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Ketu's Sign Shift: 3 Ascendants Poised for Wealth Gain & Success

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2023
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Are you curious to know how the shadow planet Ketu’s zodiac change or sign shift after 18 months will affect your life? If your answer is affirmative, then you have landed in the perfect spot. This article is a humble attempt from our side to help you understand the gravity of this immensely powerful celestial phenomenon pertaining to its effects on the career & wealth domains of your life.


Ketu is one of the two nodes of the Moon that are considered shadow planets in Vedic Astrology. Representing the past karma, detachment, spirituality, and liberation, Ketu always moves in retrograde motion, transitioning to the previous zodiac sign from its current one. The transition of Ketu from one zodiac sign to another typically spans around 18 months.


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Zodiac Change of Ketu: Impact on Taurus, Leo, and Dhanu

According to Vedic Astrology, Ketu is set to enter the Virgo zodiac sign in October 2023 after 18 months of transiting in the sign of Libra. This zodiac change of Ketu will have a significant impact on people of all ascendant signs, but it will especially favour three ascendant signs: Taurus (Vrishabh), Leo (Singh), and Sagittarius (Dhanu). Allow us to delve into the positive implications of this zodiac shift for these signs and shed light on the experiences they can anticipate throughout this celestial journey.

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Taurus or Vishabh Ascendant

If you have Taurus as your ascendant sign, get ready for an exciting surprise. This transit of Ketu in the Virgo zodiac sign can be very beneficial for you. Ketu will move through the fifth house from your ascendant, which represents creativity, intelligence, children, and love.

In the duration of this period, anticipate favourable advancements in these aspects or domains of your life. There is a possibility of sudden wealth gain from unexpected sources or through your creative endeavours. Additionally, you may receive good news related to your children or experience joyful moments with them. Your overall health will improve, making you feel more energetic and optimistic. Mental stress and anxiety will also subside.

Nevertheless, you might encounter certain difficulties in your romantic life throughout this duration. It is crucial to approach any fluctuations in your relationship with patience and empathy. Clear and honest communication with your partner or spouse, along with expressing your feelings and expectations, will help maintain harmony.

Success in your efforts to accumulate wealth is highly likely, ensuring a strong financial situation. Moreover, you will enjoy a good social status and reputation among your friends and relatives.


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Leo or Singha Ascendant

If you are a Leo native, consider yourself lucky. The zodiac change of Ketu can bring favourable outcomes for you. This transit will occur in the second house from your ascendant sign, which governs wealth, family, speech, and values.

During this period, expect positive changes in these areas of your life. You may recover any stuck money or overcome financial losses. Fresh avenues for earning or prospects for generating wealth may arise. Domestic life will be characterized by harmony and tranquillity, fostering strong relationships and receiving unwavering support from your dear ones. 

Your speech will have a significant impact during this transit. You will communicate clearly and confidently, effectively persuading others with your words and arguments. Your command over language and communication skills will be impressive, and you will have the opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge.

Success in wealth accumulation and a strong financial situation awaits you, along with a respected social status among your peers and colleagues. Professionals associated with media, art, communication, or marketing can particularly benefit from this transit, receiving recognition and appreciation for their work and talent. New growth opportunities may also arise in these fields.

Sagittarius or Dhanu Ascendant

If you are a Dhanu (Sagittarius) native, you are in for great advantages during the transit of Ketu. This zodiac change will occur in the tenth house of your transit chart, which governs career, profession, authority, and fame.

During this time, expect significant positive developments in these areas of your life. Your work or business will thrive, resulting in success and achievements. You may attain a high position or rank in your career or profession, and new job opportunities or promotions could come your way. Respect and admiration from your seniors or bosses will contribute to your professional growth.

Your work area may expand considerably, offering new projects or assignments that enhance your skills and experience. You will handle any challenges or obstacles in your work with ease and confidence, showcasing your capabilities. This transit also brings potential wealth increase, with opportunities to acquire wealth, possibly with the help of your father or father figure. Inheritance of property or assets from ancestors or relatives is also a possibility.

However, personal life may present some challenges during this period. Be cautious and respectful in your dealings with your spouse or partner, avoiding conflicts or misunderstandings. Respect their feelings and opinions, and strive for compromise and understanding.

As with the other ascendant signs, success in wealth accumulation and a strong financial situation awaits you. Your social status and reputation among friends and society will be favourable.


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The zodiac change or sign shift of planet Ketu after 18 months is a significant astrological event that will affect all ascendant signs differently. However, Taurus, Leo, and Dhanu (Sagittarius) are the three ascendant signs that will experience good fortune, chances of sudden wealth gain, and career/business progress during this period. By following the astrological advice and tips provided in this article, individuals belonging to these signs can make the most of this transit. Consulting an expert astrologer for additional guidance and remedies is also recommended.

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1. Will this zodiac change of Ketu affect other ascendant signs as well?

Yes, the zodiac change of Ketu will have an impact on all ascendant signs, but the three mentioned in the article will experience more significant benefits.

2. How long will this transit of Ketu in Virgo last?

Ketu will spend approximately 18 months in Virgo before moving on to the next zodiac sign.

3. Is it possible for people belonging to other ascendant signs, have the positive effects that Taurus, Leo and Dhanu (Sagittarius) are poised to have during this transit?

While Taurus, Leo, and Dhanu are highlighted as the most favoured signs, individuals from other ascendant signs can still experience positive outcomes and opportunities during this transit.

4. Is it necessary to consult an astrologer for guidance during this period?

Consulting an expert astrologer can provide valuable insights and personalized advice based on your birth chart, enhancing your understanding of the potential effects of this zodiac change.

5. What can I do to ensure that I reap maximum benefits during this transit?

To make the most of this transit, follow the astrological advice specific to your ascendant sign, maintain a positive mindset, and utilize the opportunities that come your way.


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