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Incorporate the Wisdom of Astrology to have a Booming Career in Life!

By: Future Point | 10-May-2020
Views : 1814Incorporate the Wisdom of Astrology to have a Booming Career in Life!

Since their teenage, students are told by their parents and teachers that only a sound academic performance will help them carve out a successful career in life for themselves. However, the society is full of people who performed really well in academics but are still relentlessly struggling in their respective career fields on a daily basis. On the other hand, one could easily find people who barely had any fireworks in their education but when it comes to career, they got themselves a jackpot.

Is it simply luck playing out or is there more to it than what simply meets the eye? Well, luck does affect the outcomes of our actions to a certain extent but there are some subtle yet really powerful forces at play in our lives that cast phenomenal influence upon us and are a huge deciding factor when it comes to the course of our destiny.

Planets and Career

Planets are the cosmic bodies that exert their subtle yet incredibly significant effects on a person based on their positioning in the horoscope of that person. These planetary effects have the potential of bringing both enormous success as well as utter failure in an individual’s life based on their positioning in the horoscope of the individual and also their natural characteristics.

It is good to work hard in life but if the planetary will is not in our favour pertaining to any aspect of our lives then make no mistake, our hard work alone will not lead us to success in that particular aspect. Hence, it is important to know beforehand about what different planets signify for various aspects of our lives and how we can maximize the positive effects of the benefic ones and steer away from the negative effects of the malefic ones. Vedic Astrology is an ancient & sacred science that empowers an astrologer to understand the type of effects that different planets are slated to have on different aspects of a native’s life based on the horoscope of that native. 

After decoding the horoscope of the native, the astrologer suggests highly effective remedies to pacify the negative effects of planets that are malefic or are ill placed in the horoscope of the native. These remedies address the root planetary cause that is responsible for hurdles & obstacles in the life of that native. As soon as a troubling planet is pacified, its negative effects also start to recede in the life of the native and the road to success becomes clear & smoothI 

When it comes to the career aspect of a native’s life, Vedic Astrology reveals the avenues or fields that have the maximum support of positively placed planets as per the horoscope of the native. Once a native channelizes his/her time and energy in a career field that is best suited astrologically- success, growth and prosperity are natural outcomes for the native from that particular career field.

Remember, there is no point in studying such an academic stream that is not going to prove rewarding for us in the long term and furthermore there is no point in choosing a career field that is not signified by the positively placed planets in our horoscopes. In a nutshell, blindly following the herd mentality that is prevalent in society when it comes to education & career, will not help us in carving out a lucrative & rewarding career in life!

We should consult with an astrologer as early as possible in our lives to know which career fields are poised to open up maximum avenues of success and what are the educational streams that we must choose accordingly to make a career in those fields. But what about those who unknowingly entered into a career field that is not conducive for them as per the planetary positioning in their horoscopes and are hence facing repeated obstacles & challenges?

Well, they should immediately consult with a Career Problem Astrologer who would first identify the malefic planets that are creating all the obstacles & problems in their professional life and would thereafter, derive a remedy that is specific to the problematic planet/s in question. Once these remedial measures are adopted by the native, the root planetary problems that are creating career related problems eventually begin to fade away and provide a significant relief to the native. Thus, opening the doorways of success even in a career field that is not in harmony with the overall planetary state in the horoscope.

How does a Career Astrologer Identify the Best Career?

Planets give the results of the houses that they are associated with as per their placement and ownership in the horoscope of a native. Therefore, the house combination signified by planets that become operational during the time period of a person’s career is very important and carefully analyzed by a Career Astrologer.

In an ideal scenario, if a planet signifies the results of 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th houses, then such a planet showers immense professional success upon the individual and brings phenomenal growth in his/her career during its Dasha (period of operation) in that individual’s life.

Why these houses?

Because these are the houses that based on their functionalities are considered to be favourable for the professional & career related success in an individual's life (provided they are in a positive state in the horoscope). The functionalities of these houses with respect to Career/Profession are as follows:

2nd House

It signifies Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance.

6th House

It is the primary house of Job and also deals with Competition.

7th House

It signifies Business and Partnership.

10th House

It is the primary house of Career, Position, Name, Fame and Authority.

11th House

It signifies Gains and Realization of Desires.

However, it is not possible to have such planet/s in operation during the entire time period of a person's career span that give exclusive results of the above mentioned houses only. Plus, it is also not possible to have all the above mentioned houses in a strong and favourable state in the horoscope of that person. More often than not, some of these houses are affected by certain malefic planets and are thus weak in the horoscope.

Therefore, a Career Astrologer identifies the career fields that are represented by the Lord of the 10th House of the native’s horoscope and also the career fields that are represented by the planets that are positioned in the 10th house as well.

After making the initial list of career fields, the astrologer further narrows down to the career field that is in harmony with the planet that will be operational for the major part of the native’s career span (most likely the initial phase of his/her career where the fundamentals of the career domain are laid). This way, the native gets to know the best possible career line that holds the potential of bringing in enormous success, wealth & professional growth in his/her life.

These are just a “few” of the parameters that are taken into consideration while deriving the best career option for an individual. There are so many intricate and complicated astrological concepts that the highly experienced astrologers of Future Point apply while analyzing the horoscope of an individual.

So, whether you want to know the type of career that is best suited for you on astrological grounds or you simply want to get remedies for the problems that you are facing professionally, we would suggest you to go for a thorough & comprehensive Astrology Consultation Online.

When it comes to your career, benefit from the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Talk to Astrologer at Future Point to know what is really best for you professionally as well as get highly powerful & effective remedies for all your career related problems and make professional growth & success an inseparable part of your life!