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Know what a Horoscope says with the Best Astrology Software

By: Future Point | 26-Apr-2023
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Know what a Horoscope says with the Best Astrology Software

Astrology or more appropriately- Vedic Astrology is an occult science that originated in ancient India (Bharat) during the Vedic times. The sages of Bharat with an intention of empowering humankind for generations to come, disseminated the sacred knowledge of Astrology which has been helping those who have faith in this occult science for thousands of years now and will continue to help people make the most out of their lives with minimum friction possible.

In this digital age, practice of Astrology is incomplete for an astrologer without an Astrology Software. In fact students or occult enthusiasts find Astrology or Kundli Software very helpful in learning the concepts & functionalities of Astrology and immediately applying them practically.

What is Astrology Software?

Before the advent of computers, all astrological calculations were done manually and mind you, the calculations involved in deriving astrological data that is used for analyzing various aspects of life & making predictions, are extremely complex, complicated & time consuming.

However, as technology took the centre stage, software solutions to conduct astrological operations started getting popular and in the times that we live in, it is impossible to find any professional astrologer or a serious student of Astrology who does not use an Astrology Software.

Astrology or Kundli Software is basically a program developed/coded in a computer language which performs the required astrological calculations based on the positions of planets & stars in the Zodiac Belt at a predefined time & with respect to a particular latitude & longitude.

The first and foremost application of an Astrology Software for a professional astrologer is to create a Horoscope or Kundli of a person whose life events or domains the astrologer wants to decode & analyze and issue subsequent useful guidelines or predictions.

There are many more complimentary astrological charts & functionalities that are created & used in the process of performing a comprehensive astrological analysis. However, a Horoscope forms the very basis of the entire process of astrological analysis.

In simple terms- A Horoscope or Kundli is a cosmic map that has the details of the planetary positionings in the Zodiac Belt at the time of a person’s birth. It helps in deciphering the innermost nature & personality traits of a person to ascertain his/her natural inclinations & expected talents in life. 

Some astrology softwares also includes features such as daily horoscopes, transit charts, and compatibility reports, which can provide further insights into a person's life and relationships. 

The greatest benefit of using astrology software is to gauge what the planets & stars have in store for a particular aspect of a person’s life and how that person could use this invaluable information to make necessary/required course corrections and execute informed & rewarding decisions in life. 

Benefits of Using LeoStar Astrology Software

LeoStar is the Best Professional Astrology Software in India and is the result of the meritorious & intensive research work that spanned across 40 years by none other than Dr. Arun Bansal.

The initial version of this Best Vedic Astrology Software was launched in the year 1978 under the name- ‘Leo 99’ and went through multiple refinements over the years in-sync with the evolving technology, resulting in a complete & comprehensive astrological software in the form of LeoStar.

LeoStar is a user-friendly Horoscope Software for PC which comes with an ocean of extensive & highly useful features. It is the Best Kundli Software for PC that offers quick & accurate calculations, useful predictions and life-changing remedial measures. The functionality of Panchang that is offered in LeoStar, supports all systems of Astrology and is absolutely authentic, accurate and reliable. It provides the Panchang details of the next 10,000 years with the accuracy of a single second.

LeoStar is the only software which can cast the accurate horoscopes of people born anywhere in the world. This is one of the many reasons why every distinguished professional astrologer accepts it as the Best Horoscope Software in India and abroad. Due to the growing demand of this astrology software among professional astrologers, the Professional Edition of LeoStar was released in the year 1995 and LeoStar Professional is the upgraded version of the same. Because of these incredible & amazing qualities, this Astrological Software is rightly termed as the ‘Complete Professional Astrology Software’.

Why Trust Leostar?

It must be noted that when Astrology Software LeoStar was launched as Leo 99 back in 1978, it was the era when astrologers used to manually perform astrological calculations that involved complex mathematical operations, manually. While Leo 99 rightly claimed to incorporate Vedic Astrology mathematics in it, but the community of astrologers of that time found it difficult to understand- ‘how an astrology software can cast a horoscope?’

Therefore Leo 99 went through the test of authenticity and accuracy several times and finally, all distinguished astrologers from the astrologer community of that time accepted it as a true representative of the mathematics of Indian Astrology. Furthermore, its accuracy was also checked and verified by top class international astrologers as well and fortunately it passed all the tests and finally, won the title of being the Best Indian Astrology Software.

Furthermore, there are various Online Kundli Softwares today but the authenticity and accuracy especially in casting the horoscopes of natives born abroad is questionable. This is because these softwares do not support the daylight saving concept and war-time correction perfectly whereas the Online Astrology Software of LeoStar is absolutely accurate in casting such horoscopes and this is the reason why all distinguished astrologers unambiguously prefer to use this astrology software.

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Leostar Series of Astrology Softwares

The total number of softwares is more than 12 and these are the Best Astrology Softwares. 

The LeoStar series consists of the Best Astrology Softwares for Windows based operating systems and among all the versions of LeoStar- ‘LeoStar Expert’ is the Best Software for Astrology.

The LeoTouch series consists of the Android based Software for Astrologers and as far as providing astrology based guidance for the share market is concerned, LeoForecast is a True Astrology Software that helps in making astrologically informed financial market decisions.

Since we live in a digital age where commercial operations are also conducted on websites, Future Point has come up with its LeoStar API application. By registering to this application, any astrological website can show the online presence of the Best Vedic Astrology Software. LeoStar API is the Best Online Astrology Software that helps in seamlessly providing Online Astrology based services.


Astrology Software is a convenient and affordable way of exploring & analyzing a Horoscope or Kundli efficiently. Leostar Astrology Software is a user-friendly & accurate offering from Future Point which is accessible to anyone & everyone.

So what are you waiting for?

Get the version of Leostar that you need and take your astrological analysis or learning to a whole new level of precision!


Q. Can Astrology Software be used to improve relationships?

A. Yes, Astrology Software can provide compatibility analysis between different ascendant signs, which can help improve relationships.

Q. Are Astrology Software programs accurate?

A. Astrology Software programs use advanced algorithms to generate analysis, which ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Q. Will I be able to use Leostar Astrology Software efficiently?

A. Why not? Leostar Astrology Software is user-friendly, and anyone can use it easily. Plus, Future Point has a dedicated support team to guide you in case you have any doubt or queries about the usage of the software.

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