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Importance of Horoscope

By: Future Point | 14-Sep-2018
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A horoscope is a Cosmic Map derived from our time of birth and reveals our unalterable past and probable future.
A horoscope in astrology holds answers to our past lives' Karmic structure and to analyse the results in this life.
It would not be incorrect to say that the first step for any astrologer for making an astrological prediction is making the horoscope of the individual and analyzing it thereafter.

It is through the horoscope, an astrologer interprets the results that each planet holds for the native depending upon the house in which the planet is positioned, aspects that are been casted on that house and the sign which is present in that particular house.

A horoscope shows the positions of planets and the signs that they ruled at the time of one's birth, thereby charting a course for the native's life in terms of events that will come out as his/her destiny, be it hurdles or gifts.

It is amazing that when planets take position in a house, they activate that area of the natal chart and bring forth the traits that the particular house represents.

It is not only by positional placements that the planets bring out a house's result, they do it by their aspects on houses as well.

A horoscope has 12 houses, each with a unique set of traits or representations.

Let's look at them one by one!

1st House Self, Body, Attitude, Approach Towards Life, Appearance etc.
2nd House Accumulated Wealth, Bank Balance, Family, Values, Habits etc.
3rd House Communication, Siblings, Courage, Short Travels, Early Education etc.
4th House Mother, Motherland, Property, Vehicle, Comforts, School Level Education etc.
5th House Love, Comprehensive Intelligence, Speculation etc.
6th House Litigation, Debts, Job/Service etc.
7th House Relationships, Marriage, Approval of Society, Partnership, Business Partners, Open Enemies etc.
8th House Sex, Death, Quarrels, Bickering Inheritance, Obstacles, In-Laws, Ego etc.
9th House Foreign Travel, Wisdom, Spirituality, Higher Education, Cross-Cultural Relations etc.
10th House Career, Profession, Fame, Public Image etc.
11th House Gain, Friends, Social Interaction etc.
12th House Endings, Expenditure, Bedroom, Foreign Settlement, Hidden Enemies etc.

How it works?

Based on activation of different houses at different times in our life as signified in our horoscope, we get results both good as well as bad.

An able astrologer can decode the horoscope and look at what kind of result oriented permutations & combinations are appearing at a specific portion of a native's life.

For example:

Marriage takes place in the period where a planet or planets are in operation and they signify the combination of 2nd, 7th and 11th houses, as the 2nd house signifies family, 7th house signifies marriage and 11th house signifies gain.

That's because a person who gets married naturally makes addition to his/her family (2nd House), he/she gets society's approval (7th House) and all of it is something that was not there before and is gained now (11th House).

Let's take another example:

Career of a person booms in the period where a planet or planets are in operation and they signify the combination of 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th houses, as in this case the 2nd house also signifies bank balance, the 6th house signifies job, the 10th house signifies career and the 11th house signifies gain.

That's because a person having a booming career will have a bank balance (2nd House), a job (6th House), a career (10th House) and all of this is gained (11th House).

Benefits of a Horoscope:

  • A horoscope tells about the state of finances in our life.
  • Horoscope throws light on what type of educational stream will be beneficial for us.
  • It gives warnings about periods of troubles in our lives and prepare us to face them and more importantly suggests timely remedies to avert/minimize disasters.
  • It tells us whether job is the right path for us or business will open avenues of wealth & prosperity for us.
  • It pinpoints the time of land/vehicle purchase in our life.
  • It reveals the state of marital life that one will experience.
  • Based on different planetary placements in a horoscope, an astrologer makes recommendations for certain Gem Stones as a remedial measure.

Different styles of Horoscopes:

  • North Indian Style
  • South Indian Style
  • Bengali, Oriya or Maithili Style

There are horoscopes that alongside the main (Natal) horoscope are analyzed for specific purposes or decoding certain specific events such as marriage, career etc.

For specific analysis of marriage, we look at the Navamsa Horoscope.
For specific analysis of career, we look at Dashamsa Horoscope.
Similarly, for other specific purposes there are different kinds of horoscopes.
Hence, one should make use of this amazing tool of astrology to make life, a living manifestation of joy & happiness!

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