How Vedic Astrology and Education go hand-in-hand?!

By: Future Point | 10-Oct-2019
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How Vedic Astrology and Education go hand-in-hand?!

Education is the stepping stone and the main spice in the food of life that keeps every other aspect and dimension of life balanced perfectly. In the wise words of Mr. Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In today’s life, obtaining ace education is the obvious short way to have basic yet important needs and additionally many other things. In this generation, a good education can cover the way for original creativity and thinking because it can really take a person high in life and help gain wealth, peace, and prosperity.

In Education Horoscope main houses for education are 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th. All come into a role play when considering the kind and the quality of education that will be pursued by the native in the future. And all of this can only be explored by a deep analysis of the Kundali or horoscope of the individual.

These days, parents want their kids to be super good in their studies. And why not? acquiring higher education in a legit manner is the official mark of modern civilization. In this case, Vedic astrology can help a person choose the correct subject or stream, which can help/her shine in studies and hence rise high in life.

Educational Concerns and Remedies

Education holds huge importance in our lives. We learn and earn by the achievement of our educational qualification. Proper education can brighten prospects and make the individual rise high. Vedic Astrology provides the native with a number of remedies, that can help students rise and shine in their respective fields. The Vedic remedies incorporate havans, poojas and many other rituals that give the idea regarding the type of education or the field an individual is likely to pursue.


  • Free Education:- Providing free education to the children is what is needed to make sure the parents do not burn out when admitting students for higher education.
  • Teacher Training:- Teachers are the most important player in the whole system that occupies the center stage in the system. And if so, why shouldn’t their performance evaluation and correction be the top preference. Regular motivation in forms of remembering and honoring will go a long way.
  • Technology:- One can use the technology nicely to make video tutorials available for everyone for free through YouTube and website. These educational videos are made by experts who are acclaim from reputed colleges like IIT and NITs.
  • Quality teachers and intelligent students:- Teachers who not only teach but also encourage students to learn and fuel creativity in students are very rare. Similarly, most of the students lack the motivation to learn beyond the curriculum or are forced into the rat race in silent ways.
  • Innovation and Creativity:- There is a serious lack of support for innovation which is shown in the absence of interest for analysis and students primarily look for getting a job. Character building is something most teachers are not even aware of and are neither prepared to put any effort in the direction. The sole importance in education is on getting high scores and clearing exams. In all this creativity and personality development takes a back seat.

Education Astrology Prediction

The planets Mercury and Jupiter play a vital role in deciding the child’s education and cognitive achievements. When these two planets are well placed in the 2nd House (primary education), 4th House (college graduation) and 9th House (post-graduation), your child would definitely outshine in his/her education as a speaker. In Education Astrology, one’s birth chart or horoscope can also determine how successful a man will be in his career. The presence of malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn or Mars in 2nd house poses great obstacles in childhood education. It makes achieving the basic education impossible for the person and also provides him/her with bad temperament and destructive anger. A Kundali may give some information about a person’s education on the basis of various yogas which are formed.


The second, fourth and fifth house in a Kundali tells us about a native’s education. The presence of auspicious planets in the houses makes sure that you have a high degree of education. Navan Kundali and Chaturvinshansh Kundali should always be used for educational purposes. The Lord of the fifth house should be analyzed in Navansh and Chaturvinshansh Kundalis. The fifth house is considered to be the most important when we talk about education. The education received through this house is considered to be important for one’s profession or business. It is also essential to study the position of planets and different houses in a Varga Kundali.

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