enraged Kansa and he ran with his sword towards Devaki to end her life. Seeing no other option to save Devaki from Kansa, Vasudev intervened and promised that he & Devaki would hand over their eighth child to Kansa, so Kansa must let Devaki live because it is the eight yet to be born child who is Kansa’s enemy. 

Kansa agreed but put both Vasudev and Devaki in prison. However, just as the first child as a son was born to Devaki & Vasudev, Kansa came to the prison cell and snatched that baby boy and killed him. Both Devaki and Vasudev were devastated but they could not do anything. Like this, Kansa killed 6 newborn children of Devaki & Vasudev with all of them being boys.

When Devaki was about to give birth to her 7th child, the first wife of Vasudev- Rohini came to visit them in prison and through a specific yogic power that she possessed, she transferred the womb of Devaki into her own stomach and quietly walked out of the prison not letting anyone know that she has taken the womb of Devaki.

Rohini delivered the 7th boy who was Lord Balrama- the incarnation of ‘Shesh Nag’. Kansa not knowing what exactly happened to the 7th boy became extremely angry and increased the security personnel who were keeping an eye on Devaki & Vasudev in prison.

Then the time for the arrival of the eighth child came and Lord Krishna incarnated as the eighth son of Devaki & Vasudev. It was midnight and by the effect of Lord Krishna’s divine powers all guards became unconscious, the chains of Vasudev broke on its own and the doors of the prison opened. 

Taking all this as a message from the Supreme Divine, Vasudev by the consent of Devaki, took the baby boy to Gokul which was a village across Yamuna river to hand the child over to his friend Nandrai. When he reached the house of Nandrai, he asked him to take care of the child. 

Nandrai’s wife Yashoda gave birth to a baby girl that same night and was unconscious after delivering the child. Nandrai handed over the baby girl to Vasudev and asked him to take her to his prison cell as Kansa would be expecting a son as the eighth child who would kill him so he would not kill a baby girl.

When Vasudev returned from Gokul to the prison cell back in Mathura, it was still dark and the guards were asleep. Vasudev handed over the baby girl to Devaki and told her everything. Soon the chains got over Vasudev, the doors closed and the guards gained consciousness without a clue of what had happened. They immediately saw the baby girl and informed Kansa.

Kansa initially laughed thinking how can a girl kill him but he didn’t want to take any chances and reached the prison cell and snatched that baby girl from Devaki and Vasudev. 

Both the parents pleaded to Kansa to spare the life of the baby girl but Kansa was adamant on killing her too, but, as Kansa went ahead to kill that baby girl, she got away from his hand went into the sky and took on the form of eight handed Goddess Yogmaya (a very close divine power of Lord Krishna).

Goddess Yogmaya laughed loudly and told Kansa that the One who would kill him has already been born. Saying this, Goddess Yogmaya disappeared. 

This terrified Kansa and he soon found out where Lord Krishna was growing up in Gokul and over the course of coming years sent many demons to kill Him. But Lord Krishna killed every single demon sent by Kansa and eventually went to Mathura as a young boy along with Balrama and killed Kansa and his accomplices.

Lord Krishna went on to play an incredibly important role to strengthen Dharma by guiding humankind through His actions & teachings.

Significance of Janmashtami

Janmashtami is a festival that reminds us of the grace with which Lord Krishna lived during His incarnation. It makes us reflect upon our actions and contemplate the current trajectory of our life since Lord Krishna gave the world the ultimate guide to live in the form of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita.

Janmashtami also points out to the fact that troubles are inevitable in life and a person must have unshakable faith in the Supreme Divine and keep on doing his/her duties in life diligently.

Janmashtami also instills great devotion in our hearts which is the core requirement for seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna.

Commonly Practiced Rituals on Janmashtami

  • Krishna devotees observe a ‘Vrat’ or fast which is broken or rather completed post midnight when Lord Krishna is said to be born which is essentially the time of Janmashtami with respect to the specific event of birth that this date signifies.
  • Devotees take part in ‘Satsangs’ (spiritual gatherings) and chant the name & sing the glory of Lord Krishna.
  • Temples are beautifully decorated and ‘Jhankis’ which are spiritual exhibitions depicting various phases or events in the life of Lord Krishna are arranged for visitors, especially children.
  • Skits or plays depicting major events of Lord Krishna’s life are also arranged or enacted to make the festival more interesting and to pass on the messages from Lord Krishna’s life to common people.  
  • It is a tradition to make sweets on Janmashtami and offer those to Lord Krishna. Devotees prepare a variety of sweets and offer it to the child form of Lord Krishna which is lovingly referred to as ‘Laddoo Gopal’.
  • For those seeking the supreme wisdom, lectures or talks are also arranged on Shrimad Bhagavad Gita on Janmashtami. 

Best Puja on Janmashtami to Seek the Blessings of Lord Krishna

The Krishna Janmashtami Puja offered by Future Point is a phenomenally powerful and divine fruit bearing Vedic Puja (worship) Ritual. The puja is performed by a highly learned priest strictly in-accordance with all Vedic Rules & Rituals.

For those of you who are unable to perform an elaborate or complete puja on Janmashtami and are looking for a solution, we urge you take the prudent step and then contact Future Point to book the Krishna Janmashtami Puja to be performed in your name.

Bring the incredibly auspicious & life-transforming blessings of Lord Krishna in your life on this Janmashtami 2023!

Wishing you a Very Happy & Prosperous Janmashtami!!

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Why should one celebrate Janmashtami?

Well, Janmashtami is one of the most important festivals of the Hindu Sanatan Dharma and in order to maintain cultural continuity as well as receive the blessings of the Supreme Divine in the form of Lord Krishna, it is important we must celebrate the festival of Janmashtami with a devout and joyful heart.

Is there a specific puja to be performed on Janmashtami?

Yes, the Krishna Janmashtami Puja offered by Future Point is an incredible Vedic Puja Ritual that when performed on the day of Janmashtami, helps us in getting the blessings of Lord Krishna.

What is the meaning of Janmashtami?

The literal meaning of Janmashtami is- “Birth on the Eighth Day”. Since Lord Krishna incarnated or took birth on the Ashtami Tithi (Eighth Date) of the Krishna Paksha (Waning Phase of the Moon) in the month of Bhadrapada, this date is referred to as Janmashtami. 

When is Janmashtami in 2023?

Janmashtami will be celebrated on the 6th September by those who associate themselves with the Smarta sect and on 7th September 2023 by those who belong to the Vaishnava sect. 

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