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Jupiter gets direct- The biggie bringing big changes!

By: Future Point | 16-Oct-2021
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Jupiter gets direct- The biggie bringing big changes!

Jupiter in Capricorn: Jupiter, the celestial God is the most beneficial planet in the planetary cabinet. It is considered as devguru in Vedic astrology and is known to bring fortunes to the native. A person with strong and well placed Jupiter is certain to have all blessings in life. Jupiter signifies wealth and prosperity. It represents knowledge, wisdom, intellect, law, higher education, temples, religious beliefs and husband for a female in astrology. 

Without the help of Jupiter, nothing seems to fall in place in a kundali. An individual with afflicted and weak Jupiter has to face several challenges in his/ her life. It is a prime karaka of bhagya or fortune for an individual. Jupiter stays in a sign for a year or thirteen months and its transit brings major changes in the life of the native based on the house of placements during its transit. For example, if Jupiter is transiting in the fifth house of a native and if that native is married then it is quite possible that the native will get some news related to his/her children.

The placement and transit of Jupiter is very important as all major events depend upon the placement and transit of Jupiter in various signs and houses. No one can have good marriage or happiness from children without the blessings of Jupiter. It is the only planet that decides the timing of the child's birth. 

Now, Jupiter is transiting in Capricorn in retrograde motion which is going to be progressive in Capricorn from Oct 18, 2021, it is a big change. Talk to astrologer to know what can be expected from this direct or progressive motion of the biggest planet Jupiter?

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What does Jupiter in Capricorn means?

Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn which means that the biggest planet is unable to act with its full potential. Now, it is important to know that in retrograde motion, a planet earns cheshta bala means it becomes more powerful. So, now those zodiac signs for which Jupiter is functional malefic had to face more troubles as it was stronger to give its results. At the same time, those with functional benefic Jupiter were getting more beneficial results due to its increased strength. 

In this article, we are providing a general overview as to what all zodiac signs may expect from this forward movement of Jupiter in Capricorn sign. All things apart, one thing is certain that direct Jupiter will bring positive changes in our lives regarding different desired aspects. The transit will help us start afresh and possess completely new viewpoint to analyze things and situations. 

This Jupiter progression will surely affect all of us in a fast manner, but depending on the Moon sign, we all will get different results as per our zodiac signs. So, it is very important to consult the best astrologer to understand the position and results of your natal Jupiter. Its transit brings noticeable changes in a person’s life.


Jupiter is a Lord of the ninth and twelfth houses and its progression in Capricorn is sure to bring beneficial results for the Aries natives. The tenth house will witness major changes. So, we can say that it is an excellent time to start a new career. There will be noticeable growth in career and there are chances of promotion as well. It is a favorable time for government employees as they may receive gains. There would be sweetness in relations with father. Educational changes are foreseen and natives may start something new. Teachers and pundits or priests will do well too. The government may come up with new strategies that would prove beneficial. Relationships with in-laws will remain good. 

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Jupiter progression in Capricorn is going to bring positive results for the Taurus natives. You may travel some long distance for work which will prove beneficial for you. You may witness a transformation in your mental and physical growth. Researchers will do well and the Lawyers may witness sudden changes in their field of work. You may plan a sudden visit to religious places and may get involved in spiritual practices. Students will do well in their studies and lovers will enjoy harmony in relations. There would be good news from the side of your children. Gains are foreseen through friends and the natives will feel contended. They will work towards learning new skills and enhancing their personalities. 


Jupiter progression in Capricorn would bring good results for Gemini folks. The natives will remain interested in research and occult. Sudden gains are foreseen and your relations with in-laws will improve. You might also make gains through inheritance. Health will remain fine and journeys might give beneficial results. You tend to get spiritual tendencies. Students may get under stress but soon they will be happy. Love birds have to remain patient as chances of break ups are there. You may spend for a religious purpose too. 


For Cancer natives, the direct movement of Jupiter in Capricorn will bring amazing time with it. The progression will prove auspicious for those awaiting marriage. Marriage will be at the top of the list and you may put all your efforts into it to succeed. Married couples might get solutions to their existing problems giving you happiness. Time is good for partnerships and business. You may have to travel which may prove beneficial for business growth. There might be some changes in the government policies. Love birds may take their relations forward and singles would find true love.


Jupiter progression in Capricorn may give mixed results for Leo natives. Your focus will remain on your work and you might do some changes in your working style. You will take good care of your health and eating. Expenses will remain under control and your money management skills will be enhanced. There will be reduction in debts and new sources of income will help you to earn good amount of money. Students will succeed in academics. 


Jupiter progression in Capricorn will bring good results for Virgo individuals. Excellent time for politicians as some unexpected events can be seen. Government administration might come up with new policies. Those with creative pursuits would get excellent results. Students will do fairly well in their studies. The progression will bring some fun moments and you may plan an outing with friends. Love birds might take their relation forward and tie a knot. There would be enhancement in religious activities at home.


Libra natives will get good results through Jupiter progression in Capricorn. Natives may plan to buy a house or some property. You will find happiness in the company of your parents. The health of your mother will be good. Harmony will prevail in your married life. Students are likely to take blessings from their grandparents and time is good for spiritual practice. There might be gain through government. Travelling to distant places might be possible. You will enjoy with the family during this phase..


Jupiter progression in Capricorn will make Scorpions courageous and adventurous. You may travel a lot and would improve relations with your siblings. Writers would see a supportive time in their career and get sudden fame. Changes in media might be possible. A great time may start for print media and journalists. Students will excel in their studies as well as sports activities. Singles might meet their love of life and your friends are likely to support you. 


Jupiter progression in Capricorn for the Sagittarius natives would be wonderful. You will remain focused on your family life. Money flow will remain good with increase in savings and bank balance during this phase. You might change your values and seriously apply them in your life. Interest in occult and research may improve. You may buy some suspense novels. Married couples would focus on enhancing their marital relations. Travelling to new places will prove expensive. Students would get desired results in academics bringing happiness to their parents. 


Jupiter progression in Capricorn would bring auspicious results for the natives. Your focus will remain on enhancing your personality which will come as a surprise to others. You need to keep check on your ego and arrogance. Students might feel some anxiety about exam results but results would be fine. Love relations will flourish but see what you commit. Try meditation and balance your love life. If in relations then you might seriously think about it.

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Jupiter progression in Capricorn is likely to give good results for the Aquarius natives. It is an excellent time for travelling some long distance. You might shift to another state or city as well. Time will motivate you to control your expenses. It’s an excellent time to start meditation and yoga. Spiritual tendencies can bring a lot of fortune to you. Your problems will get reduced which will bring mental peace. Students will enjoy a vacation, and they must feel free this time. You need to make some alterations in your diet. Love life might see some issues and you may find a lover from a faraway place.


Jupiter progression in Capricorn might bring excellent results for Pisces natives. It’s an excellent time to restructure your business. You might also start a new business venture. Business prospects will flourish with desired success. Social relations will remain good. Large organizations and MNC's are likely make huge profits. There would be new findings in research field. Your elder siblings will support you. Students would enjoy free time. Lovers will enjoy each others’ company and spend some quality time. 

We can say that the biggest fortune i.e. Jupiter is likely to restructure everything during its progression phase. It will definitely push us to move ahead in our lives. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and when it passes through any house and sign, it makes big alterations related to that house or sign. Come to Future point to meet the best astrologer and know what exactly Jupiter is bringing in your life.


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